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TV wall brackets – the different types you can consider

August 31, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Now that you have purchased a popular model of LCD TV, the next thing you should consider purchasing is the right TV bracket. As LCD TVs became popular so did TV wall brackets as they are required to mount a flat panel television safely.

You can find different types of TV wall brackets on the market. Some of the popular ones are:

Flat panel wall brackets

Flat panel wall brackets are the cheapest of all TV wall mounts. With a flat mount, you can hang your LCD TV on the wall like a picture frame. Flat panel TV brackets are robust enough to support large screen LCD televisions.

Tilt TV brackets

Tilt TV brackets help you to move the screen to get the best viewing angle. They are reasonably priced but come with limited flexibility. With a tilt TV bracket, you do not have to strain you neck.

Swing-arm TV brackets

Swing-arm TV brackets can be swung out from the wall so that you get the best viewing angle. Advanced swing arm TV brackets can be moved four inches away from the wall when kept in a closed position. Some expensive versions of swing-arm TV brackets can also tilt your TV screen thus combining the features of all TV brackets.

Ceiling TV brackets

Ceiling TV brackets can be used if you want to mount the LCD TV in public areas like pubs, restaurants, shopping centres or supermarkets. With a ceiling TV bracket, you can mount the LCD TV on the ceiling so everyone can view it comfortably.

TV wall brackets – two popular types available today

August 31, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Are you planning to buy a new TV for your home? If yes, then you must consider the latest flat screen TVs. LCD and plasma TVs offer great audio as well as video quality to viewers. One of the best things about these TVs is that they are light in weight. This feature allows you to hang the TV in any corner of the room with the help of a TV bracket.

Two main types of brackets are available on the market.

Tilt TV wall brackets – These TV mounts have arm-type attachments which allow the user to adjust the screen in the vertical direction. With the help of a tilt TV bracket, you can mount your TV at a higher level.

Swivel TV wall brackets – These TV brackets are also known as full motion TV brackets and they allow users to rotate the TV screen to different angles. They have moving arms which allow you to tilt and swivel the screen in various directions. The best thing about these TV brackets is that they can be installed in any corner of the room.

Both the above mentioned TV brackets are available in different colours and sizes, so you can choose the one which suits your tastes and needs. Before buying a TV wall bracket, you have to consider screen size, VESA spacing and the weight of your flat screen TV. This way, you can get an appropriate TV bracket for your new TV.

TV brackets – The benefits of using them

August 30, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

There are different kinds of TV brackets available in the market. You can enjoy the benefits that they offer if you choose the right type. People mainly buy LCD TVs and TV brackets for enhanced viewing pleasure.

When you buy such a TV, you may also have to think about utilising all the benefits offered by LCD TVs. Purchasing TV brackets can do this. TV brackets help in mounting the TV at an angle that is comfortable for the viewer. This angle can be adjusted according to the needs and comfort of the owner with the right type of bracket. Apart from enhancing the viewing pleasure, brackets also protect your TV from damage.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of opting for a TV wall mount.

Free up floor space

With the help of TV brackets, you can mount your TV on the wall and save valuable floor space. This floor space can then be used for other decorative accessories to enhance the interior of your house.

Offers protection

By mounting TV brackets at a height, you can protect your expensive TV from damage. It is advisable for homes with pets and children to mount the TV on the wall. The right bracket will also ensure that the TV does not tip over and fall.

Enhances the décor

No matter how big a room you have, TV brackets will always add to the interior of your house. Consider the size of your room along with the décor to ensure that the bracket you choose gels well.

TV brackets – Protect your TV and enhance the décor

August 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

TV brackets come in all shapes and sizes. TV brackets come as a less exciting practicality, which explains why people look upon buying a TV wall bracket as a reluctant necessity. They not only enhance the décor of your house but also protect your TV from damage by mounting them at a height.

There are many kinds of TV brackets available in the market, choose the right one after considering the décor of your house and also the size of your room. Smaller rooms may not need brackets with long arms.

Mentioned below are some of the TV brackets that you can opt for.

Motorised TV bracket

If it is comfort you are looking for, opt for motorised TV brackets. Apart from offering maximum movement for the TV, these brackets add to the convenience and comfort. They come with a remote with which you can operate and control the movement sitting in the comfort of your sofa.

