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October 1, 2011

Monitor Wall Brackets For Your ‘PC’ of mind

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Monitor wall brackets are a smart move for PC owners who want to get the best out of their rig. With monitor wall brackets you can mount your screen on the wall, off and away from your desk. In this way, monitor wall brackets give you more space to work and play so you can get more done and have more fun!

You are likely to find the best monitor wall brackets for you if you shop online. Dedicated TV and monitor wall brackets retailers have a large choice of monitor wall brackets for you to choose from. The chances are your choice will be severely limited if you try and find monitor wall brackets in a bricks and mortar store.

When you have you monitor mounted on monitor wall brackets you can really enhance the experience you get from your PC. More of our work and leisure is done on our computers now than ever before. If we’re not skyping, twittering or studying, we’re watching movies, TV shows or listening to music. Monitor wall brackets mean you have more room to relax to enjoy this content. In fact, monitor wall brackets make your PC in to a media centre and your study in to a studio! Monitor wall brackets create real space but cost less than upgrading your disk space!

Bush LCD27TV022HD Bush IDLCD27TV006 Bush LCD30TV002 Bush LCD30TV005 Bush 32F1080P Bush LT32M1CA Bush S632D Bush LCD32TV005 Bush 37TV016HD Bush LCD42TV025HD Bush PDP42TV008 Bush LT42M1CFA Bush A642F Bush S642F Bush PDP42TV002

September 10, 2011

Advice for choosing your TV bracket.

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TV bracket is the latest must have accessory for the modern home. Whatever type you decide on, installing a new TV bracket brings a real difference to the room.

Cantilever TV brackets are best for bigger rooms as they give the best range of movement. Fixed TV brackets provide a safe and secure fix for the TV. Tilt and swivel TV brackets mean you can tilt the screen if you think you may vary your position regularly and the TV bracket brings this option for you.

TV brackets bring new possibilities to your home because a TV bracket accessory not only improves the viewing experience of the TV but can also improve the look of any room, by carefully considering where to install the TV bracket.

You can apply TV brackets in positions you wouldn’t usually consider and it is worth noting that TV brackets can be attached on the ceiling in rooms where space is limited.

Hitachi L19DG07 Hitachi L19DK04 Hitachi 19LD3560 Hitachi L19DP04 Hitachi L22DG07 Hitachi L22DK04 Hitachi 22LD3560 Hitachi 22LE6560 Hitachi L22DP04 Hitachi L22VG07 Hitachi L26DP04 Hitachi L32HC04 Hitachi L32VG08 Hitachi L32VK06 Hitachi L42VG08 Hitachi L42VK06 Hitachi L42VC04 Hitachi L46VN05 Hitachi L46VG09

September 3, 2011

TV Wall Brackets For All Your Rooms

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TV wall brackets are a great way to display and protect your TV from accidents. Modern flat screen TVs boast superb HD pictures and sound and today serve as multimedia platforms for movies, on demand TV and video gaming. TV wall brackets make an attractive feature out of the TV and with TV wall brackets, you can hang your LCD, LED or Plasma set anywhere you like on any wall surface,

The best value TV wall brackets are found online and can be delivered next day. For these reasons it is good advice to shop for your TV wall brackets from retailers that specialise in the sale of TV wall brackets. Many high street stores carry TV wall brackets but with few choices and at premium prices.

The variety of TV wall brackets might seem overwhelming at first but there are only a few things to consider. What colour TV wall brackets will match your decor, what size TV wall brackets you need is dependant on the size of the screen and finally what features you want your TV wall brackets to have. You might prefer TV wall brackets with swivelling or tilting features which allow you to adjust the screen for example.

Panasonic TX-P42S30B

Panasonic TX-P50U30B

Panasonic TX-P42U30B

Panasonic TX-P50C3B

Panasonic TX-P42C3B

Panasonic TX-L37DT30B

Panasonic TX-L32DT30B

Panasonic TX-L42E30B

Panasonic TX-L37E30B

Panasonic TX-L32E30B

Panasonic TX-L42E3B

Panasonic TX-L37E3B

Panasonic TX-L32E3B

Panasonic TX-L24E3B

Panasonic TX-L42U3B

Panasonic TX-L37U3B

Panasonic TX-L32U3B

Panasonic TX-L32C3B

August 22, 2011

Flat Screen TV Mounting Brackets

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Flat screen TV mounting brackets are a clever way to smarten up your living room by making new space and giving your TV a stylish new profile. When you install flat screen TV mounting brackets, you can hang your LED or LCD screen on the wall, just like a work of art!

With this in mind all you have to do is choose the right flat screen TV mounting brackets for you and then where to put them.

Standard flat screen TV mounting brackets are ideal for any size TV and are robust enough to support huge 50 inch TVs. You may well have seen these  flat screen TV mounting brackets used above mantelpieces or other pieces of furniture. You can use cable covers to hide any extra cables.

Swivelling or tilting flat screen TV mounting brackets give you added viewing angles. You can adjust the flat screen TV mounting brackets to suit you wherever you sit, up, down or side to side. These flat screen TV mounting brackets give you even more options.

Ceiling flat screen TV mounting brackets finally allow you to hang your telly, on you guessed right, the ceiling! These flat screen TV mounting brackets are perfect when space is really at a premium and give you the potential for 360 degree viewing.

Sony KDL-46EX524

Sony KDL-46EX723

Sony KDL-46EX724

Sony KDL-46HX723

Sony KDL-46HX823

Sony KDL-46HX923

Sony KDL-46NX723

Sony KDL-55EX723

Sony KDL-55HX823

Sony KDL-55HX923

Sony KDL-55NX723

Sony KDL-55HX823

Sony KDL-46HX923

Sony KDL-46EX723

Sony KDL-46EX724

Sony KDL-46NX723

Sony KDL-32EX723

Sony KDL-32EX724

February 23, 2010

TV Mounts - the key to clean and clear room

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If embracing a modern style of living is something you’re thinking of trying out by going and getting that super flash flatscreen, then don’t forget about TV mounts to be sure to complete the look.

