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TV brackets and a new TV: the perfect Christmas presents

December 20, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Tina

It can be such an exciting thing to purchase when you take a look at the various TVs on offer and select one for your home. While some items are bought out of necessity and do not generate much excitement, knowing you are going to receive a new television for Christmas is a really nice feeling.

Many people will be hoping to get a new LED or plasma television this year as they dream of watching the festive schedule in style. To do this you need to speak to your other half about the sort of make and model that would be able to give you the level of performance you need.

Budget is always going to be the main consideration, but you can get really good high definition televisions for excellent value these days, so don’t be quick to discount the more extravagant bigger models until you’ve shopped around online to see if there are any bargains going around at the moment.

If you want to enjoy some Christmas films in all their glory, you need to be careful which TV you end up buying, while not forgetting to purchase TV brackets that allow you to see the screen from your seating position.

These are all things to contemplate and with just a week to go until the big day, you’d better get cracking as you look for the most suitable unit that will bring the special Christmas cheer to your home. This is an exciting decision that most people would love to make.

Ways to install your LCD flat screen TV – including TV brackets (Part 2)

December 15, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Over these articles we have been coming up with ways in which you might want to position your LCD TV in your home. We have considered table stands and have generally discussed TV brackets, but the latter will now be examined in more detail.

Flat TV wall brackets

These wall mounts help you to make the best us of the technology, while providing an excellent space-saving solution. This is quite a cost-effective option to go for, but doesn’t offer as much flexibility as some of the other types mentioned below. These flat mounts will only add a couple of inches to the screen’s depth.

Tilting TV wall brackets

If you want to position your LCD TV above eye level, then this tilting variety might be for you. It still manages to keep the set out of the way, while making the screen instantly accessible from anywhere in the vicinity. These wall brackets are particularly suited to placing the display above the fireplace or on the wall of a bedroom. They will add around four to six inches to the depth of the display.

Articulating TV brackets

These mounts use their swivelling arms to bring the screen out from the wall when in use, while they can be pushed back against the wall when not being used. The display can also be turned to the sides as well as up and down.

Ceiling TV wall brackets

If a wall is not appropriate, the TV can be mounted on the ceiling instead using these brackets. They usually come with adjustability options too for ease of viewing.

Ways to install your LCD flat screen TV – including TV brackets (Part 1)

December 14, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Tina

If you are considering the best way to place your new LCD TV there are now a number of choices for you to think about. With this technology you can position the TV display any way you wish, unlike with the televisions of the past.

With the old CRT TV, a room was usually configured around the set and not the other way round. Nowadays the TV can be incorporated into most styles of décor and with a little thought, you can really get creative.

In these articles we will be discussing what you can do to install your LCD TV in any room of your home so you get the right setting for it and can watch it in a way that gives you the optimum in terms of viewing pleasure.

Table stands

These are still a popular method of placing a television within a home, mainly due to the fact that you normally get one of these accessories with the TV itself. On some occasions you might need to order one separately. If you have plenty of space available on a table, the stand would make for a good idea, and a viable alternative to wall mounting your flat panel display.

TV wall brackets

Your LCD TV can be mounted on almost any wall of your house, but where you choose to do so can depend on a number of factors.

In the next article we will be looking at some of the varieties of TV bracket and explaining the main benefits of each.

Calibrating your LCD TV mounted on TV wall brackets

December 13, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

When you first buy a new LCD flat panel television you may have noticed that the manufacturer’s settings are usually turned up to their maximum level in terms of the picture.

This is because TV makers like Sony and Samsung want the model to stand out from the crowd when it is placed on the shop floor and want to ensure it is enhanced as much as possible so people want to buy it. However, directors of television and film programming rarely expect their creation to be presented in this way, which is what calibration is required when you get this LCD TV.

The picture can easily be adjusted and tweaked so that the brightness and contrast levels are set at the optimum for TV enjoyment instead of for marketing purposes.

The edge enhancement features of the image can also be turned off or left on, according to your preferences. The main thing is to make sure that the picture presented is natural to the eye as this can really influence the pleasure you get from viewing your LCD TV.

By calibrating the set you can get the best possible picture and ensure it is set up properly for future usage. What looks best is up to you, so it may take some time until you get the fine tuning right and you are happy with the setup.

It is also worth adjusting the angle of the TV mounted using the TV wall brackets you purchased online, so that everything is as it should be.

A top of the range Samsung 3D TV for your TV wall brackets

November 30, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

Not very many people have four grand available to splash on an LED-backlit 3D television, but in case you do, here is a review of a model that is sure to impress you.

If you are spending this astronomical sum on one of the latest TV models then you would want to know that your money is being well spent. Well, if you go for the Samsung UE60D8000 then in the design stakes it certainly lives up to the billing.

This TV looks simply amazing, and so it should for £4,000 of anyone’s money, but it is also able to produce incredibly punchy images and comes with a remarkable array of top internet features.

The only negative points to make on such a stunning TV from Samsung’s elite D8000 range is that its backlighting is inconsistent and the 3D experiences a degree of crosstalk (or ghosting of images). The latter is a common issue with the latest in 3D technology and needs to be addressed.

However, apart from these small gripes when this ‘double exposure’ occurs, the latest addition by Samsung is an excellent high-end model. You will find it is supreme in terms of style and is almost perfect for the premium buyer in terms of its pictures.

With a huge screen size of 60” you will need to find TV wall brackets that are up to the job. Make sure you only decide on a TV mount which has been designed for holding these large 3D TVs. You would only wish to place your trust in a support that wouldn’t ever let you down.

