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TV wall brackets for a spare room

December 26, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Most people usually have a spare room or at least a room where they are not really sure what to do with it. You might decide to use it for storage and a place to stack up all those boxes of stuff you haven’t figured out what to do with just yet.

Alternatively, you might choose to transform it into a guest bedroom which friends and family can use when they stay over from time to time. As well as the bed, you could still make use of the spare room to keep all your hobby equipment and other bits and bobs.

Some people decide to keep a computer set up in the spare room, or even turn it into a home office. Whether you run a business from home or not, it can be handy to have this space set up where you can do all your administration and have a dedicated home for the computer or laptop.

If you have kids then they may use this space as a play area. You can make it a safe place for them to keep all their toys and games.

With most of these suggestions you might wish to install a television in there too. In order to do this in the most space conscious and safe manner you should ideally mount the unit using TV wall brackets. These are quite easy to fix to the wall as well as your TV and can be positioned anywhere in the room for optimum effect.

TV wall brackets for your new look bedroom

December 23, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

The bedroom is the one place in the home that a person can truly call their own space and so it is only natural to want to decorate and furnish it the way you like.

Everyone has their own ideas with regards to décor and style. Some people like to put up posters in their room, while others prefer to keep the wall free, save for a mirror.

However you decide to go about planning your new look bedroom is up to you. Just make sure that there is enough space left on the wall for TV wall brackets. This is so you can install your television in the most effective way; whether this is for watching TV in bed, or from a chair besides your dressing table.

With the latest adjustable TV mounts, you can even choose to put the flat panel TV in the corner of the room where the unit can be pulled out and displayed in the most desirable position.

This added flexibility gives you more options than ever before as you can put the TV wherever you think it will go best without having to be restricted in terms of the space you have available.

Finding a suitable place for the TV won’t take you very long to figure out so you can concentrate on the interior decoration of the room and getting it exactly as you like it. Having a room personalised in this fashion will make it seem even more homely than ever before.

Brave the weather or enjoy your TV and TV wall brackets instead?

December 18, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets, TV industry news — Written by Perry

With the severe weather we have been having this weekend you would have been forgiven for staying indoors rather than deciding to go Christmas shopping or anything else for that matter.

Icy conditions have been affecting much of Britain over the past few days with high winds and storms experienced in some areas on the south coast of England.

With the Met Office predicting snow and freezing temperatures for the near future at least, it is no wonder then that people do not want to have to battle with the elements in order to go about their daily lives.

Instead of braving the high winds and heavy rain or snow, it means that most people, including those with children, will be looking to find their entertainment indoors.

Watching television and playing computer games is a favourite pastime for many people, so if you are one of those that likes to while away a few hours in front of the box where it is warm you might wish to consider wall mounting your TV set.

By putting the device on the wall using accessories called TV wall brackets, you can see the screen much more clearly wherever in the room you are seated.

So, with Christmas fast approaching and the bad weather set to continue, for the time being at least, you really need to consider whether going outside is absolutely necessary. At least you have something to do with the various entertainment options available to you at this time of year.

Christmas movie premieres for your TV and TV wall brackets

December 17, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets, TV industry news — Written by Tina

When you purchase a high spec television you would certainly want to get the most out of it. After all, if you have splashed out on one of the latest models and have also had to fork out for a suitable TV wall mount, you want to get good value for this indulgence.

If you have treated yourself thus far, why not go the whole hog and sort out a cable or satellite TV package too so you can benefit from the latest film premieres which are being shown this Christmas.

The Sky Movies channels are certainly worth the outlay for film fans as they can see blockbusters as well as indie hits from the past year, with some only just out of the cinema. This means that you don’t have to venture out of your home to enjoy the best in entertainment.

The sound and visual capabilities of your brand new LCD or plasma television can be tested to the full when you put on these movies in full high definition picture and digital sound.

To enjoy this special experience at Christmas time you need to invest in a set-top box, which can also be mounted underneath your TV wall brackets holding your TV on the wall.

From there you can browse the various film channels and pick out the titles that really catch your eye. With premieres like The Dilemma starring Vince Vaughn, Morning Glory starring Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams and Middle Men with Luke Wilson, there is a great selection for you to choose from.

Calibrating your LCD TV mounted on TV wall brackets

December 13, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

When you first buy a new LCD flat panel television you may have noticed that the manufacturer’s settings are usually turned up to their maximum level in terms of the picture.

This is because TV makers like Sony and Samsung want the model to stand out from the crowd when it is placed on the shop floor and want to ensure it is enhanced as much as possible so people want to buy it. However, directors of television and film programming rarely expect their creation to be presented in this way, which is what calibration is required when you get this LCD TV.

The picture can easily be adjusted and tweaked so that the brightness and contrast levels are set at the optimum for TV enjoyment instead of for marketing purposes.

The edge enhancement features of the image can also be turned off or left on, according to your preferences. The main thing is to make sure that the picture presented is natural to the eye as this can really influence the pleasure you get from viewing your LCD TV.

By calibrating the set you can get the best possible picture and ensure it is set up properly for future usage. What looks best is up to you, so it may take some time until you get the fine tuning right and you are happy with the setup.

It is also worth adjusting the angle of the TV mounted using the TV wall brackets you purchased online, so that everything is as it should be.

