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August 22, 2011

Flat Screen TV Mounting Brackets

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Flat screen TV mounting brackets are a clever way to smarten up your living room by making new space and giving your TV a stylish new profile. When you install flat screen TV mounting brackets, you can hang your LED or LCD screen on the wall, just like a work of art!

With this in mind all you have to do is choose the right flat screen TV mounting brackets for you and then where to put them.

Standard flat screen TV mounting brackets are ideal for any size TV and are robust enough to support huge 50 inch TVs. You may well have seen these  flat screen TV mounting brackets used above mantelpieces or other pieces of furniture. You can use cable covers to hide any extra cables.

Swivelling or tilting flat screen TV mounting brackets give you added viewing angles. You can adjust the flat screen TV mounting brackets to suit you wherever you sit, up, down or side to side. These flat screen TV mounting brackets give you even more options.

Ceiling flat screen TV mounting brackets finally allow you to hang your telly, on you guessed right, the ceiling! These flat screen TV mounting brackets are perfect when space is really at a premium and give you the potential for 360 degree viewing.

Sony KDL-46EX524

Sony KDL-46EX723

Sony KDL-46EX724

Sony KDL-46HX723

Sony KDL-46HX823

Sony KDL-46HX923

Sony KDL-46NX723

Sony KDL-55EX723

Sony KDL-55HX823

Sony KDL-55HX923

Sony KDL-55NX723

Sony KDL-55HX823

Sony KDL-46HX923

Sony KDL-46EX723

Sony KDL-46EX724

Sony KDL-46NX723

Sony KDL-32EX723

Sony KDL-32EX724

August 14, 2011

Flat Screen TV Wall Mounting Brackets

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Flat screen TV wall mounting brackets are a simple and ingenius way to get the best out of your TV. You can buy really decent flat screen TV wall mounting brackets for a fraction of the price of the TV itself and as DIY projects go, you would be hard pressed to find a more effective room upgrade that is so easy to do.

If you have an LED, LCD or Plasma TV there are flat screen TV wall mounting brackets that will fit it properly. Almost every flat screen TV wall mounting brackets is adheres to VESA standardization, which means the fixtures and fittings will fit every model of TV. You can find different types of flat screen TV wall mounting brackets to suit your room.

Corner flat screen TV wall mounting brackets allow you to position your TV between two walls, saving lots of space while flat screen TV wall mounting brackets mean you can hang your TV literally anywhere, ideal for smaller rooms, home gyms or bedrooms. For the big TV in your lounge, slimline flat screen TV wall mounting brackets are designed to support the biggest TVs on the market, giving your room a spacious and cinematic appeal.

Panasonic TX-P50V20B

Panasonic TX-P50G20B

Panasonic TX-P50S20B

Panasonic TX-P50V10

Panasonic TX-P50V20B

Panasonic TX-P50G20B

Panasonic TX-P50S20B

Panasonic TX-P50V10

Panasonic TX-P50VT20B

Panasonic TX-P54Z1

Panasonic TX-P54Z1

Panasonic TX-P58V10

Panasonic TX-P58V10

Panasonic TX-P65V10

Panasonic TX-P65V10

Panasonic TX-P65VT20B

August 13, 2011

Flat Screen TV Brackets For The Big Kick Off!

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Flat screen TV brackets are an excellent idea if you love watching the football. Just like in the pub, flat screen TV brackets make allow you and all your friends to watch the game in a way that means everyone has a good view of the action. Flat screen TV brackets also help keep the TV safe when the drama gets out of hand, ensuring that it is kept off the floor and prevented from being toppled over.

You can find flat screen TV brackets to suit any kind of TV, from portable screens to blockbusting 60 inch LED models. Flat screen TV brackets come in a range of colours and designs too, with differing features dependant on your needs.

Swivel flat screen TV brackets are great if you want to swing the TV round to face other parts of the room. Ceiling flat screen TV brackets rock if you don’t have a lot of space and look cool too. Whichever flat screen TV brackets you go for, Saturday afternoon kick off will be even more of an experience.

LG 42PJ650

LG 42PJ550

LG 42PJ350

LG 46LD550

LG 47LX9900

LG 47LX6900

LG 47LD950

LG 47LD790

LG 47LD690

LG 47LD450

LG 47LD420

LG 47LE8900

LG 47LE7900

LG 47LE5900

LG 47LE5300

LG 50PX990

LG 50PK990

August 7, 2011

TV Wall Bracket For A Better Viewing Experience

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A TV wall bracket is a safe and aesthetic way of mounting your television to the wall. A TV wall bracket is safe and secure and, with an additional lock function, a TV wall bracket will keep even expensive and large televisions out of harm’s way.

TV wall brackets comes in a variety of designs which makes a TV wall bracket a great addition to any room. A fixed TV wall bracket can make your TV a proud centre point to any room, but other TV wall brackets, which tilt and swivel, offer manoeuvrability and freedom in enhancing your viewing experience. Moreover, a TV wall bracket will support televisions up to 60kg in weight.

Furthermore, a TV wall brackets avoids the need for a bulky TV stand gathering dust. A TV wall bracket will make even the smallest rooms look bigger by freeing up your space.

No longer does a TV have to sit idly in the corner, a TV wall bracket takes television to a new level. A TV wall bracket offers the flexibility and security that your viewing requires.

Philips 46PFL7605H/05

Philips 40PFL7605H/05

Philips 37PFL7605H/05

Philips 32PFL7605H/05

Philips 52PFL5605H/05

Philips 46PFL5605H/05

Philips 42PFL5405H/05

Philips 40PFL5605H/05

Philips 37PFL5405H/05

Philips 32PFL5605H/05

Philips 32PFL5405H/05

Philips 26PFL3405H/05

Philips 22PFL3805H/12

Philips 22PFL3405H/05

Philips 19PFL3405H/05

Philips 19PFL3405H/05

August 4, 2011

TV Mount Review

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A TV mount is a fixture to mount your television on the wall. A TV mount is a new and improved way of positioning your television which is superior to using a TV stand. Benefits of a TV mount include security and flexibility in how you watch television, and freeing up much needed space in your living room.
Being able to handle weights up to 60kg, a TV mount will securely position even large televisions on the wall, and many TV mounts come with locks to protect against theft, a feature which makes a TV mount a popular addition to many pubs and clubs.
There are several different kinds of TV mount, with different features to suit your needs. Cantilever and tilt and swivel TV mounts are best suited to larger rooms and offer a flexible and more home cinematic experience. These TV mounts can be rotated and tilted to put you in control of your viewing, but just a simple fixed TV mount will raise the television to an elevated position in any household.
A TV mount is an accessory that enhances the dynamics of any living room and a TV mount is a great investment for the future.

Samsung HT-D350
Samsung HT-D550
Samsung HT-D455
Samsung HT-D450
Samsung HT-D7200
Samsung HT-D7200B
Samsung D5200
Samsung HT-D5500
Samsung HT-D5550
Samsung SWA – 5000
Samsung HT-D5000
Samsung HT-D5100
Samsung HT-D5530
Samsung HT-D6500
Samsung HT-D6750W
Samsung HT-D7100

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