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September 10, 2011

Advice for choosing your TV bracket.

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TV bracket is the latest must have accessory for the modern home. Whatever type you decide on, installing a new TV bracket brings a real difference to the room.

Cantilever TV brackets are best for bigger rooms as they give the best range of movement. Fixed TV brackets provide a safe and secure fix for the TV. Tilt and swivel TV brackets mean you can tilt the screen if you think you may vary your position regularly and the TV bracket brings this option for you.

TV brackets bring new possibilities to your home because a TV bracket accessory not only improves the viewing experience of the TV but can also improve the look of any room, by carefully considering where to install the TV bracket.

You can apply TV brackets in positions you wouldn’t usually consider and it is worth noting that TV brackets can be attached on the ceiling in rooms where space is limited.

Hitachi L19DG07 Hitachi L19DK04 Hitachi 19LD3560 Hitachi L19DP04 Hitachi L22DG07 Hitachi L22DK04 Hitachi 22LD3560 Hitachi 22LE6560 Hitachi L22DP04 Hitachi L22VG07 Hitachi L26DP04 Hitachi L32HC04 Hitachi L32VG08 Hitachi L32VK06 Hitachi L42VG08 Hitachi L42VK06 Hitachi L42VC04 Hitachi L46VN05 Hitachi L46VG09

May 18, 2011

TV Bracket Benefits

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A TV bracket is one of the best buys TV owner can make if they want to show off their telly. With super stylish LEDs joining LCD and Plasma screens on the market, you might think a TV bracket is not necessary to improve on its looks but buying a TV bracket has many practical benefits too. A TV bracket is a great way to create new space in your rooms as well as being a neat security feature too.

A TV bracket allows you to hang your screen on the wall giving a window like effect. You can install a TV bracket with a few tools very quickly but a good quality TV bracket is built to last and the enjoyment a TV bracket brings will last indefinitely of course.

There are several types of TV bracket to choose from. The ultra slim TV bracket keeps your set close to the wall, maximising space and is therefore for the bigger, heavier sets. You can go for a swivel TV bracket too so you can adjust the viewing position. A corner TV bracket is very clever because it uses space that would otherwise be wasted. Finally there is the TV bracket for ceilings, much like one you might see in a barber shop or shopping centre. .

With the cost of the latest TV tech coming down, a TV bracket has come down in price too. The best makes of TV bracket can all be viewed in one place if you shop online from an established TV bracket seller but choosing a TV bracket is made more straightforward as they are designed to fit all TVs. They only cost a small percentage of the cost of a new TV but they do make the most of it.


February 17, 2011

TV Bracket: A Guide to Choosing the Right One.

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TV brackets are arguably the must have accessory for your new LCD or LED TV. By installing a TV bracket you will immediately improve the look of your room, turning your ‘Box’ in to a real feature to be admired.  A TV bracket will safely affix your TV to the wall removing the need for a space-wasting media unit and give you your living room back.

You can choose from a variety of TV brackets to suit your needs. Standard TV brackets easily mount your TV to the wall. These TV brackets are ideal if you are happy with the position of your unit and won’t need to adjust it.  If you do, a swivel TV bracket enables you to turn the TV up to 180 degrees for when you want to watch from another part of the room with full view of the screen, or for when glare from the sun is affecting your enjoyment. You can even choose a ceiling mounted swivel TV bracket which could allow you to rotate the TV 360 degrees, giving you unlimited viewing angles. Look out for tilting TV brackets too which allow you to make even finer adjustments.

Choosing a TV bracket online is the best way to buy as the best TV bracket prices can only be found on specialist websites. In fact, the price of a TV bracket is so reasonable you could install one in every room, even the kitchen. It pays to invest in a TV bracket because they are also a positive security measure, keeping your pride and joy safe from accidents and theft.


February 23, 2010

TV Mounts - the key to clean and clear room

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If embracing a modern style of living is something you’re thinking of trying out by going and getting that super flash flatscreen, then don’t forget about TV mounts to be sure to complete the look.