But pure aesthetic aside, TV mounts are a practical business too. Reasons to buy TV mounts are vast and varied - here are a just a few …

Are you fed up with the mess that seems to have become your front room? And at your wits end as to how to make the many ornaments and pieces of furniture look appealing because together it’s all starting to look a bit too overcrowded. Alternatively, maybe your back’s playing up from how you’re (badly) viewing your TV? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then TV mounts are for you.

Once your TV is up on your wall thanks to TV Mounts, then you can say hello to space and a happy spine. What’s more, your telly will probably thank you for it because it will be up an out of harm’s way.

Check out our great TV mounts










December 15, 2009

KDL-46X3500 mount

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KDL-46X3500 mount

Sony launched X3500 range in 2007. These full HD 1080p panels come with 3 HDMI ports and 24p support. The LCD category is pretty hot right now.
Despite being 46 inches of glass and metal, the KDL-46X3500 is lightweight and minimalist and requires a flat and slimline KDL-46X3500 mount to wall mount it with.
Sony’s Bravia EX picture processing engine is partly responsible for the totally amazing contrast ratio of 16,000:1.

The Bravia X3500 range is really very sexy with its brushed metal bezel. The Sony KDL46X3500 lights up the spaec around it making it totally deserving of a great flat KDL-46X3500. The KDL-46X3500 mount doesnt need to do much talking, it just needs to flat mount this beautiful LCD. And it needs some space around it. Have a look at this
flat KDL-46X3500 right here.

















November 26, 2009

What customers say about the [32LG3000 wall bracket]

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From talking to customers we know that they prefer the cantilever [32LG3000 wall bracket]. The main reason for this is because this screen is 32 inches, which makes it just big enough for a front room, but also a very luxurious addition to any bedroom. A cantilever [32LG3000 wall bracket] keeps customers’ options open. A cantilever [32LG3000 wall bracket] is the most flexible [32LG3000 wall bracket] on the market so whatever the shape of your room you should be able to make your set look great with a [32LG3000 wall bracket].
In terms of the set then, it’s straightforward to install as is the [32LG3000 wall bracket] we’ve recommended below. The design of the set is great and it makes a nice feature even when it’s not in use.






November 18, 2009

Looking for a T200HD bracket?

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If you’re looking for a T200HD bracket, then we’ve recommended one right here. We’ve also taken the trouble to write a quick synopsis of our opinion of theT200HD, also known as the T 200HD, or T-200HD.

It can’t be denied that the T200HD looks the part and is also, in the main, a machine of substance too. If we had to fault it, then this is what we’d say. The images it transmits are too defined, which makes them unrealistic and the sound it produces is thin and tinny. The latter may well be to do with the fact that the speakers are titchy, which is why it took us an age to find them.
But this machine does have a high spec and it is a dapper looking fella that most of us would not kick out of the bedroom, which is the best place for this little sauce pot. In terms of mounting it, we’ve gone for quite a quirky looking T200HD bracket, which performs a whole host of movements but which also lets you treat it like a computer monitor (it likes to role play).


November 17, 2009

What information is in the [su-wl500 manual]?

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The [su-wl500 manual] contains all the information you’d expect to find about dimensions and installing the bracket. To be more specific,  the [su-wl500 manual] covers important areas including safety & precautions necessary for the customer or user to take before attempting to install.

The [su-wl500 manual] takes you through the installation process in a step by step guide which guides you through checking that you have all of the parts necessary to properly install and choosing the best and safest spot to install the bracket. The [su-wl500 manual] also helps you decide which is the best spot based on your criteria and then the [su-wl500 manual] will take you through how to install the base bracket before clearly expressing how you should install your TV onto the bracket and then onto the wall.

The [su-wl500 manual] comes with dimensions tables for TV installation,  wall mounting dimensions diagrams and diagrams showing you where you can find the screw and hook locations.

LCD3215    LCD
M40    LCD
LCD4020    LCD
LCD4215    LCD
M46    LCD
LCD4615    LCD
LCD4620    LCD
X461UN    LCD
LCD5220    LCD
LCD5710    LCD
LCD6520L    LCD

November 14, 2009

LCD32761HDF Wall Mounts

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LCD32761HDF Wall Mounts

All of our customers who have bought the lcd32761hdf have been very happy with their purchase. Many had been a little nervous about what they would get for their money because of the ultra cheap price tag. The lcd32761hdf comes in pretty close to the bottom in terms of price for a 32 inch HD ready machine.

Feedback from all has been consistent. This TV delivers great picture quality and is very easy to set up and connect. 99% have said they were pleasantly surprised and that it shows what you can get for the money. So, if you want a 32 inch screen that’s HD ready with some connectivity (1 x HDMI and 2 x Scart) but are a little strapped for cash as we recover from the recession or want to maximise your money on a TV investment for your son our daughter, then this could be the answer.
In terms of lcd32761hdf wall mounts, we’re going to go ahead and recommend cantilever lcd32761hdf wall mounts, of which this is one of our many lcd32761hdf that will support a 32 inch screen with all of the ease and flexibility you could ask for.

TH-42PZ8B    Plasma
TH-42PX80B    Plasma
TH-37PX80B    Plasma
TH-50PX8B    Plasma
TH-42PX8B    Plasma
TH-37PX8B    Plasma
TX-L37V10    LCD
TX-L32V10    LCD
TX-L37G10    LCD
TX-L32G10    LCD
TX-L37S10    LCD
TX-L32S10    LCD

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