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Why should you mount your LCD and Plasma TVs on the wall?

April 30, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Tina

People generally get confused where to put their LCD or Plasma TVs after purchasing them. Your stylish flat screen television set will look dull or lose its charm if simply placed on a bulky TV stand or cabinet. An ideal way to display your new flat screen television set is to mount them on the wall. This can be done with the help of TV wall bracket.

Generally, television set is the focal point of any room. Hence it is important to place it appropriately. With the help of a TV wall bracket, you can fix your television set anywhere in the room as per your comfort. However, this is not possible with TV stands and tables. At all times, TV wall bracket is a better option than TV stands. It helps to save a good amount of floor space.

This device makes the room look more elegant, stylish and refined. It will give you a pleasing viewing angle and you will enjoy this experience. There are various types of TV wall brackets available in the market such as fixed TV wall bracket, tilt brackets, tilt and swivel brackets, cantilever brackets and ceiling brackets. You can opt for one of these, keeping in mind its features and your requirements.

Installing TV wall brackets on the wall is quite a simple job. You will just require some appropriate tools which are easily available in any tool box. You can even hire a professional to accomplish the installation process.

You will definitely enjoy the comfort of viewing televisions, if you have mounted them on the wall.

How do TV Brackets help in enhancing your home interiors?

April 30, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

The right kind of TV brackets for your television unit gives your home a neat and suave look. TV wall brackets not only support your TV set, but play an important role in improving the décor of your room. Most varieties are sturdy and there will always be a model that can handle your. Keep in mind the weight of the television unit prior to buying the TV brackets. These TV wall mount brackets come in different materials, though the most common is steel.

There are ample purposes for picking TV wall brackets. For example, if the place where you live is compact and you can’t afford to waste space for those huge TV stands, these brackets are the ideal solution. These brackets can be fixed on the wall making your room look spacious.

Many people, who fix these brackets, fix them for better viewing experience which is perfect for keeping a good posture. Some buy it for giving the room an elegant and classy look.
The use of tilting bracket allows you to regulate the angle, which can add to the looks. Before setting up the TV wall mount brackets, it is necessary to know where you want to hang the television unit. The wall they are mounted on should have the strength required to hold the TV set.

The ideal way to install them is to install them in such a way and position that you can watch the TV from every nook and corner of the room. The next thing you need to do is to place the cables and wires of various gadgets like CD/DVD player, satellite, etc. close to the LCD TV as all the wires are directed towards the television. Ensure that there are enough plug points to accommodate these devices.
Considering the benefits the TV brackets provide, it is worth buying them for your TV set as well as to suit your home setup.

Hide those ugly cables by using TV brackets

April 30, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

There is no doubt that a flat screen TV looks great when mounted. These accessories can also help hide all the messy wires if installed properly. It is always disappointing for anyone to mount their new TV set on a wall and see all the cables hanging out, making it look unpleasant.

It needs a little creativity to mount your TVs on a wall bracket without letting the cables to hang out.  You can buy cables which are coloured so that they match the wall’s outer surface, but most people prefer the cables to be completely hidden. Here are few steps to ensure that your TV mount appears wireless. Before going ahead with the installation, ensure that the wall is suitable to hide wires. Preferably, it should be a drywall interior with limited insulation.

Drill small holes in locations where you want the cables to enter and exit. However, be careful as very small holes can cause people to try and squeeze wires into the wall, which may result in some damage.

If you have other gadgets which need to be connected to your TV, take measurements from the back of your television to those systems you have.

Install a power plug right behind your TV wall mount with the help of a local electrician. It is not recommended to run a power wire through the wall yourself.

Run the wires through the holes to your television. Following these steps will provide you with a flat panel TV which appears to be wireless.

Various types of TV brackets – which one should you select?

April 30, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

In today’s market, there are many types of LCD and plasma TVs for sale.
These TVs are specially mounted on wall mounts, which are usually made of iron or other metal. There are plenty of choices when it comes to the different types of TV wall brackets. They might vary in their features and cost. A bracket might have a wide array of features like hinge joints, swivels or the ability to rotate to various angles.

