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How to buy and install TV wall brackets

February 28, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

If you are planning to mount your flat screen TV on the wall or ceiling then you need to make sure that you get an appropriate TV wall bracket. Before buying a TV bracket you need to ensure that the TV wall bracket is strong enough to handle the weight of your TV.

Other than this, you also need to make sure that you get a TV bracket which can suit the screen size of your TV. This is an important factor to consider, as several TV wall brackets can hold TVs of various sizes.
In addition, you also need to consider the VESA spacing of the TV and the VESA spacing of the TV wall bracket. You need to make sure that these are compatible so they fit together. After buying a TV wall bracket for your flat screen TV, you need to determine some factors before the installation.

Things to consider when installing TV wall brackets

Determine that the wall can hold the weight of the TV and then use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. You then need to make sure that your TV is mounted at an appropriate height, so the viewers can enjoy their TV viewing without neck or back strain. Check where the nearest power point is to the TV so you don’t have to use extension leads or install a new TV aerial.

Different TV wall brackets have different uses

February 28, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

When you have decided to buy a new LCD or Plasma TV then you need to make sure that you also purchase an appropriate TV wall bracket for it. With the help of TV wall brackets, you can easily mount your TV on the wall. At present, you will find various types of TV wall brackets including flat mounted, tilt and swivel TV brackets.

Flat mounted TV wall brackets

These TV wall brackets help you mount your TV flat on the wall and installing them is also easier than other TV wall brackets. Nowadays, there are many people who opt for these TV wall brackets, as they help to display your TV on the wall like a picture frame.

Tilt TV wall brackets

These are more advanced than flat mount TV wall brackets, as they have an arm-type attachment with them. This allows you to adjust the TV screen according to your requirements. Nowadays, you will find some tilt TV wall brackets that allow you to adjust the TV screen vertically up to 15 degrees. This means you can install the TV at a higher level than usual and as such are perfect for bedrooms and commercial establishments.

Another type of bracket that you might choose is a swivel TV wall bracket. This bracket can allow you to rotate the TV screen to a position that facilitates easy watching and hence is good if you have lots of different seating positions in the room.

LCD TV wall brackets are a great solution for comfortable TV viewing

February 27, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Many home owners spend a great deal of time and money on decorating their home to be just right. Every individual wishes to have a home that is organised and systematic in appearance. One of the best ways to ensure that your home is presentable is to find a good location to place your entertainment unit.

A flat screen LCD TV is a precious commodity in the modern home. It is the best in its category and ensures that the viewer has an amazing time watching their favourite shows. But, as mentioned above, placing the TV properly decides how entertaining the viewing experience can be. A very good option for this issue is an LCD TV wall bracket.

Placing your stylish LCD TV on an LCD TV wall bracket will give you a clear view of the screen, and with its adjustments you can also avoid disturbance from glare. TV wall brackets provide you with extra flexibility and offer you the freedom to place your TV set at any spot. Using TV wall brackets saves you a lot of extra space. This offers you options for setting up other furniture items around the home.

Do not mount the TV very high on the wall; the height needs to be appropriate so that it is not uncomfortable to watch in terms of body posture. Ensure that the cables and wires are concealed behind the TV set. This way the TV bracket helps you keep the entertainment area clean and tidy.

w2558hc wall bracket

February 27, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

This machine is on trend, it’s silver and black and shiny. Because the bezel is a little bulky, it’s important to counter this by buying a good slim w2558hc wall bracket. Flat mounting with a w2558hc wall bracket is an excellent way to trim this set down.
Lots of little add ons with this monitor inlcuding a light with three levels of brightens to illuminate the base. It comes with an integrated USB hub, speakers as well as a webcam (does anyone use webcams these days?). If you think picture frames are more important that computers, you can use the w2558hc to display your pics, but we’ve always thought this is a slightly bizarre use.



Mount flat panel TVs on walls safely with these pointers

February 27, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

High definition TVs are the latest in visual technology, making waves around the world. This is mainly because of the excellent picture quality these TVs offer. Besides this, high definition TVs like plasma and LCD TVs are also becoming popular because they use up less space because of their slim features. This particular feature also allows these TVs to be mounted on walls to save on space and increase room aesthetics.

Considerations when mounting TVs on walls

TV brackets

Mounting flat panel TVs is best done with TV wall brackets. However, you cannot use just any type of TV bracket as different types offer different viewing options. There is no doubt that selecting a suitable TV bracket is the most important thing after you have purchased a new flat screen TV.

Type of wall

The type of wall you are mounting your high definition TV on is also an important consideration. Although these TVs are lighter than CRT TVs, they cannot be mounted on artificial walls. You would need to install the TV wall brackets on a strong wall for stability. You could also use a ceiling bracket in the absence of a suitable wall.

Generally, a manual is provided with TV wall brackets so that even someone with basic DIY skills can install them. However, if you are unsure of the job, it is best to hire a professional. This way you can be sure of the unit being installed safely.

The most common types of TV brackets

February 26, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

If you have spent money on getting yourself a flat screen TV, you might as well consider its safety as the foremost priority. TV brackets are essential accessories for flat screen TV sets as they protect them from being damaged.

