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Use TV brackets – forget neck sprains

March 31, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Placing the TV in the centre of the room makes it compulsory for you to adjust your seating around it. However, you can now sit back and enjoy watching your favourite TV programmes and films from any angle thanks to TV brackets.

No more aches and pains

Using television brackets is a good way to ensure that your body experiences no aches or pains while in front of the TV. You can tilt the screen to a degree which is comfortable for you, meaning you no longer need to complain about neck pain or backache.

Keeping your comfort in mind, the market now offers a wide variety of TV brackets. For example, swivel brackets can swing the television sideways so that you can view it from your seat.

Cantilever brackets, on the other hand, come with an extendable arm so that the TV can be moved and placed at a position which suits your comfort. The weight of any TV can be supported on this lightweight yet strong arm.

With TV brackets you can be sure of forgetting your aches and pains. You can now just relax and adjust the TV to the position comfortable for you.

Looking for a TV bracket? Here are a few things to consider

March 31, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets are stylish, strong and smart space-savers. They have completely replaced the use of traditional TV stands and cabinets and are also the most fashionable and practical tools for mounting a TV set on the wall.

To suit different sizes, shapes and weights of TV sets, different types of TV bracket are available. Therefore, prior to getting a TV bracket you should determine:

• The size of your TV set
• The weight bearing capability of the TV bracket
• Your viewing needs and budget

You should also decide whether you want a tilting, swivelling or flat mount TV bracket. Considering these points, selecting the right TV bracket becomes quite easy.

Popular types of TV bracket

Standard TV wall brackets

Wall mount or TV wall brackets are the most basic types available nowadays. Although they are affordable, they do not allow moving or swivelling of the TV screen.

Tilting TV brackets

Unlike the standard type, tilting brackets allow you to tilt the screen upwards and downwards to 45 degrees.

Swivelling TV brackets

These TV brackets have quite advanced functions compared to standard wall mount and tilting TV brackets. Using a swivelling TV bracket gives you the flexibility to move your TV screen up to 180 degrees.

Wall Brackets are better value than ever.

March 31, 2011
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

Wall brackets are a brilliant idea if you are the owner of a flat screen TV. You can find wall brackets to fit each and every model of TV be that LCD, LED, Plasma or even 3DTV. All the well known brands are catered for by wall brackets, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Goodmans, Sharp to name just a few. with wall brackets you can securely fix your TV to the wall, saving space and looking fantastic at the same time. What’s more you can get hold of durable, high quality wall brackets at very reasonable prices now, particularly if you buy online. Wall brackets purchased from websites that focus solely on the retail of wall brackets have a bigger range of wall brackets to choose from as well as second to none aftersale service including next day delivery and an amazing 15 year wall brackets guarantee.

If you consider all the benefits of installing wall brackets you will see that they are a very sound investment. Wall brackets improve the look of your room but they also protect your expensive TV from being damaged too.


Flat TV Wall Brackets Make A Statement

March 30, 2011
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

Flat TV wall brackets are an excellent choice of TV bracket and it is with good reason that they are the most popular style of TV bracket. With flat tv wall brackets, you can hang your TV on the wall just like you would a favourite painting or a mirror perhaps.
Flat TV wall brackets take your TV off the floor, immediately creating a great deal of space because you lose the ‘footprint’ made by a TV cabinet.

Flat TV wall brackets make the most of your flat TV’s dimensions. Never before have you been able to push your TV screen right against the wall, in fact flat TV wall brackets make your TV more like a cinema screen than ever. Because flat TV wall brackets keep your flat TV so close to the wall the centre of gravity of the TV is kept close too. So, your flat TV wall brackets can be relied on to support, keep safe and display your expensive TV for a long time to come. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to install flat TV wall brackets either, just a few tools are all you need, but make sure you choose the perfect spot for your flat TV wall brackets.

The best value flat TV wall brackets can be found on specialist flat TV wall brackets websites. They can deliver your flat TV wall brackets the very next day and are designed to fit any make and model of TV so you can be sure your flat TV wall brackets are right for you.

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Benefits of opting for cantilever TV brackets

March 30, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Wall mounting the TV has become a popular trend as it gives your home a more modern look and feel. Flat screen TVs have become very popular due to the excellent video quality that it offers for the owner. People used TV stands in the older days as the TVs were much heavier. With the invention of slim TVs, mounting is no longer a problem.

Mounting your TV has numerous benefits. They help save floor space, which can be used for other decorative accessories. It also provides you with the best possible viewing angles.

A better viewing experience

TV brackets are available in different shapes and sizes. Choose the one that suits your budget and the décor of your room. The fact that you can easily enhance the overall TV viewing experience using TV brackets is appealing to many people.

Cantilever TV brackets are popular as it offers maximum movement for the owner. With the help of these brackets, you can mount the TV in almost any angle that suits your viewing requirements. Cantilever TV brackets offer horizontal as well as sideways movement. It is equipped with a long arm that makes that movement possible. Cantilever TV brackets are commonly used in offices and other commercial sectors.

No matter which corner of the room you are sitting in, you can surely enjoy a great TV viewing experience with cantilever TV brackets. If you have purchased a new flat panel TV and want to enjoy a complete TV viewing experience, wall mounting is something you might want to consider.

Why should we use a TV bracket for our LCD TV?

March 30, 2011
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Perry

People no longer require the old cathode ray tube or the CRT TV sets. The newer state of art televisions enables the viewer to experience the best picture and sound quality.

Features and benefits of plasma and LCD TVs

The latest ranges of TVs that are being introduced now focus on the resolution, compatibility and the size of the screen. LCD and plasma TVs have different features which allow them to offer the better picture and sound quality.