The various types of TV brackets available are as follows

Fixed TV wall brackets – It is the most basic wall mounted TV stand available. It is the least flexible of all the available TV stands. It cannot be moved, so tilting or even moving it is not possible. It is the least expensive of all the TV wall stands available too. A fixed TV wall stand can also hold any TV, regardless of its size.

Tilting TV brackets – Tilting TV brackets are identical to fixed TV stands except that you can tilt them. These types of brackets allow some flexibility in terms of viewing angle. One can optimise the tilt angle according to one’s seating position.

Swivel TV brackets – These kinds of brackets allow the TV set to swivel and move to the left or right. Just as it sounds, a swivel TV wall bracket can turn right or left, providing a greater range of viewing angles.

So, consider all the possibilities before buying a bracket. Always buy one which suits the requirements and the available space.

Different Wall Mount Brackets – Make the Best Choice

April 29, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

Like the TV sets themselves, the brackets used to mount them on the walls also come in various types. It is the new way of showing off your TV. It gives a much larger room space than traditional TV stands and TV cabinets. There are three main varieties of brackets you can choose from:

Low profile

These are the easiest to use and simplest to install. They cost much less than any of the other types. Installing it is very much like hanging up a picture on the wall. If you do not want or need your TV brackets to swivel, tilt or rotate, then a low profile TV wall mount is the ideal choice for you. The drawback with these brackets is the inflexibility makes it a little complicated when users want to replace the cables or even adjust viewing angles.


This system works with a tilting controller in the middle of the bracket. This helps in setting the desired viewing angle, and you can have a good view from where you sit. There is no inconvenience if you want to replace the cables, but it does not have full motion movements. This bracket fits itself in the mid price range system and there is no harm in spending a little more on such a product.


This is a marvelous piece of equipment; it comes with full motion movements. This bracket utilizes a moving arm piece and this makes it a lot more complicated to install. This is the most expensive type of TV brackets available in the market. But if you are looking for flexibility this is the number one choice.

These are the various options you can opt for while buying a TV wall mount bracket. Make the best selection based on your budget, requirements and home décor setup.

Cantilever TV Brackets for your flat screen TVs

April 29, 2010
Posted in Cantilever TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Cantilever brackets are one of the best when it comes to TV brackets. They are both flexible and durable, which is why they can be used anywhere, e.g. in homes, offices, or restaurants. The worries about breaking down of the brackets or replacing them may be left behind. It can be used for as long as the TV works or longer than that. When you buy a bracket, you will definitely look for the one which gives enough support to your TV.

Cantilever brackets are available for every size of TV set. Thus, this bracket becomes the instant choice of many, who do not like to research on styles or designs while looking for the ideal bracket. Cantilever brackets are top rated products in the industry; this proves that they are tested over time. Consumers get a quality product with strong design by buying these. Cantilever brackets are also very easy to install making it a user friendly and highly appreciated product. It is easy to fit the brackets on the wall and then mount the TV set. You can save some extra money which otherwise you would have paid a professional.

There are many other benefits which you get with TV brackets, like saving room space, adding charm to your room, and comfortable viewing angle. It will be safe from any damage and will not be harmful to kids as the wires will be beyond their reach. You can also visit your retailer or browse on the internet for various offers. The possibility of you finding the right TV wall bracket is certain.

Some important reasons to opt for TV wall brackets

April 29, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Recently, flat screen television sets like Plasma and LCD TVs have become very popular. These types of TV sets can be mounted on the wall, which adds a number of benefits. While mounting television sets on the wall, there are many things to consider. For instance: selecting the room, how high you want to mount your television on the wall etc.

Benefits of TV wall brackets:

Placing your television on the wall will eliminate the need for TV stands or tables, thus it can free up lots of floor space. With the help of TV wall brackets, LCD and Plasma TVs are mounted so well on the wall that they look like a picture frame. Large television sets can be corner mounted. Therefore, they occupy less space in the room.