Consider every angle with TV wall brackets

December 8, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

When you are searching online for TV wall brackets to mount your brand new flat panel TV on, you first need to consider where in the room the television is to be installed.

There is no point in going ahead with a TV mount purchase and finding the one you selected does not offer you the flexibility required to be able to see the screen properly. As this is an investment you would hope to last a long time, you need to be patient and look around first.

If you are thinking of making use of a corner space in the room then corner TV brackets have an extendable reaching arm so you can pull out the display from the corner and adjust the angle until it is just perfect.

Cantilever TV wall brackets are the ultimate in flexibility, so if you need to tilt, turn, swivel or pull out the bracket, this is not going to be an issue for you. You can position the TV wherever you like and still get a good view from your seating position.

After all, you are going to spend many hours of your life watching the TV and using it for all sorts of things including accessing the internet and playing video games on, so you need to think carefully about how you fit it using TV wall brackets.

With plenty of brackets available to buy online, you will have no trouble finding the right one for your television and a model which gives the manoeuvrability you require.

Setting up a television on TV wall brackets in your child’s room

December 7, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

If you have just got to the stage when your child has asked for a television in their own room and you can find no reason to dismiss the idea any longer, you still need to ensure that the TV is made safe for them to use.

While they may no longer be a baby, children can easily, in their haste and excitement, still forget about important things like safety when using technology in their bedrooms.

This is why as you go about setting this up for them, not only do you need to stress the importance of being careful around these devices, you also have to do your bit.

By fixing the flat panel television to the wall using a TV mount you can make sure that this is certainly the case. As the TV is in the one place, while still allowing some movement to adjust to the right viewing angles, you can have total peace of mind that this will not prove to be a hazard to your child.

They can use the remote control supplied with the modern LCD or plasma TV and this is all they require in order to change channels and watch what they want – although it is always advisable to make use of the parental controls to restrict the content that can be accessed.

So should you be faced with this situation, the fact that the unit can be securely fitted to the wall can make the decision a lot easier to make.

Order your TV wall brackets in time for Christmas

December 5, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

If you already know that someone is buying you a flat screen television set for Christmas, then firstly it is worth pointing out that you are very fortunate to have a loved one willing to get you such a gift!

The latest flat panel TV models come with all sorts of features and specifications to wow you and entertain you while the cold winter nights are upon us.

However, it can never be stressed too many times that wall-mounting your brand new high tech TV is the most advisable way of enjoying it to the optimum level.

This is for a number of reasons, but mainly because TV wall brackets, when purchased in their flexible form, can allow you to move the screen into the most desirable viewing position possible.

So if you are getting a TV for Christmas and know the size of the screen being bought for you (along with the make and model), you can confidently place an order online for the TV wall brackets to go with your gift.

On Christmas Day when you open the box of your television, you won’t have to settle for placing the new device on a table or stand. Instead, you can mount it right away using these handy wall mounts.

By choosing them now you can ensure that they will arrive in plenty of time before the inevitable Christmas rush and store them away for the big day when you will be able to check out your impressive new TV set.

VESA spacing and which TV wall brackets to buy

December 3, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

If you want to know the type of TV wall bracket to get for your new plasma or LCD television then you first need to know how to measure the device and also learn a bit more about VESA spacing.

Measuring your TV size

The traditional way of measuring a TV’s size is to start at the bottom left hand corner of the viewing screen and move across to the top right hand corner. This is the area you need to concentrate on, ignoring any speakers in the process.

One thing to note is that the measurement is taken down in inches rather than centimetres or millimetres.

Getting the right TV wall brackets

To ensure you purchase the most suitable bracket for your television you need to measure the distances between the four mounting points at the back of your flat panel television.

So that your TV bracket can be attached without any problems you need to read up about the VESA measurements, which are usually detailed in any TV user guide.

Alternatively, you can search online by going to the website of the television manufacturer or you can measure the spacing yourself using a ruler or tape measure.

If you decide to undertake this task yourself, you need to bear in mind that the spacing of the mounting holes can be in either a rectangular or square shape.

The distance between holes A and B, plus B and C can be used to work out the VESA spacing in millimetres.

For safety choose TV wall brackets over a TV cabinet

December 2, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

There was a tragic situation in the news recently where a three-year-old girl died after she was crushed by a TV cabinet. This is not the first time someone has been injured by such heavy furniture, which is why it is advisable to consider safety when looking to place your flat panel TV.

While it might be true that the latest plasma and LED screen models are lighter and thinner than TVs in the past, if you have a larger screen size like 40 or 50 inches then it can still weigh a considerable amount.

It is also true to say that the small flat TV stand provided with most of these televisions are incredibly unstable and when the TV is perched on this device you cannot be sure it will provide the security you require, especially when you have children in the house.

The instructions provided with most TVs do not really explain how to screw the unit to a flat surface and so a plasma or LCD TV when not properly positioned can prove to be an accident waiting to happen.

This is why TV wall brackets are not only marketed as an accessory that gives you the best choice in terms of viewing angles and the ability to add to the experience, but are also a safer option too.

Yes, TV mounts help you to save on floor space, but they also take the big TV and place it out of reach of small children. With these secure devices, you can be sure that as long as you follow the mounting instructions provided with the bracket, it will offer the level of safety you require.

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