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Create the perfect system with speakers and TV wall brackets

November 20, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

When you have just bought yourself a really good plasma or LED LCD TV and are just getting it out of the box ready to set it up in your living room, spare a thought for how it will fit in with the rest of your equipment.

While it is true that you have now just got a state-of-the-art display which will offer an awesome picture quality, you could improve the overall experience by adding speakers as well.

Mounting the TV on the wall using TV wall brackets has to be the only way to enjoy your entertainment, but why not decide to place your speakers up there as well?

Even if your room isn’t exactly massive, you can still utilise the space you have by thinking things through a little bit. Move around your seating so it is square-on to the TV and ensure the brackets are installed at the optimum height so there is no straining involved for those trying to see the screen.

Once you have sorted out the TV and the seating arrangement, it is now time to look at mounting the speakers. You can buy shelves and mounts from the online brackets supplier that supports these speakers and the subwoofer wherever they are positioned on the wall.

So be sure not to get too carried away with your brand new television and give some serious thought to the sound system as well. This means you can rest in the knowledge you have created the perfect setup.

Using DVD players with your TV brackets

November 19, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

With the latest move to Blu-ray players and the fact they are backwards compatible, you would have thought that DVDs would soon lose popularity, but because of the smaller differences between the formats than say VHS, many people still use DVD as a cheaper entertainment medium.

So if you are one of those homeowners who still like to take advantage of bargains on buying DVDs instead of the more expensive Blu-ray discs, then you can still choose to place your player on a DVD shelf, below your wall-mounted television.

Mounting your TV won’t be an issue for you, when you take advantage of the impressive wall mounts which are currently available to buy online. You can also get a bracket made specifically for holding a DVD or Blu-ray player on the wall too.

Even if you haven’t got high definition with Blu-ray, you can still enjoy HD quality output if you have a high definition flat screen television. DVDs can often be up-scaled to improve the performance and compatibility aspects of working with these new TV products.

Once you have got the setup sorted you can enjoy all the many DVDs you have collected over the years and ensure you get good use out of them. And should you decide to get a Blu-ray player in the future, you can always replace the device on the shelf, ensuring you still get the maximum out of the experience.

TV brackets are accessories which are really handy and they have transformed the way we see the TV screen.

Google TV will not reduce the need for TV wall brackets

November 18, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

With technology always continuing to advance and evolve, when it comes to the television set it has really changed over the past decade or so. As the internet has gathered momentum, there are some expecting laptops, tablet PCs and other modern devices to negate the influence of the television.

This is certainly not going to be the case however as the internet can now be accessed through the latest television models and so there is bound to still be a demand for flat screen TVs.

These space-conscious electronic devices are perfect for the modern home and so even with the introduction of something like Google TV, there is still a need for mounting a screen on TV wall brackets.

The LCD and plasma TV plays a big role in the entertainment experience so even though there will always be competing products that vie for a person’s time, the traditional method of watching programmes will still be there.

As most TVs can now be internet connected, you will start to see them used for more than just TV viewing though. Online TV services will only add to their usage as it is far more convenient to watch content on the big screen than on a tiny laptop display or tablet device.

Therefore, TV wall brackets will be just as important in the future as people look to mount their screen on the wall, putting the focus back where it should be: on the larger display. So Google’s venture into internet TV should be something that is welcomed rather than seen as a threat to traditional TV viewing.

Watch TV in the best possible way with TV wall brackets

November 17, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

The battle to attract TV viewers has been raging on now for a number of years between the main cable and satellite players, which are namely Sky and Virgin Media. However, it is not only important to choose what you watch, but also how you get to watch it.

If you really want to enjoy Sky TV, Virgin or even Freeview to its full potential, then you need a HD ready television, a set-top box and TV wall brackets / shelves to mount the equipment on the wall.

TV wall brackets should certainly be part of this equation as it is not just about the TV service you prefer and having the technology to bring this to life, but accessories that help you get the maximum out of the experience.

These wall mounts can enable you to obtain a far superior viewing position than you ever could if you decided to simply place the TV on the stand provided with the unit.

A wall brackets lets you position the television in precisely the place where you would like it to go. Ideally this should be square-on to where you are seated, meaning that you do not need to strain in order to see the TV screen.

As long as the TV is fitted at a reasonable height, this allows everyone in the room to be able to enjoy their favourite TV shows and films in the best possible way. By using tilting and swivelling bracket options, you can ensure this is the case for those in more than one seating position.

Consider child safety around the home with TV brackets

November 16, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

It is scary when you think about how many homeowners dismiss the fact that their televisions could be dangerous to their family. Most of us have grown up thinking that TVs provide little in the way of a threat to those around us, but it is worth remembering that CRT TVs used to be a lot bigger and more difficult to move.

The latest televisions are coming out at a much quicker pace and they are getting slimmer and more intricate, but as well as the improvements in the technology, they have also brought with them a number of issues.

The chances that a child could tip over a TV set have increased within the past few years. This is because the modern flat screen TVs are less stable and with such a small stand, are not all that strong in preventing the unit from being tipped over.

In the US, they are taking this more seriously, with the consumer product safety commission viewing the TV as among the biggest hidden hazards to be found in the contemporary home.

A child’s desire to climb and explore could make the TV a prime target and so make it a very serious risk to their health and well-being.

This is why it is prudent to consider TV brackets to mount your display at height where it is safely out of the reach of any young children. By keeping it firmly fixed to the wall, you can reduce the possibility of these kinds of dangers from happening.