TV wall brackets are also very easy to install. The person just needs some basic tools to accomplish the work. This bracket will hold your precious television; hence it is advisable to hire a professional person to install the bracket on the wall.

TV wall brackets are available at most home improvement and electronic stores, however online specialists tend to offer the best prices. When buying a TV wall bracket, be sure to account for the size of the television set. These brackets come with a rating that shows the weight bearing capacity of the TV bracket. TV wall brackets are available in different sizes and types. You can easily find one as per your requirements.

Swivel TV wall brackets are perfect for flat screen TVs

April 26, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

If you want to buy a TV for your home or office then you should consider purchasing a flat screen TV such as LCD or Plasma. At present, many customers across the globe are swapping their old sets for flat screen TVs as they can deliver crisp video and audio quality. In addition to this, these TVs are also lighter and thinner in comparison to conventional CRT TVs. These features allow owners to mount the TV on the wall.

Once you have purchased an LCD or Plasma TV you can install them in any corner of your room using TV brackets. There are various types of TV wall brackets now available such as flat TV brackets, tilt TV brackets and swivel TV wall brackets.

The structure and design of all the three TV wall brackets is different and this is why they offer different benefits.

Why are swivel TV wall brackets gaining in popularity?

Swivel TV wall brackets have an arm-like attachment which allows viewers to tilt the screen up to 15 degrees. In addition to this, the users can also rotate the screen of the TV by up to 360 degrees. So, you can position your new TV on a swivel TV wall bracket and watch TV from any corner of the room.

Install your TV wall bracket carefully and safely on the wall.

How do TV wall brackets help you clear space and enhance you interior?

April 26, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Nathan

LCD TVs are gaining in popularity amongst homeowners, as they offer better a TV viewing experience than standard CRT TVs. In addition to this, these TVs are also slimmer in size. If you want to invest in a new TV then make sure that you buy an LCD TV. This is because LCD TVs use the latest technology which offers better video and audio quality than CRT TVs.

Once you have purchased an LCD TV then you should get a TV wall bracket to install the TV on the wall safely. TV brackets are available in three different types, such as flat TV wall brackets, swivel TV wall brackets and tilt TV wall brackets. Out of these flat TV wall brackets are most commonly used by homeowners because they are simple in design. If you are planning to buy a TV wall bracket then you need to understand the various features offered by these TV brackets.

The features of different TV wall brackets

Flat TV wall brackets allow you to fix your TV on the wall like a photo frame. These TV brackets are commonly seen at public places such as restaurants, clubs, railway stations and waiting rooms. The tilt and swivel TV brackets are completely different as they have arm-type attachments. These attachments allow viewers to adjust the TV screen.

By installing your TV on a tilt TV wall bracket, you can easily tilt the TV screen by 15 degrees. And, the latest swivel TV wall brackets not only allow you to tilt the screen but they also allow the users to swivel the TV screen up to 360 degrees.

TV brackets – An important part of commercial establishments

April 25, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV wall brackets are one of the most widely used TV accessories these days. Hence the innumerable benefits of using TV brackets have added to their popularity. And, the use of these accessories is no more confined to living rooms. They are now also used in several commercial establishments. Some of the places in which TV brackets are used are as follows:


TVs are used in commercial establishments like offices and corporate firms. This is the reason why consumers have started to use TV wall brackets. The lack of sufficient space has further compelled employers to resort to the use of these compact TV wall mounts. They do not require much space and the wall mounting option further proves to be beneficial for the consumers. TV wall brackets are also affordable in nature and can last for many years. This helps the consumers to curb any additional expenses.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Modern exhibitors use modern display equipment like LCD TVs and Plasma TVs. Such devices help them to promote their products and services in an efficient manner. Exhibitors can eliminate the problem of constraint of space with compact flush TV wall mounts. The wall mounting feature helps consumers to use the available exhibition space efficiently.


TV wall brackets are also used in restaurants and pubs. Brackets such as corner wall mounts are used for this particular purpose. Corner wall mounts ensure that the TV is situated out of the way in the corner of the room and at a height so everyone can see.

Thus, TV brackets are one of the most useful and popular TV accessories.

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