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Which TV wall bracket do you want to install?

January 31, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Apart from saving a lot space in your living room, TV wall brackets also offer several benefits to you. One of the main reasons why you need to mount your TV on the TV wall brackets is that you can easily change the angle of your TV screen. This will help in enhancing your TV viewing experience to a great extent.

In addition to this, these TV wall brackets also add style and beauty to the décor of the room. If you are planning to buy TV wall brackets for your TV then you will find that they are available in three main types. This includes flat TV wall brackets, tilt TV wall brackets and swivel TV wall brackets.

Flat TV wall brackets are one of the most commonly used ones, as they help in mounting the TV on the wall in a simple way. Installing these TV brackets is very simple and even you can do it yourself, if you have appropriate tools with you. Most of the flat TV wall brackets are installed an inch away from the wall. In addition to this, these TV wall brackets can hold TVs of different sizes.

Tilt TV wall brackets are perfect for you, if you want to move the TV screen vertically. They are thicker than flat TV wall brackets and they are generally situated at a higher level. Lastly, swivel TV wall brackets also allow tilting and you can also rotate the TV screen up to 360 degrees. With these TV wall brackets, you can view the TV from any part of the room.

Mount your LCD or plasma TV on the wall safely

January 30, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Nathan

Nowadays, LCD and plasma TVs are extremely popular with a lot of homeowners, as they are sleek and light in weight. In addition to this, these TVs also help in enhancing the look of your room to a great extent. With the popularity of these TVs, TV wall brackets are used by the majority of customers, as they help in mounting the TVs on the wall safely.

Mainly, these TV wall brackets are categorised into three types which are: flat, tilt and swivel TV wall brackets. All of them offer various benefits but while choosing the right one, you need to make sure that they fulfill all your needs. In addition to this, after buying, you also need to consider the installation process.

How to install TV wall brackets:

Firstly you have to decide at which wall you want to mount your TV. It is recommended to install the TV wall bracket on the centre wall of the room, so that everyone can view the TV without any obstructions. If you are installing tilt or swivel TV wall brackets then you will find an arm-type attachment which helps in adjusting the TV screen. So, at the time of installation, you also need to ensure that these attachments are properly fixed.

Other than this, while installing the TV on the TV brackets, you need to make sure that it is safely placed on it. Lastly, if you find the TV heavy then you can take help from someone while mounting the TV.

Save space and add style to your home with LCD TV brackets

January 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Do you know, by installing an LCD TV bracket for your LCD or plasma TV, you can offer a nice and clean look to your room. TV brackets can greatly enhance the overall décor of your living room or bedroom while ensuring the safety of your TV set. Most designs of TV brackets available are durable and can easily bear the weight of your LCD TV.

When looking for TV brackets for your LCD or plasma TV, you must ensure that you get the one that that is specially made for your TV set. These TV brackets are generally made from stainless steel, tempered glass or solid wood. If someone has a small living room or a bedroom and there is not enough of space for keeping the TV set, TV brackets are the best options to go for.

Many people often install TV brackets to get a better TV viewing angle, which is recommended to maintain a good posture. Some people also get TV brackets to add a neat and sophisticated look to your room. Many people think that mounting TV sets on the wall makes it look really cool, and if it is placed on a tilting TV bracket, one can easily adjust its position depending on their convenience.

LCD TV brackets also help to improve the viewing angle, offering you with a cinema like experience. Irrespective of which wall you select for mounting your TV bracket, you must ensure that it is mounted at an appropriate height for comfortable viewing.

Samsung making widget TV more prominent today

January 29, 2010
Posted in TV industry news — Written by Tina

The internet company Yahoo managed to publicise their widget platform pretty well last year. But it has only had a good impact on the consumer electronic domain more recently. The approach, which enables users to access the internet on the TV through the widget platform, is becoming popular as a number of TV manufacturers are now developing units that can support the feature.

Among those electronic companies that are implementing the Yahoo widget platform on their consumer products are Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio. In fact, Samsung has already launched a widget and application store, called Samsung Apps that will be compatible with 3D and LED TVs. Samsung Apps is expected to be introduced to the US this spring.

However, the company has not confirmed whether the application store will be multi-platform so that it can offer downloads for its Blu-ray players, TVs, mobile phones and other devices. Samsung also included BBC’s famous iPlayer video on demand service in its widgets that can be accessed by Samsung’s Internet @TV enabled screens. This shows just how seriously Yahoo’s platform is being taken.

Initially, the concept of widgets did not interest many people, but more people are now interested due to the convenience they offer for accessing the internet. Sites like YouTube, which are rich in entertainment, will offer more viewer satisfaction when viewed easily through a big screen.

Widget users are also being advised to mount their TVs on appropriate TV brackets to further enhance their viewing experience.

LG aims to increase market share by selling more LCD TVs

January 28, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Tina

The world’s number two TV brand, LG Electronics recently revealed that the company was aiming to increase its share of LCD TVs in the global market. Apparently, the company is hoping to boost its global market share from 11% last year to 15% this year by increasing sales of its units by 54%.

LG Electronics, the South Korea based company, confirmed that the target sales for its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) units for 2010 was 25 million. Also included in the goal is the hope to sell seven million high end models that will feature LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlights.

The company whose main rivals are Samsung Electronics, Sharp Corp and Sony Corp managed to sell 16.5 million LCD TVs last year. LG is also looking to establish its goal of selling around 4 million plasma TVs this year, with its main focus on the larger sets.

