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Three steps to mount ceiling TV brackets

October 31, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Ceiling TV brackets are the best ways to save space while enhancing your TV viewing experience. These wall mounts have a long arm attached to it which lets you watch the TV at your eye level. To install these TV brackets follow the three easy steps given below:

Use a stud finder to find a joist

You need a stud finder to know the suitable location to install a ceiling TV bracket. If the joists are not found in a particular location move the stud finder until you locate a joist.

Detach the arm

Detach the arm of the ceiling wall bracket by unscrewing the holding screws. This makes the installation easier by making the TV bracket light and easy to hold. Detaching the arm also allows you to mount one end at the ceiling, connecting the other end to the TV after the installation is done.

Now place the end of mounting plate at the outlined points on the ceiling. You get lag bolts with ceiling brackets. Use them to fix this mounting plate by placing them through the mounting holes on the bracket.

Fix your TV

Check the VESA spacing measurement and mount the TV on the ceiling wall mount by matching the holes on the rear of your TV. Let one of your friends or family members hold the TV for you and fix it to the bracket.

Four popular types of TV wall brackets – Which one do you want?

October 31, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

If you are searching for the perfect way to watch TV you should use the latest TV wall brackets. These smart devices are designed in such a way that they can mount any size of TV on the wall safely. Today, many homeowners all over the world are opting for TV wall brackets over TV stands and units.

If you have decided to buy a TV wall bracket for your LCD or Plasma TV you must check the features of different TV wall brackets. The following is a list of TV wall brackets available today:

Flat screen TV wall brackets – These TV brackets are simple and can mount TVs on the wall like picture frames. Flat TV wall brackets are preferred by many people because they are less expensive than other types and are easy to install.

Tilt TV wall brackets – These are designed in a specific manner which helps the users to tilt the TV screen up to 15 degrees. With the help of these TV brackets, you can easily mount your TV at a high level and save a lot of space.

Swivel TV brackets – Along with their tilting option, they also offer swivelling up to 360 degrees. Once you have installed your TV on a swivel TV wall bracket you can view your favourite movie or see the screen from any corner of the room.

Ceiling TV brackets – These are the most advanced type because they allow you to install your TV on the ceiling. This feature of ceiling TV brackets allows you to lie on the bed and enjoy the TV viewing experience.

LCD TV brackets – The benefits of mounting your flat screen TV set

October 30, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Most modern homes are equipped with LCD TV brackets due to their many benefits and aesthetic feel. CRT TVs are being phased out gradually and being replaced by larger, flat panel TVs. This is happening not only in homes, but also in offices and various other public places. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of LCD TVs is their high definition sound and picture quality. But even while these are good, you can further enhance viewing by using wall brackets.

Advantages of using LCD TV brackets

Every LCD TV owner knows that the best companion for these units is LCD TV brackets. This is because LCD TV brackets can offer many benefits to those who use them. Mentioned below are some of the advantages you can enjoy by mounting your LCD TV brackets.

Viewing pleasure:
LCD wall brackets enhance the viewing experience significantly. This is because there are LCD TV brackets that allow the screen to be moved in many ways. Due to this flexibility, viewing becomes very easy.

Enhances the décor:
You can improve the décor of your room by mounting your LCD TV set on the wall. Flush TV wall mounts hide behind the screen thereby giving your room a picturesque feel.

Saves space: As LCD TV brackets allow the unit to be mounted on walls, they help to save a lot of floor space. This is important in public places like restaurants and pubs where more space would mean more customers and eventually more business.

There are many different kinds of TV brackets available in the market. Some of the common ones used are swivel TV brackets, flush wall mounts and cantilever wall brackets. Opt for one according to your needs and requirements.

TV brackets – What are the types available?