Tilting TV brackets

These brackets are smaller and cheaper than motorised brackets. They are commonly found in modern homes. These brackets offer 15 degrees downward movement for the viewer.

Flat TV bracket

These brackets are the cheapest of the lot and are popular with people who have smaller rooms. These brackets mount the TV on the wall without offering any movement for the viewer. You may have to un-mount the bracket for access to the wires connecting the TV.

Choose a TV bracket wisely and seek professional help if you have trouble in mounting them.

Install your TV wall bracket in 4 simple steps

August 28, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

The aesthetic appeals of most modern homes are set by mounting flat screen TVs. TV wall mounts consist of hardware that is attached to the wall while the reverse bracket connects to flat panels with pre-installed threaded inserts.

Installing a TV bracket requires some amount of ‘handy man’ skills. Mentioned below are some instructions or steps that you can follow to safely install TV wall brackets to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience.

Things you will need

  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drill along with 3/16 – 4/16 bits (as per requirement)
  • Lag bolts and washers
  • Socket wrench

Carefully select the wall where you plan to mount your expensive TV set. Ensure that the wall is leak free as a damp wall can loosen the grip and damage your TV set.

Step 1: With the help of a stud finder, locate studs in the wall chosen and mark the area. Mounting your bracket on studs is beneficial as they are stronger and strengthen the grip of your mount.

Step 2: Drill 4 holes in the marked area. Ensure that you use appropriate drill bits, large holes can weaken the grip of your mount.

Step 3: Place your TV bracket against the wall, lining it up with drilled holes. Insert appropriate bolts and washers, and tighten them using socket wrenches.

Step 4: Using an appropriate screwdriver, affix the TV wall bracket on the rear of your flat screen TV. Hang the TV set using a level and built-in adjustment screws.

Follow the above mentioned steps to ensure that you fit your wall brackets safely and correctly.

TV brackets – Why are they beneficial?

August 27, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV wall mounts have become a necessity for today’s LCD and Plasma TV sets. TV wall brackets were commonly found in commercial sectors due to the various advantages they offer. Their use in modern homes is quite evident due to the growing popularity.

Saves space

TV wall brackets mount your TV set on the wall thereby giving you ample free space. This space can be used for some decorative accessory to make your interior beautiful. It also gives a clean and tidy look to your room.

Safety and security

TV wall mounts securely holds your TV against the wall and keeps it safe from children and pets. They also allow you to lock your appliance to the mounts to make it virtually impossible to steal them. The safety feature is one of the main reasons that appeals people to buy TV brackets.

Enhanced viewing experience

You can enjoy a better viewing experience by mounting your TV set on the wall. The angle can be adjusted with an appropriate TV bracket. It is apt to use TV wall brackets in places with large gatherings as the screens offer visibility for all.

TV mounts are not only stylish but they have also revolutionised the viewing experience. They allow you to enjoy the maximum that the TV set can offer. TV wall brackets also help in enhancing the décor of your house. The type of TV wall bracket chosen by you plays an important role offering the aforementioned benefits. Check for versatility when you buy a TV wall bracket.

TV brackets – Change the way you watch your favourite movies

August 26, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Are you tired of watching movies in the same cramped, uncomfortable position? Are you looking for a more suitable seating option? Do not make a hasty decision as the problem lies not in your furniture accessory but the position of the TV.

Obtain an appropriate viewing position

Experts recommend that the TV set should be installed at a certain height and distance for better viewing results. The TV set should ideally be neither too far nor too close to the viewers. Many people are not aware about this fact and end up spoiling their eye-sight and spraining their necks. The recommended distance and height depends on the size of the television.

TV brackets are the solution

It is recommended that consumers invest in TV brackets rather than changing their furniture. TV brackets are rather inexpensive and can provide the perfect viewing angle to the viewers. For instance, TV brackets are available in many different varieties. Therefore, consumers can choose brackets that provide them the desired viewing angle. Swivel TV brackets are particularly known for their flexible viewing position. With the use of these brackets, consumers can change the angle of the TV unit up to 360 degrees. Similarly, tilt and turn TV brackets are used for tilting or turning the angle of the TV set. Therefore, viewers can enjoy their favourite television programs without the need of changing their sitting position.