But pure aesthetic aside, TV mounts are a practical business too. Reasons to buy TV mounts are vast and varied - here are a just a few …

Are you fed up with the mess that seems to have become your front room? And at your wits end as to how to make the many ornaments and pieces of furniture look appealing because together it’s all starting to look a bit too overcrowded. Alternatively, maybe your back’s playing up from how you’re (badly) viewing your TV? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then TV mounts are for you.

Once your TV is up on your wall thanks to TV Mounts, then you can say hello to space and a happy spine. What’s more, your telly will probably thank you for it because it will be up an out of harm’s way.

Check out our great TV mounts










September 13, 2009

KDL-32D3000 Bracket

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KDL-32D3000 Bracket
Sony worked its cotton socks off to unite the masses in favour of LCDs over plasma TVs. To achieve this, they put money and effort into both both product and marketing. Their  W & X-Series put them on a picture quality pedestal and this was supported by a huge marketing campaign to turn public consciousness onto to how amazing 1080p-full-HD is.
And now they have the KDL-32D3000. The KDL-32D3000 comes out with 24 fps compatibility, 100Hz motion rendering, and 10-bit colour depth. Unfortunately there is no 1920×1080 panel resolution because Sony is saving this so the W2000 and X2000 can be considered worthy of this accolade.
Nonetheless, the KDL-32D3000 is a beauty and needs to be mounted with pride. The best KDL-32D3000 bracket is one that offers full versatility. At 32 inches the  KDL-32D3000 is at the upper threshold of TVs desired by those with slightly challenging spaces. Here is a great little mover, which offers full cantilever action and which is currently half price

LE32B652    LCD
LE37B652    LCD
LE37B651    LCD
LE32B550    LCD
LE40B550    LCD
LE37B550    LCD
LE32A559    LCD
LE32A556    LCD
LE37A556    LCD
LE40A556    LCD
LE46A556    LCD
LE52A556    LCD
LE32A557    LCD
LE37A557    LCD
LE46A557    LCD
LE52A557    LCD
LE40A557    LCD
LE32A558    LCD

KDL40V2000 wall mount

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KDL40V2000  wall mount
Sony Bravia second generation is spoilt with technology.
But, considering it has been lavished with technology , it’s still retains humble qualities.
However, it’s not a sociable fellow, with few connections it prefers to be self-reliant. But Sony is trying to teach it a thing or two about the benefits of opening up and has included a 15-pin PC socket, which is a first for Sony.
The KD40V2000 has a PCMCIA slot which doubles up as a tuner.
HD ready wise it more than meets the specs KD40V2000  (a native resolution of 1,366×768 pixels and compatibility with the 1080i and 720p formats).
What’s the best KDL40V2000 wall mount? Well, at 40 inches, you want a KDL40V2000 wall mount you can trust. We’d recommend a flat mounter that will keep it flush and safe.

LE46A558    LCD
LE37A558    LCD
LE40A558    LCD
LE52A558    LCD
LE32A552    LCD
LE26B450    LCD
LE19B450    LCD
LE22B450    LCD
LE32B450    LCD
LE22A457C1D    LCD
LE32A436    LCD
LE37A436    LCD
LE40A436    LCD
LE22A455    LCD
LE32A455    LCD
LE40A455    LCD
LE26A456    LCD

kdl40w2000 bracket

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kdl40w2000 bracket

BRAVIA stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture so let’s see if the picture quality stands up to this statement.
The Sony Bravia KDL40W2000 looks to extend Sony’s domination of the market. Once upon a time, plasmas controlled the space and mainly because plasmas had deeper black levels, which made for better contrast, especially with larger screens. The KDL40W2000 looks to change this. For example, the   Sony KDL-40W2000 out performs the Pioneer PDP-427XD.

Image quality design are first class nad it comes specced with future proof design additions. The Sony KDL40W2000 is well connected. Essentially, you can connect up to four HD sources simultaneously.

