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TV Brackets And Why You Need Them

July 31, 2011
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

TV brackets are a great way to modernise your living room, offering enhanced viewing options and greater freedom. Ideal for plasma and LCD TVs, TV brackets will allow you to clear away the old TV stand and free up space in your living room.

TV brackets are a great accessory that will enhance your viewing experience. Cantilever TV brackets, ideal for corners and larger rooms, can be tilted and turned to your preference, making these TV brackets a very flexible option. Other TV brackets, such as fixed TV brackets, offer a simple enhancement, while tilt and swivel TV brackets will give you greater freedom in your viewing experience.

No matter which TV brackets you choose, there is no doubt that TV brackets will improve your TV experience. The TV no longer has to gather dust in the corner of the room, with TV brackets you are free to choose how you watch your favourite programmes.

Suitable for rooms of all sizes, TV brackets are a great way to clear out the old TV stand. TV brackets are secure and chic, and would be a great addition to any home.

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Mount your TV over your fireplace

July 31, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

The problem most people face after buying an LCD or LED TV is making space for their TV on their wall or ceiling. This is always a difficult decision, since there are many factors which are to be considered before installing the wall bracket.

Vacant spots over fireplaces can be the most desirable and preferable spots to hang your LED or LCD television. By selecting the right TV wall bracket, you can make this possible. It not only provides comfort, but also looks really good. It gives a modern look to your home.

To mount your TV over your fireplace, you need to choose suitable wall brackets. Wires and other equipment connected to your television might be a cause for concern. Try and buy wall brackets which can hide your wires away.

Brackets which can hold your television properly are the most preferable type to use in this situation. You can also choose swivel brackets, which can be adjusted as per your specific needs. Also, make sure your bracket hides your wires so as to avoid exposure to heat.

Consulting your online bracket supplier might be beneficial. You can even ask for professional help to mount your TV and affix your wall brackets. Professionals will help you mount your television perfectly. You can even refer to your TV wall bracket manual if you are confused.

The benefits of cantilever TV brackets

July 31, 2011
Posted in Cantilever TV Brackets — Written by Perry

TV brackets are slowly becoming a popular means to mount television sets on the wall. It is one option that gives a contemporary feel and look to your home. In the past, people used television stands for positioning their TV set. This was mainly because television sets were quite bulky and heavier then. However, the modern television sets have a slim and light weight nature.

With the invention of flat panel plasma and LCD TVs, wall mounting has become a lot easier. They not only let you perfectly mount your TV set, but also keep it secure. Wall mounting also acts as a space saver. So, if you have a small room, using TV brackets will be a great option. Cantilever, tilt and swivel TV brackets are used by people as they offer an adjustable viewing angle.

The different TV brackets you can purchase

TV brackets can be purchased in different sizes and shapes. This allows you the opportunity to select one based on your budget and needs. Using TV brackets also enhances your television viewing experience.

Cantilever TV brackets have now gained immense popularity. They not only allow users to tilt the TV screen based on their viewing needs, but also make the room look clutter free. The television screen can either be moved sideways or horizontally. They also come equipped with an arm like attachment that offers a good degree of movement. This type of TV bracket is mostly used by the commercial sector.

Modern wall brackets can be real crowd pleasers

July 30, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

For a good restaurant, quality food and efficient service are the two main ingredients determining the success of the eatery. If you offer good quality food to your customer and are still thinking why your business is not doing too well, you need to improve your service. Amazingly, the addition of an LED TV to your restaurant can boost your sales tremendously. Although an expensive investment, a TV can be a real crowd pleaser.
Mounting your TV perfectly on your restaurant wall or ceiling might require a TV bracket. There are many types of TV brackets available in the market. You can choose any one of the available types suiting your needs and preferences.

Swivel TV brackets are one of the most famous TV brackets

Swivel wall brackets are those which can be adjusted so the TV can swing to the left or the right. These are one of the most advanced types of TV bracket. Many big restaurants use LED TVs and TV brackets in combination to provide their customers with the ultimate pleasure.

Apart from all the services and attractions, also try to improve the quality of food you provide to your customers.

TV brackets and their uses

July 29, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Gone are the days when TV sets required bulky stands and cabinets to support them. While the traditional styled TV sets were quite heavy and needed considerable amount of space, contemporary LCD, LED and plasma sets do not have any space limitations. Moreover, they are also lightweight and slim compared to conventional TV sets. This allows you to mount your TV set on a wall like a picture frame.

TV brackets offer you the flexibility to install your TV set on any wall in your home. There are different TV brackets available out there to cater to your needs. While some brackets mount your TV set against the wall, others allow you to angle them to different positions. This means, your television set can be adjusted to a convenient angle, irrespective of the shape of your room.

Wall mounting does not interfere with the furniture or décor in your room. You can also hide the cables in the wall cavity or with a cable cover. This will make your television set look like a piece of art without consuming too much space in your room. In fact, the space saved in your room can be used for other decorative purposes.

Mounting your television set on the wall can be quite difficult, particularly if you have a massive TV screen. This is when hiring professionals will be a wise decision. They have the required equipment, tools and expertise to ensure that your television set is mounted securely and correctly to the wall. Apart from the installation, experts can also help you connect other peripherals and surround sound systems.

Mounting your LCD television on the ceiling

July 28, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

For mounting LCD TVs on walls and ceilings, one needs TV wall brackets. There is a huge demand for TV wall brackets due to the increase in the usage of LCD televisions. These important accessories are very useful in many ways. They can perfectly fit with your new LCD or plasma TV.

