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Different types of TV wall mounts for your plasma screen TV

December 30, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

A television is now a necessity instead of a luxury. It is the one stop solution for all types of entertainment needs. Our days are not complete without spending some time watching TV. While the value of a TV set is undisputable, its placement in our homes is a well discussed subject of interest.

The leading way to watch TV today is using a TV bracket. They are ideal for the placement of your plasma or LED TV. TV brackets are great for saving space in the living area. They also enhance the viewing experience for all those watching TV.

Low profile TV wall mounts

These TV wall mounts are best if you want to place the TV very close to the wall. Using these brackets is similar to hanging a picture. The finished effect can look spectacular.

Tilting and/or swivelling TV wall mounts

With tilting mounts, the television can be adjusted upwards or downwards. Similarly a swivelling wall mount can be rotated from the left to the right. Tilting mounts are great for those who want to place their TV sets high up on the wall. The TV bracket can thus be angled downwards for a better viewing experience.

Investing in a wall mount is a good idea if you spend a lot of money on a big screen HD TV.

How to mount an LCD television bracket

December 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Mounting a LCD television on the wall might seem a difficult job, but it is really not the case. With some care and attention, you can easily put up a television bracket yourself.

DIY: TV bracket mounting

Some of the things you need for the task are a screwdriver set, drill, the wall mounting kit, measuring tape and pencil. To begin with, draw a line on the wall where you want the TV to be mounted. The TV is best positioned at eye level.

Open the kit for wall mounting the TV and find the television bracket pieces that need to be attached to the TV. Mark the bracket mounting hole positions on the wall. Using an appropriate drill bit drill holes into the wall and insert wall plugs. Screw the bracket to the wall using the screws provided.

Make sure that when fitted the bracket is straight, secure and even. Lift and position the TV onto the bracket and using the smaller screws fit the TV to the TV bracket. You are now ready to watch television.

The easy installation of flat screen TV brackets

December 28, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Flat screen TVs complement and add value to any setting or home environment. With the need to use space intelligently comes the need to use TV Brackets. And when mounted correctly, these TV Brackets put the focus on your TV set and help enhance the décor and styling of your home. Flat screens TVs look best when placed on lightweight TV brackets which are almost invisible.

You do not necessarily need a professional to help you wall mount your flat screen TV. Installation charges can be quite steep. If you have ever placed a shelf or a picture on the wall, wall mounting a TV is not that difficult.

Steps to install flat screen TV brackets

Things you need to successfully mount your TV are a level, pencil, stud finder and screwdriver set. Using your stud finder locate the position of the studs in the wall. Mark the area with your pencil. This is where you will be installing the TV bracket. The TV should always be conveniently placed at eye level where possible.

Position the TV bracket on the wall and mark the holes where the screws will be fitted. Use a screwdriver and fix a screw into the wall at the top of the TV bracket. Use the level finder to check if the TV bracket is level. Fix the rest of your screws and your TV bracket is ready for your flat screen TV.

Some tips to installing your TV bracket

December 27, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Have you recently got a new flat screen TV? If yes, then it is recommended to mount it on a TV wall bracket for a great viewing experience. You can call a professional or expert for installing your TV safely on the wall. Otherwise, you can also mount the TV with appropriate tools. This means that you need to be ready with screw drivers, screws, a driller, stud finder, studs and levels. Here are some tips which will help you to mount a TV bracket:

Select a mounting place

First of all, you have to choose a wall or corner where you want to hang your TV wall bracket. Ensure that you are choosing a correct location because it will affect the viewing experience and home décor to a great extent. It is advisable to select a centre wall because this place allows everyone to watch the TV. In addition to this, you also have to make sure that the wall can hold the weight of the TV.

Read the manual guide

After choosing the wall, you must read the manual instructional guide which comes along with the TV wall brackets. Use levels to decide the height where you want to mount your TV bracket. It is recommended to fix the TV at eye level. With studs, screws and a drilling machine, you have to mount the TV bracket.

Place the TV

After fixing your TV bracket, you have to place your expensive TV carefully. You can ask some help from your neighbours or friends for placing the TV.

Read the following guidelines when purchasing a TV bracket

December 26, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

With the latest technology, new flat screen TVs such as LED and plasma TVs are being introduced these days. The best thing about these flat TVs is that they are thinner and lighter than the old CRT TVs. It is recommended to buy flat TVs because they offer excellent picture quality, surround sound feature and an amazing viewing experience.

If you want to buy a flat screen TV for your living room then keep some things in mind. This means that you have to consider the contrast ratio, screen size, sound quality, remote, inputs and outputs of the TV. After investing in a flat TV, ensure that you are also getting a high quality TV bracket. Here are some tips which will help you to buy an appropriate TV wall bracket.

Consider the weight of your flat screen TV

Before purchasing a TV wall bracket for your newly-purchased TV, it is necessary to know the TV’s weight. This is an important factor to consider because various TV brackets have different capacities to carry weight. You can read the manual guide which comes along with the TV to get weight-related information. You can also ask the manufacturers or search online to get the details.

Measure the screen size of the TV

Similar to the weight, you also have to measure the screen size of the TV because TV brackets are designed to hold specific screens.

After you have purchased a new TV wall bracket, you can hire an expert for installation or get the appropriate tools to do it yourself.

Get a flat TV bracket for your 3D TV

December 25, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Nathan

Do you want to enhance the entertainment centre of your home? If your answer is yes, then think about buying the latest 3D TV. Today, various brands and manufacturers are coming up with high quality 3D TVs at reasonable prices. The 3D technology offers lifelike images and an exciting experience.