With perfect picture processing and full HD, including the latest 1080p.

It’s elegant an deserves to be respected with a decent kdl40w2000 bracket, so here’s one we made earlier.

LE32A456    LCD
LE37A456    LCD
LE40A456    LCD
LE32A451    LCD
LE26A457    LCD
LE32A457    LCD
LE37A457C1D    LCD
LE37A457C1D    LCD
LE40A457    LCD
LE26A336    LCD
LE32A336    LCD
LE37A336    LCD
LE40A336    LCD
LE55A956D1M    LCD
LE46A956D1M    LCD

LE32R87BD wall bracket

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LE32R87BD wall bracket

We would consider this to be a be a bit of best kept secret. Priced at an entry level price tag you would expect similar quality, or lack of, but it blows the competition out of the water in our opinion. It’s extremely sexy and is definitely mixing with lower league models in its current bracket and needs to be moved up to mix with the more elite.

There’s also more to it than image alone. It’s a 32 inch HD-Ready which is happy with most kinds if HD content. It’s pretty friendly with three HDMI ins and a PC input. It also works with HDMI CEC control bus, which means you can run the machine and other Samsung stuff off of one handset.

To complete the look, why don’t you mount it with a great tilting LE3287BD wall bracket to make sure you get design and ultimate viewing pleasure at the same time?

LE19R86WD    LCD
LE22S86BD    LCD
LE19R88BD    LCD
LE19R86BD    LCD
LE23R86WD    LCD
PS50A750     Plasma
PS63A756    Plasma
PS50A656     Plasma
PS50A556     Plasma
PS50A557     Plasma
PS50A558     Plasma
PS50A476     Plasma
PS42A451    Plasma
PS42A161    Plasma
PS50A416C    Plasma

August 8, 2009

UT42MX70 wall mount

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UT42MX70 wall mount

The UT42MX70 has many bonuses, some of which are detailed below. To really make your UT42MX70 into the home entertainment system it deserves to be it needs to mounted. But what is the best UT42MX70 wall mount?

There is no doubt that the UT42MX70 offers customers great picture quality; it has a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It also delivers excellent sound quality. It’sa  beautiful machine which is ever so slender at just 35mm wide, or should we say thin, but with a generous screen size of 42 inches.
The best UT42MX70 wall mount, bearing in mind slender frame but sizeable screen size is something that will flat mount the UT42MX70 flush against the wall. This will accentuate it’s waif-like waist. On that basis we would recommend this  UT42MX70 wall mount.




32 UT32MH70




August 6, 2009

“KDL 46W2000 wall mount”

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“KDL 46W2000 wall mount”

What’s the best “KDL 46W2000 wall mount”?

The Sony Bravia KDL 46W2000 HD Ready 1080p LCD TV is a fine looking specimen with a slender frame. The dimensions are 118mm (d) x 755mm (h) x 1120mm (w) so it’s perfectly possible to mount this beauty with a wall mount that remains hidden.

The Sony Bravia KDL 46W2000 is a HD Ready LCD TV with a 1080p resolution. This is a top of the range LCD TV. The resolution of the LCD panel is 1920×1080, over 2 million pixels for crystal clarity. 1080p is the maximum resolution for HDTV use and, to give you an idea of just how professional this is, it is also used for Blu-Ray and Sony Playstation 3. The Sony KDL 46W2000 comes with the Sony Bravia Engine built to deliver a high contrast image and noise reduction. Connecting to other devices is straightforward with its two HDMI sockets. Integrating terrestrial and Freeview channels is a walk in the park with the tuner.

So what is the best “KDL 46W2000 wall mount”?

We think that this ultra flat model is a pretty perfect for those wanting to hide the bracket and show off the TV. This “KDL 46W2000 wall mount” is so simple to install, it’s child’s play.







LCD MultiSync® LCD3215

LCD KDL-46X4500



Plasma    LE46A856S1M


LCD 50PS8000
Plasma KRP-500ABG

LCD 42PFL9903H




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