October 30, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

If you are looking for TV brackets then you should definitely look at the different types. No matter which TV you own, you can always find suitable TV brackets for it. Choosing the right wall mounts can be a tricky task. Consider these few commonly used TV brackets:

Tilt TV brackets

These TV brackets allow you to move your TV screen in an upward and downward direction. The degree of tilt depends on the brand you choose and your budget. You can install your TV at a height and adjust the viewing angle as per your convenience by tilting the screen. These brackets are good for homes that have pets and kids around. They can also be installed at public places to keep the TV out of reach.

Flush wall mount

These wall mounts are more inflexible. These TV brackets can be purchased for homes with less space and individuals with a lower budget. As the features these wall mounts offer are few compared to other TV brackets, these are the cheapest option available in the market.

Corner TV brackets

Places that have little space can use a corner of the room to install their TV using corner TV brackets. You can find corner wall mounts irrespective of your TV size. People often think that corner TV brackets restrict television viewing as they are installed in a corner. But this is not true. These TV brackets come with tilt and swivel facility which enhances the viewing experience without restricting it.

TV wall brackets – How they can benefit you and your LCD TV

October 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

You may be delighted after purchasing a brand new flat screen television. However, your LCD TV also requires a TV wall bracket. TV wall brackets help to mount your TV safely on the wall.

There are many benefits of using TV wall brackets to mount your LCD TV. Some of them are listed below.

Easy installation

Mounting your LCD TV using TV wall brackets is not difficult. Even if you have basic knowledge about DIY fittings, you can easily install the TV. All you really need to do is take the right measurements and drill holes in the wall. You then mount the TV using the parts provided.

Place it anywhere

With TV wall brackets, you can practically place your TV anywhere. You can place your LCD TV at any height using TV wall brackets. You can either place the LCD TV at, above or below eye-level. You may also want to mount the TV out of reach of children for safety purposes.

Saves space

Your LCD TV will be safely mounted on the wall. You do not have to place the LCD TV on furniture stands, meaning that your TV takes up less floor space than it might otherwise.

TV brackets – Selecting the right one for your plasma TV

October 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

If you have purchased a plasma screen television, you will be amazed at the number of options you have to mount your flat screen television. There are different tools available to mount your plasma TV. Some of them are explained below.

Flat TV brackets

Flat TV brackets are the most common and most popular mounts for plasma televisions. They can be used to mount flat screen televisions not only in residential areas but also in official establishments. With these TV brackets, your plasma TV sits close to the wall and does not project to far from the wall. This is beneficial if you have a wide screen TV.

Tilt TV brackets

Tilt TV brackets are used when you want to mount your plasma TV a bit higher than at eye-level. Depending on the brand, tilt TV brackets offer anything between 15 degrees to 20 degrees of tilt. Tilt TV brackets are also used to mount plasma TVs in retail outlets and other establishments. In homes, they are used to mount the TV above the fireplace or in the bedroom. The overall depth of the plasma increases by four to six inches when mounted using tilt TV brackets.

Swivel TV brackets

Swivel TV brackets are an advanced type of mount. With swivel TV brackets, the viewer can watch the TV from any corner of the room. Swivel TV brackets help to twist and adjust the TV screen to any angle and by any extent.

Types of TV brackets

October 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

With the increasing demand for TV brackets, the wall mount manufacturing companies have come up with many different types. It has therefore become tricky for individuals to find the right TV bracket for their homes. People often become confused between these flexible wall mounts. Here are few TV brackets you should know about before buying one for your home:

Flush wall mount

Flush wall mounts are inflexible and hence the cheapest option available in the market. People who do not have spacious rooms should opt for flush wall mounts. Compared to traditional TV stands, these wall mounts let you fix your TV on the wall.

Tilt wall mount

These wall mounts allow you to adjust the TV screen in an upwards and downwards direction. Most of the tilt TV brackets move the screen up to 45 degrees. The angle can change according to the brand.

Swivel wall mount

Swivel wall mounts move the TV screen up to 180 degrees. These are useful for spacious rooms where you have a few chairs so the TV position will need to change form time to time.

Corner TV bracket

Corner TV brackets utilise the space in the corners of the room. Most people choose to mount the TV in the corner of the room as it gives them greater seating options.

