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TV wall brackets – Things to consider when buying them

November 30, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Are you planning to purchase a new TV for your home? If so, then consider investing in an LED or plasma TV. This is because these flat screen TVs offer a greater viewing experience than CRT TVs. Once you have invested in a flat screen TV then it is also recommended to get a TV wall bracket. With a TV bracket, you can mount your TV anywhere in your room.

If you have made a decision to buy a TV wall bracket for your flat screen TV then you must consider a few important aspects such as:

Kinds of TV wall brackets

While buying a TV bracket, you must consider what types of TV wall brackets are available on the market. Due to different needs, various kinds of TV mounts have been introduced by the manufacturers. Flat TV brackets, tilt and swivel TV wall brackets are gaining in popularity these days.

Measure the space of your room

Before buying a TV wall bracket, it is necessary to know how much space is available in your room. You also have to consider the screen size of your TV and then choose a TV bracket accordingly.

Check your TV’s weight

In addition to the above mentioned points, you also have to know the weight of your TV. This is important because different TV brackets have different weight holding capacities. You can get the weight details of your TV in the manual which comes with the TV.

If you want to check different options and deals then search online and buy a TV wall bracket which suits your needs and budget.

What benefits are offered by TV wall brackets?

November 29, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

Today, many people are choosing flat TVs because they not only offer excellent picture quality but they also enhance the appearance of their homes. If you are looking for ways to place your LCD or LED TV then TV wall brackets are ideal options for you. The best thing about TV wall brackets is that they look great in both contemporary and traditional style homes.

As the demands for TV wall brackets are high, various kinds of TV wall brackets have been launched onto the market. Flat TV wall brackets, swivel and tilt TV wall brackets are three most popular types of brackets available today. Here are a few benefits offered by modern TV wall brackets:

Saves a lot of floor space

With the help of a TV wall bracket, you can easily hang your LCD or LED screen on any wall of your room. This feature helps in saving the space which is otherwise occupied by TV stands and TV units. You can also use the saved space by placing other accessories and furniture items.

Different varieties

Along with the types, TV wall brackets are also available in different colours and sizes. This means that you can easily choose the bracket which suits your TV screen and room décor. This way, you can enhance the interior of your living room to a great extent.

Tilting and swiveling

The latest TV wall brackets have arm-type attachments which help the users to change the TV viewing angle. With the help of these TV wall brackets, tilting up to 15 degrees and swiveling up to 360 degrees is possible.

TV brackets – getting the right one for your TV set

November 28, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Due to the sleek and lightweight nature of flat panel plasma and LCD TVs, they have become quite popular among most potential TV purchasers. The traditional bulky and heavy CRT TVs have been completely replaced with the recent flat panel TVs.

There are many advantages of buying a new flat panel TV. Firstly, they do not consume as much space as the older TV sets used to. Secondly, they have bright and high-resolution screens which display crystal clear images. Thirdly, they are available in different sizes and price ranges. So, whether you have a small or larger budget, you will always be able to get a TV set to suit your needs.

The importance of getting a TV bracket

While flat panel plasma and LCD TVs offer numerous benefits, they are not cheap. If you are getting an expensive TV set, it makes sense to invest in a TV bracket to protect your valuable possession. No matter what brand or size of TV you purchase, you will always be able to get the right TV bracket for your TV.

In order to get the right TV bracket, you must first consider the dimensions and the weight of your TV set. You should also consider the load bearing capacity of the TV bracket. If you are confused, it is always better to get professional help to purchase the best TV bracket for your expensive flat panel TV.

TV wall brackets – the three options you have

November 27, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

Flat screen televisions have become the latest electronic gadget that has caught the fancy of people everywhere. You too may have purchased an LCD TV. If you have recently purchased an LCD TV, you also have to get the accessories to secure your TV. TV wall brackets are required for all flat screen televisions. There are different varieties of TV wall brackets on the market. Some of these are elaborated on below.

Fixed TV wall brackets

If you are a budget spender, then fixed TV wall brackets are perfect for you. They are the most affordable of all TV wall brackets. Their functionality is also simple. With fixed TV wall brackets, you can place the TV in a fixed position. Once you have mounted your LCD TV using fixed TV wall brackets, you cannot change the position of your TV. If you want to place your TV in some other position, then you have to remove the TV from the brackets and install it again.

Fixed TV wall brackets are ideal for large screen LCD TVs. Your TV will sit in a fixed position close to the wall.

Tilt TV wall brackets

Tilt TV wall brackets are a step more advanced than fixed TV wall brackets. They are similar to fixed wall mounts in most ways. However, tilt TV wall brackets come with a bit of flexibility. With these brackets, you can change the angle of your TV to get a better view.

Swivel TV wall brackets

Swivel TV wall brackets are expensive compared to the above mentioned TV wall brackets. With swivel TV wall brackets, you can adjust the LCD TV screen from right to left to get a better viewing angle.

Television brackets for 32″ screen

November 27, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

We understand that buying products without proper knowledge is a tricky task and that choice can overwhelm rather than provide perfection. On the basis that 32″ LCDs are the most popular size of set that people buy, we’re going to run through some various different mounting options for such a sized screen.

Ceiling television brackets, cantilever television brackets, flat television brackets and titling television brackets are the sot popular options available for a 32″ screen and they all have slightly different qualities, for example, ceiling television brackets provide great flexibility because you can rotate 360 degrees and save space on the floor and wall but the most popular type of television brackets are cantilever television brackets.

