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TV wall brackets for any room in your house

October 31, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Most people decide to mount their flat screen TV in their living room or bedroom, but you can decide to mount the unit in any room you like. You are not restricted by anything and can choose this according to your requirements.

While the lounge may very well be the place where you decide to place your television, the fact that you are free to choose makes things a whole lot easier. For example if you have a study or home office, this is great for installing a TV to provide you with some light relief after hours of work.

A kitchen may not be everyone’s choice of location to put their TV, but it can make cooking a lot more enjoyable – as long as you don’t forget to concentrate on what you are doing with the food!

The key to this is actually the TV wall brackets as you can now get under cabinet brackets that allow you to position the TV in a variety of different places that were simply not possible in the past.

The latest TV wall brackets are such that you have adjustability options to consider which allow you to tilt, turn and angle your screen to the desired position. So it is not just the choice of room that you need to think about, but where within the space would be the most ideal for the TV.

So the final decision on the room to install your television is completely up to you and your lifestyle. Just remember to get the right TV wall brackets.

TV wall brackets can improve your home cinema enjoyment

October 30, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

There are a number of factors that can affect whether you enjoy the home cinema experience to the maximum. This includes all manner of things, including how far away you are from the screen and the height at which the TV is placed.

Being able to see the display in its full high definition is important, and so is the digital sound coming from the speakers. So it is not just about having state-of-the-art equipment, but also about how you use it.

Getting the right TV wall brackets is very important if you want to have the TV mounted in the best possible way. You can buy adjustable wall mounts these days that will give you the flexibility you need to change the angle from time to time to suit everyone in the room.

When mounting your LCD or plasma television on the wall, using these TV brackets you have just bought from an online supplier, you need to position it in the place that makes the best of your seating arrangement. You need to ensure it is at the right height for the people seated on the settee and chairs in front of the screen.

Once you have achieved this with your TV wall brackets, you can look around at other factors which might influence how much you get from this entertainment medium. The home cinema setup is therefore crucial to this and so it is worthwhile thinking long and hard about how you will go about utilising the system.

TV brackets and your home cinema seating

October 29, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

With the growing popularity of home cinemas, manufacturers in this industry have started to wake up to the fact that it is the whole experience that counts and as well as having the system to see and hear movies to the full, you should not forget the seating.

To this end a number of new seating products have emerged, which are designed specifically for the avid cinema goer who wants to bring the experience into their home.

These high quality seating solutions can be bought at affordable prices, so you don’t have to spend a fortune turning your room into a mini cinema.

If you have the luxury of a spare room that has been laid out perfectly to make the best use of a home cinema system, this seating can be chosen to accompany it.

You can buy custom-built seats in single and connected multiple varieties, with these fine products upholstered in microfibre fabric or top grain leather to give you maximum comfort. Different colour options are also available.

Should you decide that this seating choice is for you, then you can benefit from heated support, back and foot rests, massage system and even a can cooler!

The best way to enjoy this cinema seating is to position it the required distance away from your flat screen television. This means that you can see the screen properly, as long as you have mounted it on TV wall brackets at the ideal height. All these factors can affect your enjoyment of the entertainment.

TV brackets and your Freeview box (Part 2)

October 28, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

As we have explained in the last article, for those avid TV viewers who don’t wish to upgrade to Sky or Virgin Media, Freeview enables them to watch many more channels than they could have done in the past.

All you need to do is get hold of a box, which is quite easy to achieve. You can get Freeview equipment from all the main retailers, while if you take a look online there are many reputable companies offering these boxes.

When you install a Freeview box in your home you do not have to subscribe to anything, all you have to do is ensure you are in a coverage area. This can be checked over the Internet as well, but most of the UK is now up to date.

A digital box usually costs about £20, but for this outlay, you get all the channels mentioned previously and there is no contract to sign.

Once you have made your one-off payment for the digital box itself, assuming you already have the TV, now you just need to plug it in and connect it to your television.

The box can be made to work with your existing TV by use of a SCART lead, which simply plugs in to the back of the unit.

In addition to standard Freeview, you can now also buy Freeview+ digital TV recorders, which let you record, rewind and pause live television. This is a really useful feature to have.

So, get your Freeview box and fit it to a shelf or bracket, just under the TV brackets which are holding your television to the wall.

TV brackets and your Freeview box (Part 1)

October 27, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

It is strange when you look back and think that Freeview when it first came out was not something people wanted to embrace. Those that had not upgraded to Sky or cable were generally very content with their TV viewing as it was.

Nowadays, with most households having at least one flat screen TV present, you can see how Freeview has really taken off. If Freeview is not already built in to your television, you can always choose to get a Freeview box.

This gives you access to around 50 channels in full digital so you know there will be at least something on that can keep you entertained for a number of hours.

As well as the TV channels, you also get the opportunity to listen to the 24 digital radio stations on offer too.

With a Freeview box linked to your digital TV, you can enjoy a much better quality of picture and sound, while benefitting from plenty of interactive features which can be accessed quite easily from your remote control.

The Freeview box can now be mounted on the wall like with TV wall brackets as there are now mounts and shelves available which are designed to hold such equipment securely to the wall.

So if you do decide to take the plunge and go for Freeview, the unit won’t have to lie around on a coffee table while your television is mounted above. It can be installed quite nicely below the TV and so this makes things much simpler in terms of your TV viewing.