Plasma TVs

Millions of tiny plasma cells are used as the display in plasma TVs. The image that is seen on the screen is created by the light emitted by these cells. Their larger screen enables the consumer to enjoy a cinema like experience. The Plasma TVs can capture each and every minute detail within seconds, with the help of the superior refresh rate technique.


LCD TV use liquid crystal solution panel which is in between two layers of glass. To create the desired image, the LCD panel filters and subtracts the backlight source. The LCD TVs are known to be quite long lasting and often consume less electricity.

When we invest in such superior quality TV it is also necessary to safeguard this investment. A TV bracket protects your TV set from damages. A TV bracket can help you mount the TV set on any location so that you can enjoy the superior quality entertainment.

A guide to selecting the right TV bracket

March 29, 2011
Posted in Ceiling TV Brackets, TV Brackets — Written by Perry

With a range of different TV wall brackets available today, selecting the right one can be quite challenging. The classic TV wall bracket permanently attaches a TV set on the wall. However, these TV brackets do not allow any freedom to swivel and tilt the TV screen.

Based on the model and brand, different models of TV bracket allow for different degrees of tilt. Angle of the tilt is an important aspect to consider when looking for tilting TV brackets. After the desired tilting angle is achieved, the TV screen can be fixed into that position for optimal viewing.

Different TV brackets

As different kinds of TV brackets are available out there, you can go with the one that suits your preferences. For individuals who want to enjoy TV viewing from different angles, articulating TV brackets are the perfect solutions. Using these TV brackets, one can easily swing the display from side to side.

Articulating TV brackets allows for tilting of the TV screen upwards and downwards. However, the degree of tilt differs from one model to another. These TV brackets are versatile and available in different models. They are also capable of holding TV sets of different weights and sizes.

Ceiling TV brackets are perfect for larger rooms. These TV brackets comprise of a small base along with an extended downward arm. Similar to articulating TV brackets, most ceiling TV brackets also feature swivelling and tilting features. Some ceiling TV wall brackets offer swivelling of up to 90 degrees. This allows users to comfortably watch their favourite television programmes while lying on the couch or bed.

Moveable or fixed – Which TV bracket to choose

March 29, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

There are several types of TV brackets available in the market. With a plethora of different price tags and designs, selecting the right TV bracket is important. While looking for a TV bracket, try to find the one with the right VESA spacing and correct size for your TV. VESA spacing is defined as the available distance between the mounting holes of your flat panel TV.

Smaller television sets feature VESA 200 or VESA 100 spacing. VESA 100 boasts 4 holes in a square shape and the distance between each hole is about 100mm. On the other hand, larger television sets use VESA 400. Thus, it is important to buy a TV bracket that is compatible with the VESA spacing of your TV set.

How to get the right TV bracket

Fixed TV brackets fix your TV set firmly on the wall. However, these TV brackets do not allow tilt and swivel flexibility to your TV screen. On the other hand, tilting TV brackets have a tilting angle of 45 degrees. These TV brackets are perfect for mounting your TV set at a higher level from the floor.

When it comes to swivelling TV brackets, different types are available. While some feature tilt facilities, others do not. So, before placing your order, carefully research the available options and features. If you are looking for better flexibility to tilt and move your TV screen, cantilever TV brackets are the perfect option. They feature an arm like attachment that can be pulled out and rotated to almost any desired angle.

TV brackets make any TV look attractive

March 29, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

TV brackets are a modern type of hardware that are used to mount TVs on the wall. They are available in various sizes and shapes. Moreover, they are custom-made to suit your requirements perfectly. Likewise, the colour coordination used for TV brackets complements your homes or office décor in the right way.

Several public places use TV brackets to mount their expensive LCD TVs on the wall. You will not be surprised to find LCD TVs suspended from the ceiling when you walk into a shopping centre or in an airport lobby. Due to their numerous advantages, TV brackets are widely used across the globe. They are relatively popular at places that attract large gatherings of people.

TV brackets at sports bars

Sports are a favourite pastime across the world. Watching sports with your friends is another pleasurable activity people do to entertain themselves. A sports bar is thus one of the best places to watch sport with your friends. Sports bars are adorned with huge LCD TVs, to attract large crowds.

In order to avoid accidents to their TVs, sports bars have resorted to using TV brackets to mount their expensive TVs. This not only helps them secure their TVs to the wall or ceiling, but also provides their customers with a clear picture from a suitable angle.

If you own a sports bar and are concerned about the safety of your expensive TVs, invest in TV brackets.

The uses of TV brackets

March 28, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

TV brackets are becoming quite popular among customers as they support the television on the wall, enabling the customer to save a lot of space in the room. A certain amount of growth in the demand for these TV brackets can be witnessed because of their convenience. The growth in the technology of TV brackets has also enabled customers to attach televisions to the ceiling. TV screens hanging on the wall and the ceiling give a stylish and modern look to your room. The installation process is not that difficult and hardly takes any time at all. The area where the bracket needs to be fitted should be decided beforehand; also one should be careful while selecting the place as a wrong decision can ruin the whole look of the room.

The installation

Basic tools such as a drill, screwdrivers, stud finder, nut and bolt wrenches and a level, are required for installation. A joist or stud in the wall should always be used so the bracket can firmly attach to the wall. Also the screw on the bracket should be at the centre of the joist. In order to avoid damages to cables or pipes in the wall while drilling, one must use a cable finder to check the wall surface. The process of installation is as easy as it seems, but to be on the safe side, one or two extra people should be employed for the lifting and fixing of the television onto the bracket. Once the fixing and wiring is done, the television is ready.

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