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What Is VESA?

What Size Bracket?

How to measure your TV.
The traditional measurement of a television is from corner to corner across the viewing screen itself.
To measure your TV size, measure from the BOTTOM LEFT-HAND CORNER of the viewing area the TOP RIGHT-HAND CORNER of the viewing area. Do not include any speakers or surrounds in the measurement. The measurement is typically stated in inches rather than centimeters.

Measuring for your TV bracket mounting.
On the rear of your Plasma or LCD TV, you will find 4 mounting holes where your TV bracket can be attached.

You should be able to find the VESA measurements in the manual for your TV.

If you do not have access to your manual, it may be available from the manufacturer's web site. Again, the measurements can be made easily with an ordinary tape measure or a ruler.

The spacing of the mounting holes may either be in a square or rectangular shape.

VESA is the distance between hole A and hole B, then measure the distance between hole B and hole C and are given typically expressed in millimeters



  (example of VESA 75mm x 75mm)



The wall bracket below would be compatible with the TV above as it also has a VESA measurement of 75mm x 75mm. 




















Confused What Is VESA
What is VESA is the question that follows with every purchase of all the brackets and mounts. Well what is VESA can easily be understood by going through a little theory. VESA come with every TV so it gives ground breaking possibilities to the user to have a universal feeling, universality is the first word that comes with the question what is VESA. The brackets are just not meant for LCD, Plasma or large screen displays, VESA is providing global functionalities to the imagination of our customers so we go forward with this enquiry of what is VESA. With the growing development in the field of high definition displays, the same growth is recorded in the computer display as well that compels the brackets and mounts to accommodate them as well which answers the question what is VESA. Well what is VESA can be answered in another way as well as it stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. This association is responsible for maintaining the universality in the making of brackets and mounts so that when you encounter the question what is VESA then you should know that with a VESA product you can mount many different relevant things. What is VESA here is answered in many different ways to accommodate your reservations.