Common TV brackets:

There are several TV brackets which prove useful in safe-guarding flat screens and that also make your viewing experience much more enjoyable. Brackets such as full motion brackets, tilt brackets and low profile brackets are some of the most commonly used by flat screen owners. Brackets such as tilt and swivel brackets allow your TV to be adjusted by moving them side ways and upwards /downwards according to your need. Full motion TV brackets offer a 360 degree rotation and give you total freedom of adjusting the TV set in any angle and direction. The TV bracket that does not offer you any kind of motion is the low profile bracket. This kind of TV bracket is used to mount the TV on the wall in a central location and is used mostly in spacious living rooms.

Unlike old, traditional TV stands, TV wall brackets offer you flexibility and easy viewing. The most important thing that you need to consider before purchasing a TV bracket is the weight and size of the flat screen TV. To ensure the safety and security of your TV, ensure that you take the above mentioned factors into consideration.

Television Wall Brackets Glossary

February 26, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

If you’re new to the world of Television Wall Brackets, then you might not be familiar with the all the strange new terms. What are Cantilever Television Wall Brackets you might ask yourself, so here’s a glossary we’ve complied for the first-timer:

Cantilever Television Wall Brackets
Designed especially for those of us that suffer from the age old issue of not enough space and too many things

Double arm television wall brackets

For extra support and flexibility, these are also great for corners

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This is what we provide on all of our television wall brackets

Ceiling Television Wall Brackets
Errr .. do we need to explain this?

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What we’re currently offering on a selection of our brackets


TV brackets that can save space while enhancing the viewing experience

February 26, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

For all homeowners who have grown tired of bulky TV cabinets sitting in the middle of their rooms, upgrading their TVs to a plasma or LCD TV is a great idea. This is because these TVs can be mounted on walls, eliminating the need for using a TV cabinet in your home. These TVs also offer a great level of entertainment, which makes them a must-have electronic item in most homes today.

Regardless of your reason for buying an LCD or plasma TV, getting suitable brackets for the unit is necessary. The type of TV brackets you choose depends on your requirements. Here are some of the most popular TV brackets that can meet most viewing needs.

Standard TV brackets – This is by far the most popular type of TV brackets. They are ideal if you want to keep the unit fixed steadily against the wall. Standard TV brackets are suitable for all sized units and are the easiest to install.

Tilt TV brackets - You often find these TV brackets in commercial places like restaurants and bars. Tilt TV brackets allow the screen to be mounted higher on the wall. However, viewing is not affected as these TV brackets enable the screen to be tilted downwards.

Besides these, you can also find TV brackets that allow units to be turned from one side to another. Ceiling TV brackets are another popular type of TV brackets, but they are mostly used in large commercial places. No matter which type of TV bracket you choose, you can be sure it will save space in the room while enhancing your viewing experience.

Two important factors of purchase for TV brackets are weight and size

February 25, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Tina

Most homes in the UK are opting for flat screen TV sets due to their sleek and attractive design component. Apart from just the design and looks, flat screen TV sets are great space saving options for most homes, as they enable the use of TV wall brackets.

Mounting a TV on the wall is a very unique way of installing the television, but also very effective considering the many benefits it offers. You sometimes get a TV wall bracket along with the flat screen TV or you can simply buy an appropriate TV bracket from a retailer.

Buying a TV wall bracket for your flat screen must be based on two most important factors that are the weight and size. Installing a TV bracket entails the responsibility of safe-guarding the TV set from many other risks. Note the weight and accurate size of your flatscreen TV before purchasing a TV bracket. If you buy a bracket without considering the weight and size of the TV set, you may end up risking your expensive purchase. The flat screen TV could fall off the wall getting severely damaged.

Make sure the installation kit of the TV bracket has the safety plate that has to be mounted directly to the studs of the wall. Read through the mounting instructions well from the manual. Alternatively, it is most advisable to get a professional service to mount the TV for you if you are unsure about what you are doing.

Types of TV wall brackets for different purposes

February 25, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Apart from homes, TV wall brackets are also commonly used in public places such as restaurants, clubs, railway stations, etc. This is because these TV brackets help in mounting the flat screen TV on the wall safely. In addition, they also help in saving lot of space which can be used for other purposes.

If you have got a new TV for your home or restaurant then make sure that you also buy TV wall brackets in install them appropriately. At present, you will find that there are various types of TV wall brackets available which help in mounting your TV appropriately.

TV wall brackets come in four main types

While buying, you will come across various TV brackets, such as flat mounted TV brackets, ceiling TV brackets, tilt and swivel TV brackets. With the help of flat mounted TV brackets, you can mount your TV safely on the wall. Once you have placed these TV accessories on the wall, it will look like a picture frame which is mounted on the wall.

Nowadays, even tilt and swivel TV wall brackets are preferred by many people, as they help in adjusting the screen of the TV. Swivel TV brackets help in rotating the TV screen up to 360 degrees. After mounting your TV on tilt TV brackets, you can tilt the screen up to 15 degrees.

Apart from these TV wall brackets, you will also find ceiling TV brackets which help in mounting the TV on the ceiling. They are perfect for small sized apartments because these TV brackets do not occupy much space.

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