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TV brackets – which type will suit your TV and home décor?

July 31, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

The introduction of new TV brackets lets you choose a type which suits your TV and home interior. TV Brackets are available for LCD TVs, LED TVs and plasma TVs. Here are some of the most commonly used types of TV brackets.

Ceiling mounted TV brackets

These TV brackets are mounted on ceilings, which can save floor space. Ceiling mounted TV brackets have a long arm which hangs from the ceiling. The tilt and rotate option lets you adjust your TV screen to suit your needs. These brackets are a very convenient option which can really enhance your TV viewing pleasure.

Corner TV brackets

Unused corners can be utilised by corner TV brackets. This not only makes good use of free space but also frees up room. These TV brackets are also available with tilt and swivel options.

Tilting TV brackets

Tilting TV brackets move upwards and downwards and can be used to fix your TV at a height. The degree of tilt differs with every brand and budget.

Choose the most suitable type of TV bracket to suit your individual needs.

LCD TVs are new dimension in the world of technology

July 30, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

It gives us immense pride and pleasure to look at a newly purchased LCD TV. It adds a sense of liveliness to the décor of your house. Not only does it enhance the look and feel of your house, it also offers you better quality experience of your favourite TV show or sport. LCD TVs have revolutionised the way we watch TV.

Do not limit TV to your living room

Installing an LCD TV in the living room has become quite common. Why not try something innovative and install the TV in your kitchen? The kitchen is the busiest room the house, so having a TV will help a person who regularly works in the kitchen. To install a LCD TV in the kitchen, you will need to purchase TV wall brackets.

Which LCD TV bracket is best suited for you?

There are many different types of LCD TV wall brackets that are available on the market. Identify the one which you think is best suited to your kitchen. If you just want to install the TV on the wall, you can opt for the basic TV wall bracket. This bracket offers no movement. Most people who install a TV in the kitchen usually opt for the ceiling wall mount.

Install your ceiling mounted TV bracket

July 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Ceiling mounted TV brackets are the ones that help you mount your TV from the ceiling. These TV brackets utilise minimum space. The use of ceiling mounted TV brackets gives you more living space. Installing these TV brackets is an easy task. Read on to learn how you can install ceiling mounted TV brackets by yourself.

Make a choice and decide the location

The very first step is to buy the right TV bracket. There are TV brackets available for flat screens, LCD TVs, plasma TV, etc. Then comes the installation part. Decide the exact location where you want to mount your TV. Mounting this TV bracket at a corner is often preferred.

Measure your TV

Measure the TV bracket and the points where it will attach to the ceiling according to the holes made for the screws. Holding your TV against the ceiling and marking the points directly is another option.

Fix your TV brackets

Drill the holes on the marked points. Fix your TV brackets in the drilled holes using screws. The screws used should be of proper size. They are the ones that hold your bracket tightly.

Extra care should be taken while measuring your TV. Wrong measurements will make you select the wrong sized TV bracket.

Entertain your customers with an LCD TV set mounted with TV brackets

July 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Are you planning to set up a sports bar? It is a wise decision considering the lucrative nature of this business enterprise. However, setting up a sports bar requires planning. An owner should also provide some form of entertainment to customers. This will increase the popularity of your sports bar among customers. You can now ensure that your business is a success by installing an LCD TV set.

How an LCD TV set will help your business

An LCD TV set is commonly found in restaurants and sports bar. Some restaurants also make arrangements for live music. The vast number of television programs on air will keep your customers entertained. Lack of space may be a problem for you, but you can solve this problem with the use of compact TV brackets.

TV brackets

TV brackets are one of the most useful TV accessories. You can mount your LCD TV set easily with the help of TV brackets. The use of TV brackets will help you mount the TV set in any corner of the room. You can also mount the TV set at a height. This will help customers to view television programs clearly without straining.

Install an LCD TV with TV wall brackets and witness a surge in the popularity of your business.

Secure the location of your LCD TV with a TV wall bracket

July 28, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Though many people claim to not watch a lot of television, going by the weekly TRP ratings of different soaps and reality shows, this claim can be falsified. Going by the sales figures, it is evident that more and more people prefer watching their favourite shows on a high definition LCD or plasma screen televisions.

After they were introduced around 10 years back, flat screen televisions have taken the entertainment market by storm. The sudden surge in sales of LCD TVs is a testimony to the ever increasing popularity of flat screen televisions.

Unique benefits

LCD TVs come with a lot of unique benefits like high definition images, a surround sound system and a sleek design that makes them more attractive for people. A flat screen television can be an expensive investment. It is also a delicate and sensitive device. After purchasing an expensive television, you want to make sure that it is protected.

The right TV wall bracket can be a perfect solution for your LCD TV. A TV wall bracket provides support to your LCD TV by mounting it safely on the wall. With a correct TV wall bracket, the TV is protected against damage to its screen.

Watching TV indoors

More and more people prefer to stay home and watch movies rather than going out to theatres. Long queues and traffic are just some of the reasons that discourage people to go out more. Understandably, they expect a superior image quality and a dramatic viewing experience from their flat screen television.

The correct positioning of your LCD TV with the right TV bracket can make your flat screen television the focal point of your living area. The sleek design of the LCD TV enhances the home décor. You can also adjust the angle of your flat screen television depending on where you are sitting in the room.