TV brackets are perfect for those subscribing to Sky Movies

November 15, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

For those who consider themselves something of a film buff, they will already own an impressive collection of Blu-ray / DVD discs as well as being a regular subscriber to one or more movie magazines, but have they got the necessary TV brackets?

This may sound like a strange question to ask at first, but once you think about it carefully, what is the point of having this dedicated passion for film if you aren’t making the best use of it?

Yes, you might be recording all your favourite films when they are scheduled for broadcast on Sky Movies, which you also subscribe to, but if you haven’t placed your flat panel TV screen correctly, you aren’t able to enjoy it to the full.

In order to experience these movies in high definition, where you are immersed in the visual and audio delights of the production, you need to ensure that the LCD or plasma TV you are watching these films on is mounted on the wall.

So, if this is you and you have strong opinions on how you like to enjoy films, don’t forget to order TV brackets so you can get it mounted on the wall of your living room or bedroom, allowing you to get the full effect.

Home cinema is becoming increasingly important with the modern TV viewer, so a film enthusiast should see this as a must and set out their equipment correctly so they can see and hear all that is going on.

Watch your favourite Bond movies on a screen mounted with TV brackets

November 14, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets, TV industry news — Written by Nathan

With the recent news that the twenty-third James Bond film has finally been given the green light, after more than a year of turmoil for MGM, it looks like ‘Skyfall’ as it has been named is going to be another hit for the franchise.

Daniel Craig is the modern-day Bond and this is his third time in the role of the iconic spy, following in the footsteps of greats like Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

There are many fans of this British MI6 agent who can’t wait to see the movie on the big screen and will also be first in line when it finally gets its release on Blue-ray and DVD.

So if you are one of those James Bond fanatics who owns the entire DVD collection of films made so far, you should make the most of these movies in full high definition by watching them on Blu-ray.

When you link a Blu-ray player to an LCD or plasma TV, you can enjoy all the action of these thrilling movies almost as if you were seeing them in the cinema. With the latest home cinema systems you can see all the James Bond classics upscaled to the HD format and ready to be watched as they should.

In order to create the perfect setting to do this, you need to mount your television onto the wall using TV brackets as they allow you to tilt and turn your display to the right angle so you can enjoy the experience to the max.

Choose the right TV brackets for your size of LCD TV

November 13, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

While just a few years ago they were considered a luxury item to have in the home, flat panel LCD televisions are now quite commonplace. These modern devices are really coming down in price and there are many different models to choose from for each screen size.

However, when going ahead with the purchase of one of these flat panel TVs, make sure you don’t just consider the performance, but go for one which is the most suitable size for your room.

There is no point in jumping in and getting the biggest screen you can afford, just because it looks the best. You might well be best measuring the space you have to work with and going for one which best fits in with the room where it will be placed.

Make sure you locate a place to put the LCD TV where you will be able to get the most enjoyment out of it. Select a wall which gives viewers the optimum opportunity to be able to see the screen.

The most important thing however is to get the TV brackets which have been made for this particular make and model of TV. You need to ensure the bracket can support this screen size if you want to ensure it is mounted on the wall correctly and allows for cables to be present which connects all your devices.

If you need as much room as possible, cantilever TV brackets may be the most appropriate as they give you the maximum amount of flexibility and can be used to move the TV away from the wall.

Don’t overpay on accessories like TV wall brackets

November 12, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

When you go out and buy a home cinema package which includes the main components you need like the television, Blu-ray player, speakers, subwoofer and receiver, make sure you manage to sort out the other accessories you need – without paying over the odds to do so.

The costs for these components can soon add up, so don’t think that this is going to be your final total as you might be in for a bit of a shock.

In addition to these vital things, you also need to consider such items as a surge protector (especially when you have so much equipment using a small number of sockets), a universal remote control (to cut down on the amount of controllers you will need) and a suitable TV wall bracket.

Remember to get any cables and wire you might require too, in order to link all the different components together, without having to compromise on the overall performance of the system. You can get HDMI cables which are gold plated to make the best connection, but try to do so without going well over your budget.

As some accessories can prove to be expensive, it is worth looking around on the internet to find the devices and gadgets you need to offer top performance, but at the right price.

When it comes to TV wall brackets, you can get the one which is specifically designed for use with the size, make and model of your plasma / LCD television. If you order online, you can benefit from extremely competitive pricing.

Important things to note about DVD upscaling and TV brackets

November 11, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Since the introduction of television in high definition, the bar has been set a lot higher in terms of the resolution and other capabilities of this technology. If you have upgraded your television and bought a flat panel HD model, but have still decided to stick with your DVD player for now, this article looks into the performance in more detail.

A growing number of DVD players which are now available on the market, come with the capability for upscaling. If you aren’t sure what this means for you then we will try to address that in this blog post.

Basically, this upscaling means that the performance of the DVD player is better equipped for working with the capabilities of HD television. This does not mean however that the DVD player itself is now able to present DVD discs in high definition, but this standard DVD format is improved somewhat on a plasma or LCD television.

Practically speaking, the upscaled DVD does not really make too much of a difference to the viewer and what they see on the screen, although the image is slightly smoother-looking. The TV has to do less processing to be able to display this on the screen and a decent DVD player will present its output with better colour consistency and detail.

So if you look closely, there is some improvement, but it cannot be mistaken for true high definition as this is something which cannot be matched.

Make sure you mount your TV and DVD player on the wall using TV brackets and a DVD shelf to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

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