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Cantilever Arm Mounts

Cantilever TV Brackets
The motion on cantilever LCD brackets and cantilever plasma TV brackets offers the option to swing out and fold back to its original position and can also be positioned at virtually any angle.  This type of cantilever TV bracket is also equipped with a tilt and swivel capability which allows the mount to position your TV within a hole in the wall, for rooms shaped awkwardly and for those awkward alcoves.

Top Quality Cantilever TV Brackets
Cantilever TV Brackets from BracketsRUs are of the finest quality, manufactured to a high specification to be robust and reliable.

Easy Fit Cantilever TV Brackets
All our Cantilever TV Brackets are provided with a free cantilever tv bracket mounting kit complete with simple instructions and all cantilever mounting screws and fixings.

Cantilever TV Bracket Guarantee
All Cantilever TV Brackets come with a 15-year guarantee.










Confused Cantilever TV Brackets
Cantilever TV Brackets supply outstanding adjustability and movement that really make living a fun. The full ranges of Cantilever TV Brackets are constructed to offer the greatest likely usefulness of available space. So it is not an issue with these Cantilever TV Brackets if you are running short of space because these brackets are made to bend with the any space. In addition Cantilever TV Brackets come with exceptional range of designs which you can choose according to your room. is a trusted name and thousands of customers testify to its reliability when it comes for Cantilever TV Brackets. The customers are provided with 15 year of pledge so that they can choose Cantilever TV Brackets without any reservations in their mind. It is no doubt an excellent offer that comes with each Cantilever TV Brackets that these are provided freely within UK mainland. Additionally Cantilever TV Brackets can easily be located with the stylish searching mechanism available on our online store.