TV wall brackets – Discovering your options

October 28, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

Opting for a TV bracket can be strenuous and tiring. The number of choices you get in the market can leave any individual confused. TV wall brackets have been used in most modern homes to enhance the TV viewing experience of the user along with the décor of the room.

When you are out trying to purchase a TV bracket, you may come across one that is simple yet elegant. On the other hand, there are also brackets available that offer more advantages and features at an extra cost.
Mentioned below are some of the different types of wall brackets available in the market.

Flush mount TV bracket:
These brackets are small in size and hide perfectly behind the TV thereby giving you a picturesque feel. It should be noted that flush mount TV brackets do not allow access to the cables connecting the TV set unless they are dismounted.

Titling TV brackets: Tilting TV brackets are a bit bigger than flush TV mounts. These brackets allow the user to adjust the angle of the TV by about 15 degrees upwards and downwards. Unlike flush TV mounts, these brackets allow the user to access the wires connecting the TV without having to dismount the unit.

Swivel TV wall mounts: These brackets consist of a long arm that allows the user to adjust the angle of the TV set with no restrictions. Swivel TV mounts are large compared to flush and tilting TV brackets. These wall mounts are ideal for homes with larger rooms.

TV brackets – Reasons to choose them over others

October 28, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Do you want to enhance your TV viewing experience? If so, then consider buying flat screen TVs such as LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, LED and 3D TVs. These TVs are manufactured in such a way that they offer excellent sound and picture quality. They are known for offering life-like pictures. If you have decided to buy flat TVs then you should also invest in TV wall brackets.

Why choose TV brackets over TV units or stands?

People used to place their TVs on stands or units in the past, but now TV wall brackets are preferred by many homeowners. This is because they offer more advantages than others.

Offers safety - TV brackets are made from strong materials which protect your expensive TV from various dangers. As it mounts your TV at a high level, it will keep your TV safe from kids and pets.

Different viewing angles –
The latest TV brackets such as swivel and tilt TV brackets have arm-type attachments which allow the users to adjust the screen to different angles. Once you have installed your TV on such a TV bracket then you can view your favourite TV show from a different location in the room.

Saves space - TV brackets also help to save a lot of floor space which is usually occupied by TV stands and units. You can use this space for placing other furniture items in the room.

Improves the décor - As TV brackets are available in different colours and patterns, they also enhance the interior of your room.

Reasons why LED TVs have become so popular

October 28, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Tina

The world of television has seen enormous changes over the last few years.


One such invention that has taken the television industry by storm is the LED TV. With their growing popularity, they have stayed ahead of the competition and are ever-evolving with different features. Most people wonder whether there is really that much difference between LCD TV and LED TV or advertisers create the product disparity as a smart marketing gimmick. However, there are some differences in the technology used in both the TVs.

Power consumption

LED TVs are more efficient when it comes to power consumption. Using these televisions helps to save power by almost 40 percent. Though this may seem insignificant in the beginning, it goes a long way to save electricity. You can gradually see a reduction in your utility bills in the long run if you have this type of TV. Apart from reduced electricity costs, you can also do your bit for the environment. By consuming less power, CO2 emissions also decline which is a good thing, considering the harm done by CO2 gases to the planet.

Colour reproduction

Colour reproduction of LED TVs is also superior to LCD TVs. This is because LED lights are designed to give better quality images. LED screens give vivid and natural images unmatched by any other screen display. The screen of LED TV is lit by a cluster of LED lights and each light can be individually monitored and controlled. LCD TVs are back lit using fluorescent lamps. This makes it difficult to produce pitch dark areas. However, with LED TVs, the blacks can be effectively produced.

TV wall brackets

Be it the LCD TV or the LED TV, both require TV wall brackets. With TV wall brackets, the flat screen TV is safely mounted on the wall. TV wall brackets are designed to sustain a range of weights so they can easily give support to the LCD TV.

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