According to LG, even though the market for plasma TVs is slowing due to the competition between LCD models, the market for plasma TVs that measure more than 50 inches is expected to increase by 15% in 2010. The company also aims to sell around 2.5 million Blu-ray players this year.

The increasing demand for LCD TVs will also see an increase in sales of LCD TV brackets. This is mainly because LCD TV brackets are considered the best way to mount these TVs.

UT42MX70 wall mount

January 28, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

UT42MX70 wall mount

This machine is mega thin. It’s so thin, it needs to eat some McDonald’s super size meals. It’s just 35mm deep! This might not mean too much to you but all you need to know is that the majority of thin screens are around 90mm, so it’s thin – very, very thin.

How are you going to make the most of its thinness? How are you going to show off of its sleek shape to the best you can possibly can? With an ultra slim UT42MX70 wall mount. Not only is this ultra thin but it’s 42 inches too which means it absolutely needs an ultra slim UT42MX70 wall mount. Having looked through, this is the best ultra slim UT42MX70 wall mount we can offer you. This UT42MX70 wall mount is in the sale too, so be quick!

The reason this is so very thin is because the LCD layers have been compacted and the power supply unit has been slimmed right down. But the main reason is that it doesn’t have a tuner.


LCD and plasma TV sets can enhance your home

January 28, 2010
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Perry

When you make an investment in purchasing a plasma or LCD TV, it is best to purchase something that can help to protect and display your TV set at the same time. There are many items that work for this, one of which is a TV bracket. There are many different TV brackets that you can purchase for mounting your plasma or LCD TV.

TV brackets come in many different varieties, sizes and shapes. They are often made from different materials. Tilting TV brackets, wall mount TV brackets and ceiling TV brackets, etc. are some of the TV brackets available. While there are some low profile TV brackets available, you must ensure that you get the best and high quality one for your TV set.

Strong TV brackets are often fixed to the wall and your plasma or LCD TV hangs on it securely. After purchasing a TV bracket, you should then decide the place where you will be mounting it. Swing and swivelling TV brackets have arms that extend your TV set towards or away from the wall, thus, offering a full range motion for your TV set. Thus, you can easily adjust your TV set in a direction that offers comfortable viewing.

TV brackets not only protect your TV set, but also provide an attractive look to your room. Moreover, TV brackets also help to save considerable floor space in your room. Thus, with the many advantages that TV brackets offer, it is a must have item if you possess a LCD or plasma TV at your home.

Complement an LCD TV set with an LCD TV bracket

January 27, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Televisions have been revolutionized by advancements in technology in the electronic industry. The viewing experience they offer nowadays is supreme – far superior to the days of CRT TV sets.

LCD TV sets have completely replaced outdated CRT sets as they provide crystal clear detail and wonderful sound quality. They are equipped to handle high definition technology and on a more practical note, they also enable users to optimise space due to their slim design. This provides a much needed respite to home owners who face problems with space restrictions. The additional space can then be used for storing other furniture accessories. In addition, users can now augment the benefits via the use of accessories such as TV brackets.

LCD TV brackets

LCD TV brackets enable the users to secure the TV set firmly. Users can mount the TV set to the wall to get a better viewing position. TV brackets are also available in many different varieties and styles. Some of the different types of TV brackets are as follows:

• Ultra slim brackets
• Tilt and turn TV brackets
• Swiveling brackets

Consumers should enhance their television viewing experience by installing LCD TV brackets for their modern sets.

37RV635DB TV bracket

January 27, 2010
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nathan

37RV635DB TV bracket

Toshiba is well known for offering out good bargains – decent prices and decent features. This is no exception. It also includes Toshiba’s Meta Brain, which is a single-chip processing solution.

This set is a gem to look at. It really does look great. And all great looking sets need a wall bracket, so this one needs a great 37RV635DB tv bracket. The size of screen on this is 37 inches, which means that it’s right bang in the middle, and therefore any tv bracket will work well. What matters is your space. Most people buy a cantilever 37RV635DB tv bracket because at 37 inches it’s big enough to be a feature but also to be manouverable which is eactly what a  37RV635DB tv bracket will let you do. This is a great 37RV635DB tv bracket, which will add to the sex appeal of this set by really showing it off. It sweet and compact and understated with just enough flash.

And it has three HDMI inputs, so you definitely won’t be lonely.


Different TV brackets and their advantages

January 27, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

TV brackets are one of the most useful accessories in the home as they help home owners to install TV sets. These brackets offer several benefits to their users. Following are some such benefits:

Benefits of using TV brackets

TV brackets help users to maximise space due to their compact and slim nature. They prevent the onset of clutter by providing more room for items other than the TV. In addition, TV brackets enable users to adjust the viewing angle as per their preferences. They are attractive in appearance and can be used to enhance the visual appeal of the home décor.

However, TV brackets are available in many different varieties and models. Each model offers distinct benefits to users. Two popular models are as follows:

Swivelling TV brackets

Swivelling TV brackets provide users with a greater degree of flexibility. The TV set can be rotated horizontally. Users do not need to change their viewing position, rather the position of the TV.

Cantilever TV brackets

Cantilever brackets are one of the most popular accessories among consumers. They are usually used in commercial establishments. Cantilever brackets can support all sizes of TV sets and feature an arm to enhance the flexibility of positioning.

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