Cantilever television brackets are flexible and let you mount on walls and in corners which are more standard places to mount flat-screen TVs. They let you adjust the angle of your TV ongoing by letting you tilt up and down and  push your TV in and out, as well as swivel from side to side. For to achieve design practice that is most accepted, i.e. mounting on a wall, and being afforded great flexibility ongoing, this is by far the best choice. If you want a flush look, you will need to go for flat -mounting television brackets which will show off the slim status of your TV, but these television brackets are fixed and cannot be adjusted after installation.























TV wall brackets to protect your TV set

November 26, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Have you recently purchased a new flat panel TV? Do you have kids or pets running around your home? If yes, then mounting your plasma or LCD TV on a TV bracket can be quite beneficial. TV brackets will help you mount your TV set on the wall, away from the reach of kids, thus preventing your expensive TV set from getting damaged.

When your flat panel is mounted on the wall, it also helps to enhance your overall TV viewing experience. Due to this advantage offered by TV brackets, they have become quite popular within the past few years. The size and weight of the recent flat panel TVs have been tremendously reduced.

In the past, the heavy and bulky television sets used to be kept on TV stands. However, the modern slim and lightweight TV sets are now wall mounted using TV brackets. As the use of TV cabinets and stands is completely eliminated, you can have more space in your room.

Ensure you get the right TV bracket

Different types and sizes of TV brackets are available to accommodate various makes and models of TV sets. This is why you must ensure that you choose a TV bracket that best fits your TV set. Besides your budget, you should also consider your viewing needs when selecting a TV bracket.

There are tilting TV brackets, swivelling TV brackets, ceiling TV brackets and wall mount TV brackets. If you are going to view your TV screen from a fixed place, TV wall brackets would be a good option. On the other hand, if you are going to view your TV screen from different angles, opting for swivelling TV brackets would be a wise move.

T V wall brackets – get a speedy delivery

November 26, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

What could be more annoying than waiting your T V wall brackets to turn up when your brand new flatscreen has already arrived?! Or worse, when your T V wall brackets do arrive, they come with no instructions at all.

Shop with us and we’ll deliver your T V wall brackets free of charge the very next day after you order them! We include the necessary screws to install with too along with some straightforward and easy to use instruction manual. Buy with us and you could have your T V wall brackets installed and waiting for your flatscreen to grace it with its presence.










MultiSync® LCD4020





The latest TV brackets for your 3D TV

November 25, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

Have you recently bought a new 3D TV for your lounge or bedroom? If so, then spend a little more on a TV wall bracket. Today, many TV owners are investing in TV wall brackets because they enhance their viewing experience to a great extent. Moreover, TV brackets also help in improving the home décor. If you want to buy a TV bracket for your new 3D TV then consider various options such as:

Standard TV wall brackets

These TV brackets are preferred by many homeowners these days because they are available at reasonable prices. As flat TV brackets have no additional attachments, they help in mounting the TVs like paintings or frames.

Swivel TV wall brackets

Compared to flat TV brackets, swivel TV brackets have extra arms which allow the users to swivel the TV screen at different angles. Once you have installed your 3D TV on a swivel TV bracket then you can rotate the TV screen by up to 36 degrees. In addition to this feature, you can also adjust the screen vertically by up to 15 degrees.

Tilt TV wall brackets

They also have additional arm-type attachments which help the users to tilt the screen up to 15 degrees. With the help of this TV bracket, you can fix the TV at a higher level and save more space.

After buying any one of the above mentioned TV brackets, you can call a professional for installation. On the other hand, if you have a little bit of experience then you can fix the TV yourself.

What to keep in mind while buying a TV bracket

November 25, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Have you recently bought a new home and are planning to buy a new TV? If yes, then consider purchasing a new LED or LCD TV. This is because the latest flat TVs are designed in such a manner that they offer excellent image quality. Unlike other TVs, you can also hang these TVs on the wall. This way, you can save a great amount of floor space.

To satisfy various requirements, manufacturers have come up with a wide range of TV wall brackets. Here are some of them:

• Flat TV wall brackets
• Tilt TV wall brackets
• Ceiling TV brackets
• Swivel TV wall brackets

Out of these TV mounts, you can choose the one which suits your requirements and budget. Whether you choose a tilt TV bracket or flat TV bracket, you have to consider a few factors before buying.

Consider the size of your TV screen

First of all, consider the size of your TV screen before buying a TV wall bracket. Today, different kinds of TV wall brackets are available which can hold different screens. This means that if you have bought a 42 inch TV, then you have to ensure that the TV bracket can hold the screen.

Check the weight of your TV

Before investing in a TV wall bracket, you also to have to check that weight carrying capability of your TV bracket. This is an important factor to consider because if the TV bracket fails to hold your TV then it could lead to damage.

TV brackets – the different kinds on the market

November 25, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan









MultiSync® LCD4215

These days us shopaholics love choice and retailers use it to be competitive, improve service levels and give consumers exact solutions to their needs. Sometimes this amount of choice is overwhelming and unnecessary but when it comes to TV brackets, it’s a fundamental necessity.  British houses are not homogenous, and Victorian houses in particular have wonderful angles their owners and occupiers need to overcome. Equally, because we are encouraged to spend, partly by being offered subtly different similar things, we suffer space challenges, and to make it worse, the holy grail in terms of style is minimalism, so thank god for TV brackets. TV brackets will make the most of cutting edge LED technology, deal with weird and wonderful angles, and help you to create more space!

  • Flat mounting TV brackets – for the privileged lot that have open walls and who have invested in slim TVs, this is great option – very minimalist.
  • Ceiling TV brackets – If space even on the walls is problematic then ceiling TV brackets are wonderful, and they rotate 360 degrees so you can watch TV wherever you go!
  • Corner TV brackets – these make light work of difficult angles and corners
  • Cantilever TV brackets – you can mount almost anywhere with one of these flexible friends
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