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December 21, 2009

[pioneer PDK WM02]

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[pioneer PDK WM02]

The [pioneer PDK WM02] is a Pioneer wall bracket made specifically for its plasmas.
But don’t be fooled into thinking that the [pioneer PDK WM02] is the only option available to you if you have bought a Pioneers plasma. This is lucky because these made to custom products are incredibly expensive and can come as a nasty surprise to some customers who have just spent a great deal of money buying one of their flashy Pioneers.

Sometimes people don’t realise there are other brackets, which will let them mount their plasmas, available on the market and feel they have to either pay out or lose out on mounting. In fact, there are numerous wall mounts available to customers thought wall mount specialists. Wall mount specialists design wall mounts of all kinds in order to be able to provide products that work with the plethora of makes and models on the market. They are often much more competitively priced too. Naturally then, by shopping around, you’ll find the perfect wall mount at a really great price.

Click here for here for [pioneer PDK WM02] alternatives.









November 28, 2009

Shortlist of flat 40V2000 mounts

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Sony can’t be accused of playing it safe, it’s really gone down the innovation route but has the  R&D paid off
Bizarrely, given the amount of technology lurking beneath its skin, it’s understated on the outside, but still attractive. Even more bizarre is that it only has one HDMI, which suggests Sony should have spent a bit more on research rather than on development. But you can add an HDMI switching box. And, there is a PC socket. Hooray! Sony had  been previously reluctant on this.
The 40V2000 also meets the HD Ready standard, and has an HD-friendly native resolution of 1,366×768 pixels and compatibility with the 1080i and 720p formats. But it can’t take the more advanced 1080p resolution.
And, as you’d expect, the Bravia Engine brings increased sharpness, rich colours and great noise-reduction.
The only way to mount this is to use one of the many flat 40V2000 mounts out there. To save you trawling the internet for flat 40V2000 mounts, we’ve done the research for you and have developed a shortlist of flat 40V2000 mounts, which you can look at by clicking here.


November 27, 2009

How to choose a 32WLT66 mount

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To choose a 32WLT66 mount, you need to assess the character of the set of itself and buy a 32WLT66 mount which will accentuate its good points.

Even though Toshiba entered the LCD TV market late, its latest sets certainly play catch up well.

It certainly looks the part and mixes a heady cocktail of matt black, grey trim and smooth curves that gets the pulse racing. You can also choose to have the optional £150 subwoofer, which neatly attaches to the  rear.
Two HDMI sockets communicate that this is a set that likes to communicate. Good. It also has component video input, a 15-pin D-Sub for PC connection, and, unfortunately, a mean two SCARTs.

It has a native HD-friendly resolution of 1,366 x 768 and compatibility with 720p and 1080i signals. Great. But it can’t take 1080p feeds.

All in all, the picture is good and you need a 32WLT66 mount which makes sure this gets noticed. The fact that this machine also looks good when it’s not in use means that you can flat mount it, no problem. It will be a great feature whatever the weather.


November 26, 2009

What customers say about the [32LG3000 wall bracket]

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From talking to customers we know that they prefer the cantilever [32LG3000 wall bracket]. The main reason for this is because this screen is 32 inches, which makes it just big enough for a front room, but also a very luxurious addition to any bedroom. A cantilever [32LG3000 wall bracket] keeps customers’ options open. A cantilever [32LG3000 wall bracket] is the most flexible [32LG3000 wall bracket] on the market so whatever the shape of your room you should be able to make your set look great with a [32LG3000 wall bracket].
In terms of the set then, it’s straightforward to install as is the [32LG3000 wall bracket] we’ve recommended below. The design of the set is great and it makes a nice feature even when it’s not in use.






November 25, 2009

Best 32C3030DB wall bracket

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Toshiba’s Regza C-series includes a 32-inch model which we’re discussing today.  It’s pretty good looking and has two HDMIs along with the usual other inputs.

A built-in digital Freeview TV tuner is included. As far as picture quality goes, colours are vibrant and the Active Vision picture processing technology might be working to help achieve that. Its aim is to deliver three times more pixels and four times more colour tones than conventional LCDs.

The 1080i resolution is decent but it doesn’t blow you away. And as long as you don’t mind altering a few things in terms of picture here and there, we think most people will be pretty impressed/ Pre-sets are limited though.

At 32 inches, this is still in the market for a cantilever 32C3030DB wall bracket wherever you decide to use it - as a main TV or as a bedroom set. Looking through the many types of 32C3030DB wall bracket we have, we’ve plumped for this 32C3030DB wall bracket as the best bet.

Click here for the best 32C3030DB wall bracket

November 24, 2009

Review of 26WLT66 Brackets

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The 26WLT66, also known as the 26 WLT66 and the 26-WLT66 has a fairly solid 800:1 dynamic contrast ratio for a screen this size. The set also comes with a analogue and a digital tuner. Toshiba’s Active Vision also works towards bringing you a clear picture. There are different modes to choose from to make the most different types of content. This set has a panel lock so that presets don’t get accidentally wiped by careless guests’ rear ends and the like. And there’s a a 7-day electronic programme guide, so that you can set reminders.

2 HDMIs for a bedroom set is good news but it only comes with one scart. But on the bright side, there’s component video, RGB scart, AV input, and a PC input, so you can use it as a computer too. This is why the 26WLT66 brackets we looked at were cantilever 26WLT66 brackets. With such a bracket you easily have the flexibility to do with your set what you want.

At 26-inches, this is a great sized bedroom set so we’ve gone ahead and selected one of our cantilever 26WLT66 brackets. This particular bracket selected from our cantilever 26WLT66 brackets will work the corners of any bedroom.

BRAVIA    KDL-55X4500    LCD    55
BRAVIA    XEL-1    OLED    11
BRAVIA    KDL-52EX1    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-46EX1    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40EX1    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-46Z4500    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40Z4500    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-52V5500    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-46WE5W    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-46W5500    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40WE5W    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-46V5500    LCD    46

November 21, 2009

26PF5520 bracket

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26PF5520 bracket

This Philips TV comes in at a screen size of 26 inches. It’s a widescreen HD Ready LCD, which is HDTV compatible. It has a brightness of 450 cd/m2 and a fairly impressive contrast ratio for a screen of this size of 600:1. Philips Image Enhancement Engine takes care of crisp picture quality. All in all this deserves to be given bedroom status.

Everyone’s bedrooms are different shapes and sizes so it’s difficult to prescribe a one size fits all 26PF5520 bracket that will suit everyone’s spaces. However, it’s fair to say that the most flexible kind of 26PF5520 bracket is a cantilever 26PF5520 bracket, so we’ve gone ahead and collated a list of all the different kinds of 26PF5520 bracket we have available. It’s an exhaustive list so if you don’t find a 26PF5520 bracket you like there, it doesn’t exist.

X461UN    LCD
LCD5220    LCD
LCD5710    LCD
LCD6520L    LCD
LCD6520P    LCD
LCD8205    LCD
42XC10    Plasma
42XP10    Plasma
60XC10    Plasma

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