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Brackets are not limited to LCD screens and plasma TVs

May 25, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

LCD and Plasma TVs are more and more in demand. Today everyone prefers these flat screen televisions. These TV sets do not take much space and many have high definition screens.

Keeping your TV safe is a major priority. So, there are TV brackets that are available to do the job for you. Brackets are however not restricted to TV screen alone, but can also be used for computer monitors. Here are the reasons why you should use a bracket for your computer monitor:

• It will make your room clutter free
• It will give you more space on your desk
• You have more space which means you can accessorise your table
• Your work table or computer table will look neat and tidy
• You will not have wires hanging from the table and dust will not collect at the monitor base which will make cleaning easier and faster.

With these monitor wall mounts you can make work easier and faster without any distraction.

So, now that you know that there are brackets available for not only for your TV screens but also for your computer screens, you should have a look online at the many options available.

Buy the right TV bracket

May 24, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

There are now many companies who have launched high definition TVs. But when you buy a new TV you need to remember that you also have to buy a TV bracket as well.

Purchasing the wrong TV bracket is a common mistake most consumers make. There are various factors to consider, before you buy a TV bracket.

To avoid any problems and save your TV from harm, here are some ways for you to choose the right TV bracket

Know your TV and its type – You must have knowledge about your TV’s model and manufacturer. You should also know other specifications such as its weight, height, and length.

Check the bracket will match your TV’s specification – You can go online and browse through all the available products, their functions and features.

Find a suitable place and mount your TV bracket – After you have found the right TV bracket, you can mount it easily. If you can’t do the job yourself you can always ask a professional to do the job for you.

So choose well and buy the right TV bracket for your TV.

Some types of TV bracket that you can choose

May 24, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets can mount the TV set safely and securely to the wall. So let’s focus on the different types of TV brackets. Some of these are as follows:

Flat TV brackets:

These are used to mount flat panel TV’s really close to the wall and are available easily online.

Tilting TV brackets:

These are the best option if you want to tilt your TV screen in order to get a better viewing angle. This bracket allows users to tilt TV up to 15 degrees. Some people face reflection or glare problems while viewing TV. This can be handled well with the help of tilting TV brackets. The angle of the TV screen can be changed accordingly to avoid the glare. Tilt TV brackets do not mount the screen too close to the wall as they require a certain amount of space to be tilted.

Tilt and swivel TV brackets:

These are suitable for LCD and Plasma TVs and as well as allowing the TV to be tilted you can swivel the TV set too. With tilt and swivel bracket you do not have to sit in front of the screen, you can swivel it to enjoy the viewing experience from just about anywhere in the room.

The benefits of TV wall brackets

May 23, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Anyone who has an LCD or Plasma TV will agree that TV wall brackets are an excellent accessory for these thin screens. This accessory not only improves the viewing experience of the TV watcher but can also enhance the appearance of the interior. The following are some of the reasons that highlight the benefits of considering TV wall brackets.

Improves viewing experience:

Most people opt for TV wall brackets as they offer different viewing angles to their users. With some models of TV wall brackets, you can either keep the TV set flat on the wall or you can tilt the screen for a suitable view. You can even turn your TV screen from side to side with TV wall brackets. This feature can offer comfortable viewing from various seating areas in a room.

Save room space:

An excellent feature of TV wall brackets is their ability to save space. With TV wall brackets, you will not need a TV stand for your TV. They mount the screen on the wall and consume very little space, even if the TV set is large in size.

Prevents accidental damage:

If there are pets or kids at home, then mounting an LCD or Plasma TV on a bracket can prove very beneficial. It will mount the screen high on the wall, beyond the reach of kids and therefore prevents your TV from being damaged.

The above mentioned benefits make TV wall brackets an essential accessory for home televisions. However, they can even be used at other places like offices, restaurants and shopping centres.

TV bracket or TV stand?

May 22, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

We all love our LCD televisions and most of us place our TV’s on a TV stand. However, these TV stands are big, bulky and take up a lot of space. TV stands are stationery and are very heavy so if you want a modern and stylish home, TV stands might not fit in. These TV stands are also very hard to maintain and need cleaning at least once a week which can be a very time consuming process.

To avoid all these problems and to ensure the safety of your LCD TV, you can try opting for a TV bracket.

TV brackets are much cheaper than TV stands and they are much lighter as well. TV brackets take very little space and can mount your TV at a height that will suit your viewing purposes. TV brackets give their users a great viewing experience and their small size allows them to save space in a small room. TV brackets also make your TV appear slim and neat so can add to the décor of your home.

TV brackets are much better than conventional TV stands and are a modern solution for modern homes. These TV brackets are easy to maintain and look very neat when fitted to your wall.

How to ensure the best use of your TV brackets

May 21, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

After you have bought an LCD Television, you might be looking for various ways to display your new TV. If such a situation arises, you should certainly try considering an LCD TV wall bracket. It is the most ingenious solution to mount your TV onto a wall. This will leave you with lots of space on the floor and will also give your LCD TV a very trim look. The room in which you mount your TV bracket will look and feel bigger than it really is.

A great reason for mounting your TV on the wall would be to keep young infants and kids away from it. So, rather than waiting for the inevitable, you can use a TV bracket to mount your TV and stop children from getting to it.