Should I get a 3D TV now for my TV wall brackets?

November 27, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

If you are in the market for a new flat panel TV for your living room or bedroom, you may have been tempted by 3DTV which has been touted as the ‘next big thing’.

With the price of these 3D televisions still at the high end of the scale when it comes to HD technology, now might not be the ideal time to invest in one, unless you can afford this privilege.

However, as you factor in the cost of 3D glasses to go with this brand new set, you have to ask yourself whether it is all worth it, especially if you have a family of avid TV viewers to satisfy. Remember, every viewer needs to have their own pair to be able to partake in the 3D experience.

Many people over here and in the US are still unsure as to whether the latest 3DTV models from the likes of LG, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung are worth the additional expense, when HD itself is able to provide an amazing home cinema experience in itself.

Another thing to bear in mind with 3D is that you will also need to have a player capable of processing 3D images and the content to play as well. So as long as you are aware of all this, you can make a decision based on your budget and need for this new technology.

Whether you decide to go ahead with your 3DTV purchase, or go for a standard HD model instead, you really need to ensure you get the right TV wall brackets to go with this purchase so it can be mounted onto the wall.

Are plasma or LED TVs and TV brackets better value?

October 12, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Since the introduction of LED LCD TVs, the debate whether plasma TVs are better value for money than their LCD equivalent has again been reignited. The categories have been brought closer by the simple fact that LCDs are now closer in price to plasma TVs and LEDs are at the higher level of their market.

For your viewing pleasure you may be wondering which screen gives you the best value for money in terms of the size you are paying for. Although these two technologies are similar in output, the way they work in delivering images to the viewer are completely different.

LCD TVs and plasmas are now more easily available in large sizes, but plasma TVs are still the biggest by a long way. This is demonstrated by the fact that manufacturers LG and Pioneer offer 61” models, while Panasonic have produced a huge 65” plasma.

These screens may be massive but their screen image is still very reliable, so plasmas are still the one to beat when it comes to value against the capabilities of the set.

This does not mean that LED LCDs are not catching up, as you can now get top quality models at reasonable prices.

If you want to ensure the best value on your mounting choice, then buy your TV brackets online as you can make great savings by doing it this way. The accessory can be delivered within a day or two and you can install your new TV safely on the wall.

Where to buy your LED TV and accompanying TV wall brackets

September 30, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

These days, electrical goods stores are not the only places to go if you wish to buy one of the latest TV devices using LED technology. This is because the world of the internet opens up a lot more options for you to consider.

While going in to a physical store and coming away with your purchase still has its appeal, especially when you could be taking it home the same day, if you planned your TV buying in advance, you could get a new unit delivered for when you needed it.

If you want to go ahead and start looking for an LED TV to buy online, it is always advisable to conduct a fair amount of research first. You can check out review sites to find the right make and model of LED TV you were thinking about getting.

As well as seeing that it performs well, you can also do a price comparison to find the cheapest place to get this particular model, not forgetting that you need to also consider the delivery. Buying from a supplier which can be relied on to deliver the unit, undamaged, and when they say they will do this is another important consideration.

Once you have decided where you will be getting your new LED TV from, you now need to consider your installation options. TV wall brackets can be purchased online through a dedicated supplier, so make sure you order the right one for your TV today and it should arrive around the same time as the TV itself.

Purchase your LCD TV and TV wall brackets from reputable sources

September 28, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

It is important to get the right LCD television for your viewing needs, taking into account many factors such as the price, size of the TV and how you will choose to install it. The place where you get the television from is important if you want to ensure that nothing goes wrong, so it arrives undamaged and on time.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider internet TV suppliers selling the latest LED and LCD TVs who have a good reputation for customer service, both during and after the sale. This is crucial if you want to avoid having problems later on.

A new LCD flat panel television is certainly a big investment so it is only right that you look around and check out these suppliers before opting for one to get your TV model from.

In addition to the purchase of the TV itself, you also have a decision to make as to how you would like to install it. A TV wall bracket is a great alternative to the table stand option as you can choose to mount the TV out of harm’s way and make the room more spacious too.

The same applies when buying TV brackets as well, in that you need to consider carefully where you will be getting the device from. There are many suppliers out there so it is worth taking the time to select one experienced in this area, sells top quality products and one able to deliver your mount within a short space of time.

How TV brackets have evolved and so have televisions

September 27, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Perry

It shows how far we have come when you take a look back at the very first television sets. Not only were they all displaying a picture in black and white, but people had to settle for a lower standard of picture quality – though some would argue that the content hasn’t always improved at the same rate.

During the 80s and 90s most TVs were still big and bulky and although nearly all in colour, they have come so far within the last decade. In fact, with the latest high definition televisions, these devices now offer far more in terms of being able to link in with all kinds of other equipment as well.

It is true to say that the overall entertainment experience has increased dramatically over time, with the most up-to-date LED, LCD and plasma TVs now being slimmer and lighter than ever, yet providing even more in terms of picture and sound quality plus the number of features available. And with the popularity of 3D in cinemas now being transferred to the home, you can now even get TVs with 3D built in.

To keep up pace with technology, TV wall brackets have been able to change too. As the TVs went slimmer and less bulky, these mounts can be designed to make the most of the TV set while looking stylish themselves at the same time. With a range of adjustment and flexibility features to suit the user, everyone can be happy with how far these devices have evolved over time.

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