Mounting different types of TV bracket

July 28, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

There are many varieties of TV brackets available according to different needs. These TV brackets are to be mounted in a way that they can be utilised to their fullest. Installing a TV bracket to the wall has become easier with readymade kits. These kits come with instructions on how to mount TV brackets. What these instructions do not tell you is where to mount these TV brackets to enhance your TV viewing experience. To know exactly where to mount your new TV bracket, read on.

Corner TV brackets

As the name suggests, these TV brackets should be mounted in the corner of the room. These are meant to save on the space. You can use these corners to mount your LCD or plasma TV. Corner TV brackets with tilt or swivel options let you view the TV at your convenience without wasting that extra space.

Tilt and swivel TV brackets

These TV brackets can be mounted at height due to their flexibility. These TV brackets give you the liberty to tilt or swivel your TV screen according to your comfort and viewing pleasure. Hence, they should be mounted where they get enough space to move.

Other TV brackets like fixed TV wall brackets can be mounted at a lower height. Their inflexibility will not allow you to view your TV from any angle; hence they should be fixed in a way that will prove to be comfortable to you.

The new Acer TV offers value for money and great gaming

July 27, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Tina

Acer’s new compact model the AT2356 is a welcome guest in every house. No person can resist the temptation to bring this TV home after knowing about its many features. It is a 23 inch, 1080p LCD TV with a built-in Freeview receiver as an added advantage.

The ability to cope with H.264-encoded video is an important factor for any TV that provides Freeview HD broadcasting. Acer has done a fabulous job when it comes to its H.264-encoded video feature. The high resolution of 1080p makes gaming an enjoyable experience. The fact that it can be attached to the computer is a real pleasure for gamers as high quality 3D games can be easily enjoyed on this high resolution Acer screen. The new Intelligent Colour Engine is the excellent feature this model has introduced. This feature automatically displays an optimised picture when put to use.

The Acer AT2356 comes with a TV stand that can be attached to the screen at a later date. The only problem of this stand is that it cannot be tilted. To enjoy the features of this TV to its fullest, mount it on a swivel or full motion TV bracket. This will not only enhance your TV viewing experience but also prove to be a pleasure while gaming.

A TV bracket is more than just a TV holder

July 27, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets are more than just TV holders. They take complete care of your TV. They not only look after it, but take proper care of the accessories too. What more can you ask for when these brackets are exclusively made for a particular type of TV? There are LCD TV brackets, plasma TV brackets, ultra slim TV brackets and flat screen TV brackets, all made to suit the type of your TV. Let us now have a look at what features these TV brackets offer other than holding your TV.

Accessory holder

TV brackets sometimes come with extra shelves to hold TV accessories like DVDs, DVD players, remote controls and cables, etc. This ensures that there is no clutter in the house. This proper storage of your TV accessories improves their life as well. It becomes beneficial for the viewer to find all the accessories in one place, whenever needed.

Save on floor space

As TV brackets are mounted on the wall, they save on floor space. Placing your TV on TV stand can be a hindrance. TV brackets give you more living space that can be utilised for other storage purposes.


TV brackets can be pulled back against the wall and can be tilted or swiveled to adjust to your viewing angle. Similarly, tilt TV brackets and swivel TV brackets are the ones that adjust themselves to suit your requirements.

In recent times, TV brackets are the option everyone should choose for their TV as they ensure a longer life.

Not all mobile TV brackets are the same

July 26, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Flexibility is the only similarity between tilt TV brackets, swivel TV brackets and full motion TV brackets. Many people think that they are one and the same but they are not. The purchase of these TV brackets is hence done without knowing their similarities and differences. These TV brackets can be chosen according to your needs as they are manufactured in a way that suits different needs.

Difference in movement

Tilt TV brackets tilt in upwards and downwards direction. Swivel TV brackets can be moved sideways, whereas a full motion TV bracket gives you the liberty to move your TV to the maximum degree possible. The degree of movement of every TV bracket depends on the quality of the brand. Tilt TV brackets are used for houses with less space whereas swivel and full motion TV brackets can be used at houses with lots of space. Swivel TV brackets can be used for office presentations, and full motion TV brackets can be used at events like exhibitions.


All these TV brackets are mounted at a height. Bulky and old fashioned TVs cannot be mounted on these brackets. These TV brackets are available to fit screens of all sizes. They enhance the TV viewing experience.

The usage of these TV brackets depends greatly upon their similarities and differences.

How a TV wall bracket helps in securing your LCD TV on the wall

July 26, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

A flat screen television is an expensive investment. You want to make sure that your LCD TV is protected from any impending danger. Technology has advanced drastically to make way for newer and innovative inventions. One such invention in recent years has been the flat screen television. The LCD TV changed the entire way of watching television at home. They have been designed to give a theatre like feel to your living room.

Growth in wall brackets
Along with the growth of LCD TVs, its corresponding industries also grew. Different kinds of TV wall brackets were introduced to suit the varying needs of the customers and the different models of LCD TVs.

Primary function
The basic function of TV wall brackets is to secure the position of the TV in your home, office or other public place. TV wall brackets are great space savers. By mounting your TV on a wall, you can free the floor space which can be used for other purposes.

Mounting an LCD TV with a TV bracket does not mean it has to stay there forever. You can easily adjust the angle of your television by tilting the TV in the desired direction. This gives you an enhanced viewing experience.

When buying a TV bracket for your LCD TV, you should browse through different models before selecting one.

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