This makes your home more spacious and provides you with different angles for TV viewing. It looks good and modern and provides a chic look to your home. If one wishes to save space on walls for paintings and bookshelves, mounting your television on the ceiling can be a feasible option.

The installation process of a TV bracket on your ceilings is very simple. The hardware needed to mount your TV to your ceiling is rather inexpensive. The tools used to install the TV brackets are usually the same used in your daily routine. Tools such as screw drivers, wire, stud finder, and cable finders are enough to fix your TV brackets. Normally, whenever TV brackets are installed to ceilings, the extendible arms are used to hold your television. One must carefully consider the position of the wall brackets, since there is a possibility of your TV can take a wrong tilt. Measure the dimensions of your ceiling and the room properly and then consider placing your wall brackets in a proper position.

Other equipment to be installed to your television must be kept at an appropriate height, since it becomes easy to connect them to your LCD. Equipment such as gaming consoles and DVD/ Blu-ray players must be placed around and near to the television.

Different types of flat TV brackets

July 27, 2011
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

Flat TV brackets are soon to be found in almost every home. Because flat screen TVs help are getting slimmer and slimmer, there’s no need for the TV to waste precious space anymore. So, flat TV brackets are gaining in popularity because they help maximise the space in your room; flat TV brackets are the perfect way to take advantage of the sleek new style of HDTV. When your TV is mounted on the wall on flat TV brackets, they take up no room at all! The most common flat TV brackets simply fix your TV snugly to the wall but there are other varieties too.

Cantilever arm flat TV brackets are useful if you want to watch your TV from multiple angles. You can adjust the flat TV brackets in any direction, left, right, in or out. These flat TV brackets can be useful anywhere in the home, even in unlikely places like the kitchen because the flat TV brackets keep the TV safe away from water hazards.

Corner flat TV brackets provide a steady support for a TV in the corner of the room and look great as your TV seemingly ‘floats’ between two walls. Ceiling flat TV brackets allow you to run hang your TV literally anywhere you like and look amazing if you take the time to run your cables through the ceiling cavity.

Flat TV brackets bring a modern twist to your room and can apply flat TV brackets in positions you wouldn’t usually think about. With flat TV brackets your room is opened up and refreshed for a bold new look.

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TV brackets for the new ultra-slim TV sets of today

July 27, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

TV brackets are perfect tools for mounting the flat screen TVs of today. They help to save space in your room while offering the best viewing experience. When TV sets are placed on a cabinet or a stand, they are more prone to damage. On the other hand, wall mounting ensures the safety of your expensive investment.

Flat panel TVs have become increasingly popular due to the fact that they are large in size, slim and lightweight. Due to this feature, hanging TV brackets on a wall is the most appropriate choice. Wall mounting your flat panel TV also offers a cinema-like viewing experience. TV brackets not only offer an organised and clean look to your home, but also enhance its overall ambience.

Fixed or TV wall brackets are the cheapest and most basic ones available. While they keep your TV set safe, they do not offer any kind of flexibility in terms of changing the viewing angle. On the other hand, there are swivel, tilt and cantilever TV brackets specially designed to suit these needs.

The swivel and tilt TV brackets allow you to mount your TV set at a higher position. This offers convenient tilting and enhanced security. These TV brackets can be mounted anywhere on the wall, including corners and the ceiling. After mounting your TV set on a tilt and swivel TV bracket, you can tilt it to any desired angle that suits your viewing needs.

TV stands for LCD TVs

July 27, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Every LCD TV requires a stand that can hold its weight as well as complement its look. LCD stands are available in myriads of styles, right from a traditional wooden cabinet with doors to a modern glass stand. These are available at reasonable prices depending upon your budget.

Things to keep in mind

While looking for TV stands, you should consider the weight of the TV, its size, the amount of space required and how often can the stand will be moved.

    Popular types of stands

Glass stand

A glass stand is space saving and ideal for smaller rooms for creating an illusion of space. These are available in different sizes and shapes and can be selected as per your requirements.

Corner TV stands

If the layout of your room is such that your TV is supposed to be placed in the corner, then there are TV stands made to fit snugly here.

Wooden TV stands

People who look to add a traditional theme to their room choose to opt for wooden LCD TV stands.

Mobile TV stands

If your TV stands are going to be moved around the room quite frequently, then it is advisable to go for a stand with wheels.

Wall mount

You can select wall mount TV brackets if your LCD TV needs to be mounted on the wall. Do check the capacity of the bracket and the weight of the TV before you buy one. Moreover, you also need to check what type of wall you have in your room as there are different types of TV brackets for different types of walls.

Choosing the right type of TV stand for your LCD TV will undeniably give you a great experience of viewing the television set and adding vibrancy to the entire room.

Get the most out of your TV with TV brackets

July 26, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

There was a reason why flat panel TVs were invented. It wasn’t simply a way to save space, because honestly how much space did a CRT TV really occupy. The main advantage of a flat panel TV lies in the fact that it can be mounted on TV brackets. With the help of TV brackets, it can be mounted on a wall or even on a ceiling.

Advantages of brackets

Mounting a TV on brackets serves a dual purpose. The first purpose is obvious. It saves space in your room. Your table or TV stand can now be used for various other purposes. In fact you can completely do away with those stands and make your room more spacious.

The second purpose of TV brackets, which is not so obvious and is hence often missed by many people, is the fact that it has the potential to greatly enhance your TV viewing experience. After all, you spent all that money on the latest LCD TV to get the best multimedia experience. Not utilising such a precious electronic instrument to its full potential would be a pity.

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