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Buying TV brackets for different brands of TV

July 25, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

You spend a lot of money on a TV, whether it’s a regular or a flat screen. Therefore buying TV brackets to safeguard your investment is a wise option. You will however find a lot of different makes and models of TV brackets. You should always buy from the most reliable manufacturers of TV brackets as they ensure stability.

Which are the best TV brackets that you should buy?
The TV brackets bought should be well constructed and durable. The TV brackets should be strong enough to hold the weight of your TV set. Look for brackets that state they are suitable for your brand of TV

If you have a Bush TV, for example, many brackets will specify that they are suitable for your specific TV. Also pay attention to what screen sizes a bracket will suit, however.

Z Line Design
This company manufactures contemporary furniture for your home cinema. The sleek and stylish designs are practical too, which means you can mount your TV without any worries.

This the leading company for TV brackets, as it is the most trusted brand. This company has a large number of different types of brackets. The TV brackets manufactured by Omnimount are well constructed and long lasting.

Great pointers to help you buy the right TV brackets

July 24, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Everyone wants a big flat screen TV in their house along with other top of the range appliances. When people buy that big expensive TV, they also want an easy, convenient and practical way to install them in the house. Make sure you read about all the different kinds of TV brackets so that you do not have any difficulty choosing the one that will be right for your TV.

Make sure the VESA spacing is correct as sometimes there can be slight differences in the spacing. If you want to make sure you have the right TV bracket then measure the distance between the holes vertically and horizontally. Ordinarily, there are four holes at the back of a television. Choose a TV bracket with these details in mind. You should also ensure that the TV bracket you buy has the capacity to carry the weight of your TV. This is important as you do not want your TV to be damaged.

All TV brackets have a maximum load stated and some also have size limitations. Also, you will have to choose a TV bracket on the basis of the room you are putting the TV in. Ceiling or tilting brackets can be used to mount the TV high up, but it is better to mount a TV such that the screen is at the eye level of the viewer.

Things to keep in mind when buying cantilever brackets

July 23, 2011
Posted in Cantilever TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

The most sophisticated LCD brackets are undoubtedly cantilever wall mounts. Installing a cantilever mount gives your LCD TV the full range of movement. That is, tilting verti-cally and swiveling from left to right.

The type of cantilever bracket which is best suited for your TV depends on a number of factors; the type of wall, on how heavy or large your LCD TV is, and of course your own personal taste.

Cantilever arms enable you to move your LCD TV away from the wall when the arms are completely extended. When the arms are contracted they move the TV close to the wall.

How large do they get?
LCD TV wall brackets are manufactured in such a way that they fit the smallest and also the largest TV size. A 65 inch TV will require a very large cantilever bracket that might weigh 15kg and which will be able to hold upright a TV weighing up to 100kg.

Large cantilever brackets will not be able to fold down to a completely flat position, so make sure that you carry out research, before making your purchase.

Mounting your LCD television on the ceiling

July 22, 2011
Posted in Ceiling TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

For mounting your LCD TV on walls and ceilings, one needs to purchase TV wall brackets. There is a huge demand for TV wall brackets due to the increase in the usage of these LCD televisions. These important accessories are very useful in many ways. They can be a perfect accessory to your new LCD or plasma TV.

Wall brackets make your home spacious and provide you with different angles for TV viewing. They can help to make it look modern and provide a chic look to your home. If one wishes to save space on walls for paintings and bookshelves, mounting your television on the ceiling is a feasible option.

The installation process of mounting a TV bracket on your ceiling is very simple. The hardware needed to mount your TV onto your ceiling is rather inexpensive. The tools used to install the TV brackets are usually the same used in your daily lives. Tools such as a screw driver, wire, stud finder and cable finder are enough to fix your TV brackets. Normally, whenever TV brackets are installed to ceilings, the extendible arms are used to hold your television. One must carefully consider the position of the wall brackets, since there is a possibility of your TV can take a wrong tilt. Measure the dimensions of your ceiling and the room properly and then consider placing your wall brackets in the proper position.

Other equipment which is to be installed with your television must also be kept at an appropriate height, since it becomes easier to connect them to your LCD TV. Equipment such as gaming consoles and DVD/ Blu-ray players must be placed around and near to the television. You must also make sure they do not interfere with the tilt of your bracket.

Get the maximum out of your TV

July 21, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

There was a reason why flat panel TVs were invented. It wasn’t simply a way to save space, because honestly, how much space did the CRT TVs really occupy? The main advantage of a flat panel TV lies in the fact that it can be mounted on TV brackets. With the help of TV brackets, it can be mounted on the wall and even on ceilings.

Mounting a TV on brackets serves a dual purpose. The first purpose is obvious: it saves space in your room. Your table or TV stand can now be used for various other purposes. In fact you can completely do away with those stands and make your room more spacious.

The second purpose of TV brackets, which is not so obvious and is hence often missed by many people, is the fact that it has the potential to greatly enhance your TV viewing experience. After all, you spent all that money on the latest LCD TV to get the best multimedia experience. Not utilising such a precious electronic instrument to its full potential would be a pity.

While installing a TV bracket you need to follow some general steps. Firstly the TV is to be put on its pedestal on the floor. All flat panel TVs have screw holes behind and below them so that they can be fixed on TV brackets. With a screwdriver, both mounting brackets are to be screwed into the TV.

Next you need to attach the wall mount to the back of the TV. It would be prudent to first check the distance between the bases of the TV and the wall mount. Then, the placement of studs on the wall is to be done by adjusting it according to eye level. Mark the placement of the studs on the wall with a pencil to give it a fair amount of accuracy.