Once you have bought a 3D TV then invest in a TV bracket. This is because a TV bracket allows you to hang your TV on any corner of the room. You will find that there are various types of TV brackets in the market. Out of the many options, flat or fixed TV bracket will be ideal for your 3D TV.

Features of flat TV brackets

These TV brackets are commonly seen in homes because they are affordable and simple to install. As they do not have any kind of additional attachments, they can be mounted easily on the wall. So, even you can install a flat TV bracket on the wall with proper tools.

What to consider while buying a TV bracket

If you want to purchase a flat TV bracket for your 3D TV then you must consider a few factors, because there are several TV brackets available in the market. Ensure that your TV bracket is compatible with the TV. Check the TV’s weight and screen size before going out shopping. It is also recommended to consider the VESA spacing of your TV to buy a fully compatible TV bracket.

Proper TV brackets for your every need

December 24, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

A good and reliable TV bracket is essential to complement your TV set which might be a 12” LCD or a humungous big screen LED TV. The TV bracket also provides support and security to your TV so choose wisely. The TV Brackets today also offer different features to suit the home and the individuals vying for its attention. Here we name a few types of great TV Brackets.

Ceiling Mounted TV Brackets

Such types of mounts are very popular in commercial places of business such as shops, restaurants, banks and clubs amongst many others. In such types of TV brackets the TV sits safe and pretty at the ceiling, out of harm’s way. It also helps in saving valuable space.

Cantilever TV Brackets

In this type of TV Brackets, one can not only tilt or swivel their screens but also swing the TV out and then fold it back to the original position. This type of bracket can help position the TV almost in any place in your home. This bracket can fit into the most difficult and awkward corners where nothing else can fit.

Swivelling TV Brackets

This type of TV Brackets is one step ahead of Flat mounts and Tilting mounts. Swivel mounts can be positioned about five to twenty inches away from its wall. It is also useful when you want to change or plug in some wires or cables to the TV as there is enough space behind it. With these brackets, one can watch TV from any position in their homes.

The wide choices in TV Brackets make it easy to choose one for every setting and environment.

TV brackets – get a crisp viewing experience with your LED TV

December 23, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Compared to earlier CRT TVs, all the latest TVs are known for providing high-quality pictures and sound. If you want to replace your old TV then think about purchasing a new LED TV. This is because the latest LED TVs offer an excellent viewing experience and look amazing. The best thing about LED TVs is that they are thin and light.

If you have taken a decision to buy an LED TV then think about investing a bit more in a TV wall mount. With a mount or bracket, you can hang your flat TV on any wall of the room. Due to different preferences and budgets, various types of TV brackets are on offer these days.

What benefits are offered by TV brackets?

By fixing your LED TV on a TV bracket, you can save the floor space which is generally occupied by a TV unit or stand. You can use the free space for placing other furniture items or accessories. TV wall brackets also help in enhancing the overall appearance of your home. You can get an uncluttered look. With the latest TV brackets, swiveling and tilting the TV screen is also possible.

TV wall brackets – a few installation tips

Once you have got a new TV bracket for your LED TV then you can call an expert or complete the installation yourself. Before installing, you have to select a wall and be ready with all the required tools. You will need screws, a stud finder, a drill and a spirit level. You can ask your friend or neighbour to help you when installing the bracket and placing the TV on it.

LG announces LW7700 and LW9500 made using nanotechnology

December 22, 2010
Posted in TV industry news — Written by Nathan

LG has recently release its flagship 3D enabled LED TVs LW7700 and LW9500 that are made using nanotechnology. The latest backlighting technology designed by LG offers benefits of both ‘locally dimmed’ and ‘edge’ based backlighting in one package.

When LED TVs were initially introduced, two variations were available. The edge based implementation of LED TVs with a range of LED lights around the frame offers a classy look to these ultra slim screens. However, it could not provide accurate control of ‘full array’ or ‘locally dimmed’ TVs.

With the introduction of the LW7700 and LW9500, LG now hopes that their customers will not need to decide between substance over style and vice versa. According to LG, the latest nanotechnology offers the benefit of two different LED TV technologies in one package.

A complete range of LEDs are used for illuminating an ultra-slim film printed with a special pattern, thus offering more light distribution across the screen. Another new technology, Micro Pixel Control, offers individual control over each LED, thus offering higher contrast and deeper blacks.

The LW7700 and LW9500 TVs will come in different dimensions including 60in, 55in and 47in. While the LW9500 will benefit from 400Hz processing, the LW7700 will be a 200Hz version.

If you are getting an LED TV, do remember to opt for the right TV bracket to support and secure it.

Swivel TV brackets – Ideal for flat screen TVs

December 21, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Have you purchased a new flat screen TV? If the answer is yes, then invest in a suitable TV bracket for mounting it on the wall. The advanced TV brackets are manufactured in such a manner that that they can mount TVs of different sizes and weights in any corner of the room. If you want to buy a TV bracket then think about the various options. Manufacturers have come up with different TV wall brackets, with swivel TV brackets being the most popular types available today.

What beneficial features are offered by swivel TV wall brackets?

Compared to standard TV brackets, the modern swivel TV mounts have additional parts which help the user to move the screen. This means that you can rotate and tilt the screen at different viewing angles. By installing your TV on a swivel TV bracket, you can sit in any corner of the room and enjoy your favourite TV show.

Tips to buy swivel TV wall brackets

If you want to invest in a swivel TV bracket then you have to consider various factors which will help you to buy a suitable TV mount. First of all, you have to keep the weight of your TV in mind. This is important because various TV wall brackets have different weight holding capacities. In addition to this, you also have to check the screen size and VESA spacing of your TV before getting a TV bracket.

If you have got an appropriate TV bracket for your home then you can call an expert for installing your TV on the wall, or you can finish the installation yourself.

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