Blu-ray technology and accompanying TV brackets (Part 2)

October 26, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

In the previous post we mainly looked at Blu-ray as a new technology and how it improves over the former technological pace-setter, DVD.

Now we will consider the impact Blu-ray has made on consumers, along with how you can install your Blu-ray player on the wall, to really bring your home cinema setup into the 21st century.

The majority of consumer electronics, music, video game and personal computer companies are behind the Blu-ray format, which means that there are now so many products being released on this format all the time.

In the film industry, this has been unanimous as once HD DVD finally admitted defeat, all the studios decided to release their latest feature films on Blu-ray discs and continue to bring out hits from their back catalogues of movies.

If you take a look online at the most popular DVD and media stores, you will find so many movies in the Blu-ray format, plus review sites which let you know how good the films are and how they have improved on the DVD picture and sound as well as which ones are due for release in the near future.

Once you buy your new Blu-ray player, you can now decide to mount it on a DVD shelf, which works much like TV brackets in that it is fitted into the wall. This mounting option is great as you can place the shelf just below your LCD or plasma TV in order to provide support your equipment, while keeping it from harm.

Blu-ray technology and accompanying TV brackets (Part 1)

October 25, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Blu-ray players and discs (BD) are now commonplace and this format has become the industry standard, replacing DVD as the benchmark for video playback and high-capacity data storage.

In this article and the following post, we will be looking at the blue-violet laser technology and how you can now choose to place it close to your flat screen television, like with TV brackets.

Blu-ray is an optical disc format which was designed by many of the world’s leading electronics, media and computer makers, including the likes of Sony, Apple, Dell, Panasonic and Samsung. Together they formed the Blu-ray Disc Association to work on the high-definition video (HD) medium.

These discs can hold over five times what a traditional DVD can hold and they can store all kinds of data, while enabling for rewriting, recording and playback.

If you have a single-layer disc, then it can store up to 25GB of advanced video and audio, which makes for a remarkable experience in full HD.

It is called “Blue-ray” because it utilises a blue laser disc to write as well as read data, rather than the red laser of the DVD technology. Even though the Blu-ray is the same size as the DVD was, it packs in data much more tightly and stores it within much less space.

Most Blu-ray players are backwards compatible, so they can play any DVDs and CDs you might have. This is a great benefit as you can still make use of your old collection of media products and not have to start all over again.

TV wall brackets and brackets for your Blu-ray player (Part 2)

October 24, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

As we have been explaining so far, wall mounts are so much more sophisticated than they were in the past. They are also not just for TVs either nowadays. You can get mounts for all your electronic equipment and keep it secured to the wall.

If you want to find a positioning solution for your hi-fi system, speakers, video games console, Sky HD Box or Blu-ray player, then one way is to install them on the wall using these brackets.

Made specifically to hold this type of hardware, and able to support loads of up to 25kg, you can be sure that these accessories are certainly not flimsy and will not let you down.

These robust devices are becoming more and more popular as consumers realise they can do much more than mount their flat screen TVs onto the wall of their bedroom or living room.

As well as the wall bracket itself, you also get the screws and fittings to carry out the installation process. The mounts can be used on either brick or stud walls and so there should be no problem in this regard.

The instruction manual which is supplied with the bracket is easy to use and if you have already installed TV wall brackets in the past, this job will not take you very long to carry out.

Like with the TV counterparts you get an impressive guarantee of 15 years, making the brackets an accessory you can really not do without if you want to have a proper home cinema set up in your home.

TV wall brackets and brackets for your Blu-ray player (Part 1)

October 24, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

When TV wall mounts were first introduced, they were generally quite basic, which is understandable seeing as these devices were a new invention.

In this blog post and the second part, we will be considering how brackets have evolved over time, as well as how there are now mounting solutions for all manner of hardware which is considered part of any home cinema setup.

Before TV wall brackets came onto the scene, most people still had large and bulky CRT TV sets, with flat screen plasma technology being reserved for those with deeper pockets.

Indeed, the first few plasma televisions released onto the market were quite big themselves and sturdy brackets made for these models were fixed in place to take the load.

Nowadays, as TVs are getting even slimmer and more easily mountable by the year, you can get LED LCD TVs as well as plasmas, with so much choice available for consumers to buy.

TV wall brackets have had to adapt and manufacturers considered the needs of the home cinema enthusiast, but offering more in the way of adjustability options. As well as wanting to mount their brand new TV onto the wall, they also wanted to be able to move it according to their seating position – which might change from time-to-time.

Some people wanted to go a step further and purchase TV wall brackets which are motorised and can be adjusted using remote control. So now there are a number of motorised brackets to select from too.

LCD Brackets For Savvy Style

October 23, 2011
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

LCD brackets are a great innovation in the electrical accessories market. You can use LCD brackets to fix your TV to the wall or even hang it from the ceiling. When you have installed LCD brackets you will notice immediately that you have more space in your room to do with as you please. Before LCD brackets came along, consumer would have to dedicate a whole portion of the room to a TV stand or cabinet. LCD brackets do away with those and there is no dusty spaces behind the screen anymore.

LCD brackets fit any size TV screen and come with a range of novel features dependant on your preferences. Some LCD brackets have a swivelling or tilting function which means you can nudge the LCD brackets until you have the perfect view, anywhere in the room You can also get LCD brackets that have adjustable shelves for your console, BluRay or Digibox. LCD brackets are a smart way to keep your TV safe from damage while smartening up your room. LCD brackets are a modern and common sense addition to any home.

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