Things to keep in mind when buying cantilever brackets

July 20, 2011
Posted in Cantilever TV Brackets — Written by Perry

The epitome of LCD brackets is undoubtedly the cantilever wall mount. Installing a cantilever mount gives your LCD the full range of movement; that is, tilting it in a vertical axis, swiveling it from left to right and even the ‘turn and tilt’ mechanism.

The type of cantilever bracket best suited for your TV depends on a number of factors; the type of wall, how heavy or large your LCD TV is and, of course, your own personal taste and interest.

In this short write up I will be looking at the type of LCD wall bracket which uses two arms. These cantilever arms enable you to move an LCD away from the wall, when the arms are completely extended. When the arms are contracted they move the LCD close to the wall.

LCD TV wall brackets are manufactured in such a way that they fit the smallest and also the largest TV sizes. With LCDs the difference between the smallest and largest screen TV is 15 inches. Large screen LCDs come in a range of 45 inches to a mammoth 65 inches. A 65 inch LCD will require a very large cantilever bracket; weighing about 15kg and being able to hold a TV weighing 100kg (which does not exist, but that is the threshold).

Large cantilever brackets will not be able to contract to a completely flat position, so make sure that you perform thorough research before making your purchase.

The swivel TV bracket

July 19, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

The swivel TV bracket is one of the most innovative kinds of bracket. It is essentially a framework, attached to the wall. Once the bracket is secured to the wall, a flat panel TV is attached to it. The viewer can now turn or swivel the TV to any direction which they choose. The plasma swivel bracket has opened doors for those who love watching TV.

One of the most vital aspects to consider when picking your swivel bracket is the weight of your plasma TV. It is absolutely vital that the bracket which you choose should completely bear the weight of the screen.

Why choose a swivel bracket?
The width of the room is an aspect which you must take into consideration. If you feel that the room is a lot wider than it is deeper, then you will need a bracket which can extend itself from the wall and swivel as well. It should be possible to sit at one corner of the room and swivel the TV so that you can view it comfortably.
The full motion mounting bracket is considered the best design. This design allows your TV to extend itself, tilt and swivel in many directions.

Motorised mounts
The cream of TV brackets are motorised mounts. Unlike manual mounts, motorised mounts can be operated by a remote while you sit in a different part of the room. Pushing a button will cause your plasma TV to swivel towards you so that you get the best view of the screen.

Know some more about tilting and swivelling TV brackets

July 18, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets are one of the commonly used accessories for mounting flat panel TVs on a ceiling or on a wall. They are used at different places like hotels, offices and homes. TV brackets are available in different specifications, shapes and styles. Different types include wall mount TV brackets, tilt TV brackets, cantilever and swivel TV brackets.

Among the different types, tilting and swivelling TV brackets are the most unique ones. They can also be fixed on a table or desk. They are perfect for mounting LED, plasma and LCD TVs. TV brackets can also be used for mounting desktop monitors effectively. Ease of installation offers you the ability to mount the TV screen without any professional equipment or skills.

Some specifications of TV brackets

• Helpful for mounting TV screens of varying sizes
• Weight bearing capacity of up to 15kg
• Tilt and swivel modes allow you to view the screen from any angle
• Swivel up to 360 degrees
• Tilting angle up to 15 degrees

Advantages of using tilt and swivel TV brackets

The tilt and swivel TV brackets are also perfect for boats, motorhomes and caravans. They are equally useful for both TVs and monitors. Using these TV brackets, you can make your room look spacious while enhancing its décor. The added flexibility of changing the viewing angle enables you the get the best experience. Due to all these benefits, using TV brackets to wall mount your television set will be a wise decision.

Want basic TV brackets? Try the flat or tilt mount

July 17, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

You can mount your TV set on one of the many available TV brackets, to give your home a stylish touch. When you install TV brackets, you can create more space for your other needs by mounting your TV set on the wall.

All you need to know about the tilt and flat mount of TV brackets

With advances in technology TV brackets have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. The following paragraphs will discuss the different TV brackets in brief.

The flat mount TV brackets:

The flat mount TV brackets are the simplest of the TV brackets. These are ideal for flat screen TVs that you would like to place in the centre of the wall in your room. They help support the TV and keep the TV set at a comfortable eye level. These TV brackets are very basic and easy to maintain.

The tilt TV brackets:

These types of TV brackets have limited mobility. You can tilt the screen of your TV sets up to 15 degrees, so that it is at the perfect eye level. These TV brackets are ideal for houses where sun glare can cause problems. When you install the tilt TV bracket you can also be assured of the safety of your TV set as you can mount the TV set higher on the wall and yet still enjoy the show by tilting the angle of the screen.

These two TV brackets are the easiest to install and require the least amount of maintenance. They are cost effective and durable.

The various types of TV stand available

July 16, 2011
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Tina

There are a number of different TV stands in the market these days. However, there are many points that must be taken into consideration before choosing a suitable TV stand.

The first thing that you have to consider is the type of material that your TV stand is made of. There are basically three types of base materials that are used for TV stands; MDF wood, glass and real wood. The style and price associated with each of these materials is different and together they cater to the needs of all people.

If you are a person with a low budget and do not wish to be spending much on a TV stand, then MDF wood is the most ideal choice for you.

Another type of material used is glass. The price of a glass stand is considerably higher than that of MDF wood. A glass stand is suitable for those who wish to add a trendy and classy modern look to their home. It also gives the room a lighter toned look. The only disadvantage of a glass stand is that it tends to attract unwanted dirt and stains which is not the problem with real wood and MDF wood.

Real wood is the most expensive material used to make a TV stand. The main advantage of real wood is that it can be carved into any desired shape or design. Also, the life of the stand depends upon how hard the wood is.

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