TV brackets give you another advantage as you do not have to worry about viewing angles. You can manually change the angle and by placing a TV bracket at height, will allow you to also add an entertainment centre.

Wall mounted TV brackets are very easy to install but if you are not able to mount it, you can employ a professional to fix it for you.

Having an LCD TV wall bracket is good for the layout and look of your room. Many consumers choose to mount their TVs since most TVs are LCD flat panels these days.

Using a TV brackets is a smart and elegant option, so select the appropriate one and enjoy your TV viewing experience.

Flat versus swivel TV brackets

May 20, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Modern homes are usually adorned with the latest LCD TVs. They are the latest trend on the market, and sales are significantly gathering momentum. It is prudent to invest in the right kind of device to place the TV onto the wall. TV brackets are the best choice used for mounting your TV on the wall. LCD TVs offer an extremely high picture quality and with the help of TV brackets, you can further enhance your viewing pleasure by elevating the TV to a suitable height.

TV brackets are available in various patterns and colours. You can choose the colour of the TV bracket to suit the décor of your home or office perfectly. There are flat TV brackets, plus swivel and tilting TV brackets. They each offer various benefits and so you can undoubtedly choose the TV bracket that suits your requirements.

Flat TV brackets versus swivel TV brackets

Flat TV brackets are the standard device used to mount a TV onto the wall whereas, swivel TV brackets offer certain added advantages. Flat TV brackets have their limitations, as they are fixed against the wall. On the other hand, swivel TV brackets rotate according to the angle we want to view the TV from.

Flat TV brackets are ideal for homes that lack space. Swivel TV brackets are perfect for homes or offices that have enough space to spare. Since flat TV brackets are fixed against the wall, they cannot be extended. Swivel TV brackets can be extended from the wall as their function is to rotate to the angle desired by you.

The features of these brackets may be many. However it is your budget, home décor needs and personal preferences that will be the deciding factors when choosing a bracket for your TV.

Are flat TV brackets really beneficial?

May 20, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TVs play an important role in many people’s lives. In order to brighten up the atmosphere, all that you have to do is switch on the TV and enjoy the manifold benefits it offers. A gadget that provides so many benefits without expecting much maintenance in return needs to placed properly. TV brackets are their ideal companions. With the help of TV brackets, TVs can dwell perfectly on the wall.

TV brackets are installed at various public places. They are quite evident at shopping centres, gymnasiums, hotel receptions and in various restaurants. Due to their assorted benefits, they are extremely popular.

TV brackets are available in various shapes and sizes. There are flat TV brackets, tilting TV brackets and swivel TV brackets. All these TV brackets present an array of benefits. You need to choose the right kinds of TV bracket according to your TV viewing requirements.

Flat TV brackets and their features

Flat TV brackets are the most standard TV brackets available on the market. They are also called fixed TV brackets and as the name suggests, they cannot be moved or tilted. Flat TV brackets are ideal for flat screen LCD TVs. Like any other TV brackets, flat TV brackets require less space and keep any mishaps at bay.

Flat TV brackets can be installed with ease, so select the right one and enjoy the benefits offered by these gadgets.

TV brackets are a nice way to save space

May 19, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Most of us have heard of TV stands. These TV stands tend to be very big, bulky and occupy a lot of space. They hold your TV at a suitable height and help to keep your TV off the floor.

By now, you might have gotten bored of your own TV stand as it is big and dull in appearance. These TV stands occupy a lot of space and can make the biggest of rooms look small. TV stands are limited in mobility and it can be very tiresome to push or move it so you can see the television more clearly. TV stands are also very expensive and hard to maintain. They need to be dusted almost every week and it can really be a cumbersome task.

A good alternative to a TV stand would be a TV bracket. These TV brackets are small, sleek, and much cheaper than TV stands. They can be mounted in any room of the house and are very strong. They can handle the weight of your LCD TV and can be rotated from side to side as well.

These TV brackets have various types and based on your use you can choose an appropriate one. These TV brackets are really quite easy to clean and are less likely to gather dust like TV stands.

So use a TV bracket and make more space by getting rid of outdated TV stands.

Swivel TV brackets and their great viewing angles

May 19, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

With the latest advancements, the technology community has welcomed new gadgets and entertainment devices like plasma TV accessories. One of the most interesting accessories of a plasma TV is the swivel TV bracket. It is a metal framework that is anchored to the studs of your wall. Once your TV bracket is fastened to the wall, you can mount your TV on it. You can now swivel your TV bracket in almost any direction. This will give you access to great viewing angles, irrespective of your position in the room. These swivel TV brackets give you many options to decorate your living room and the area around your TV.

One of the most important aspects to consider while selecting a swivel TV brackets is the weight of your plasma TV. It is critical that the bracket you choose can bear the weight of your plasma screen.

Another important consideration is the width of your room. If you have a wide room, you will have the option to use a bracket that can extend from the wall. This TV bracket should also be able to swivel. You should be able to sit at one end of your room and still be able to turn the plasma TV as far as possible. This proves that TV brackets are excellent tools that offer comfortable viewing angles.

Plasma swivel TV brackets are a great choice to handle almost every type of plasma TV in the market.

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