Professional help

It is recommended that consumers consult professionals while purchasing and installing the TV brackets. Such experts are well-versed in the installation procedure. They will also help in choosing the right spot for installation.

Install TV brackets and enjoy viewing your favourite television programs.

Sony’s two new 3D enabled TVs launched

August 26, 2010
Posted in TV industry news — Written by Tina

Sony has recently announced the specifications of their new 3D enabled LED TVs, the NX813 and NX713. Both these models are slated to release in late 2010. For the extra dimensional experience, both Full HD screens need a 3D sync transmitter along with 3D glasses. These TVs are excellent options for consumers who are looking forward to future proof their TV screens and possibly watch 3D in the later date.

Featuring the ‘Monolithic’ design of Sony, both screens restore the understated elegance that Sony does quite well. Both these models also get a wireless connectivity to access ‘Bravia Internet Video’, Sony’s online entertainment portal.

Technology used in Sony’s 3D enabled TV

Both NX813 and NX713 3D enabled TV screens from Sony feature a more stylish ‘Edge’ based implementation of the LED technology. While the NX713 features 100Hz Motion Flow implementation, the NX813 gets a 200Hz implementation.

With a combination of high end features of a classic style, Sony is hoping to give a competition to Samsung and Panasonic’s 3D TV sales. While Samsung have cornered the television market with their ultra slim offerings, Panasonic has produced what it is generally known as the best 3D TV presently available in the TX-P50VT20.

If you are planning to get a new flat panel TV for your home, you should also consider getting a TV bracket to firmly secure it on a wall.

Selecting the best TV bracket for your TV screen

August 25, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

After purchasing a new flat panel TV set you must look for different tools you can use to keep them safe and secured. Traditionally, people used to keep their bulky and heavy TV screens on TV stands or cabinets. With the modern day plasma and LCD TVs becoming slim and lightweight, wall mounting has become quite popular.

You can use TV brackets to safely and securely mount your TV sets on the wall. With many different types of TV brackets available to choose from, selecting the best one for your TV set can be quite difficult. You need to consider many different things in order to get the best TV bracket for your TV set.

Considerations before purchasing one

The size and weight specifications of your TV set and the TV bracket you are looking for is an important specification. If the TV bracket that you purchase is unable to hold the weight of your TV set, your TV set may fall down and get damaged.  Next, you must decide where you want to mount your TV bracket.

If you are going to mount your TV set at the eye level, flat mount TV wall bracket would be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if your are going to mount your TV set above the eye level, tilting, swivelling or cantilever TV brackets may just be the right option to go for. Wall mounting your TV set can not only keep your TV set safe and secure, but also get the maximum viewing pleasure from it.

4 popular varieties of TV wall brackets

August 25, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Are you planning to wall mount your television with TV wall brackets? It is a good decision considering the numerous benefits of using these wall mounts. However, you might get confused due to the numerous options available these days. Given below are some of the popular TV wall brackets and their features:

1. Swiveling wall mounts

This is without a doubt the most popular variety of TV wall brackets. They are especially known for their swiveling function. Consumers can change the angle of their TV set as per their preferences. Moreover, the TV can be swiveled up to an angle of around 360 degrees. Professional help is a must while installing these wall brackets.

2. Tilt and Turn TV wall mounts

This is yet another popular variety of TV wall mounts. With these brackets, you can alter the angle of the TV set up to 180 degrees. Tilt and turn TV wall mounts are quite expensive compared to other types of TV brackets. It is better to seek the help of experts while installing TV brackets.

3. Corner TV wall mounts

These wall brackets are commonly found in restaurants and pubs. They are used to mount the TV sets at a higher height. Therefore, everyone present in the room can watch the television set without spraining their necks.

4. Flush TV wall mounts

These wall mounts are quite affordable. They are also easier to install and even consumers can carry the installation procedure on their own. However, you cannot change the angle of the TV unit with these TV brackets.

Consider the pros and cons of all the varieties of TV brackets and arrive at a decision accordingly.

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