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January 20, 2011

Television bracket for an LCD or an OLED

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Two years after its entry with the Xe1-1, Sony will shortly terminate its position in the OLED TV market in Japan. Sony will continue selling stocks but is not planning on manufacturing anymore for the Japanese market, although UK and Europe’s stocks will continue to be replenished.

The launch of the more cost effective LED array backlight technology has meant that LCD technology is likely to live on a little longer and further work on the LCD picture quality could mean that the difference between OLED and LCD image quality becomes less and less significant.

This is great news for consumers with a smaller budget. Rather than making a change to keep up with advancing technology to look on trend, all you need to do is get your existing LCD TV up and onto a wall with a television bracket. Instantly, your room will look less cluttered, the minimal look of your slimline telly will be reflected and emphasised by the minimal look of your room (with your TV up and off the floor). If you’ve got lots of wires and a console or two to hideaway, consider a television bracket with a shelf so you can keep your gubbins locked away out of sight and out of mind. What’s best of all is that if you choose where you want to install your television bracket carefully, and you choose a universal television bracket, which fits TVs with a range of sizes, when you do update your LCD with a better LCD or even an OLED, you won’t need to buy a new television bracket or reinstall your existing one. A television bracket can save you space, money and time!









January 19, 2011

No need for TV brackets with an iPad

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We were very excited about the what the iPad might be able to do and dreamed that it midget just change the digital (facial) experience.

But many have aptly described the iPad as a big iPhone that doesn’t make calls. And where is the OLED technology?

There was some hearsay about there being two iPads, one with an OLED screen but it turns out it would have made the iPad too expensive for consumers and not profitable enough for Apple. OLED uses way more energy than an LED backlit screen and unless you are saving energy by going white text on black screen, which isn’t great when outdoors, it wouldn’t have been a wise move for Apple.

So the iPad stays very much a computer over mountable television set and which therefore doesn’t really require TV brackets, at one point the Tv brackets market was gearing up to create bespoke iPad Tv brackets but for now TV brackets will remain what TV brackets set out to be: TV brackets for TVs.

January 18, 2011

Choosing future proof television brackets

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Sony had previously believed that OLED TVs would revitalise its TV business.

Sony are to stop making rear-projection televisions due to a lack of interest and concentrate on LCD and OLED display technology.

The Japanese electronics giant recently showed off the world’s first commercial OLED TV, with a screen just 3mm thick.

The TV market was hit hard in the back end of 2007 and rear-projection televisions were a part of the problem but saw a great opportunity with  LCD televisions. Many other TV ditched their efforts on rear-projection TVs and turned their attention to LCDs also. The LCD market took off and with it television brackets also.

LCDs were more cost effective for consumers to buy and with television brackets they were able to set up a home cinema feel in their living room.

Television brackets let them be in control of how they watched television, television brackets allowed them to alter the angle of the sun was creating too much glare or if they were sat in a different seat in a different part of the room, or if they were lying down on the sofa, wherever and whichever way they were sat, television brackets provided them the perfect viewing angle.

Television brackets also allowed consumers to mount their LCDs onto walls making their living rooms look neater and less cluttered and television brackets turned consumers’ ore economical LCDs into more of an expensive looking feature.

January 17, 2011

OLED TVs and the TV bracket

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OLED TVs utilise a new kind of display technology called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).

OLED televisions are brighter, slimmer and produce better contrast than LCD and Plasma TVs.


Sony was answerable for the first OLED TV in the name of its XEL-1. The XEL-1 came in at only 11″ and was sold at the £1000 mark. Only a small number of the XeL-1 was made and Sony have since stopped producing it.

On the plus side though, the picture quality was ethereal and the TV was just a few mm slim.

Next to come out with an OLED was Samsung with one 14.1″ and one 31″.

LG have recently decided to enter the market with the 15″ EL9500. This machine operates a 1366 x 768 resolution, contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and a slimness of just 1.7mm.

A number of companies have prototypes ready to go with plans to develop ever larger OLEDS as the years roll by, as big as 40″ in 2012 for example. Companies are doing their best to drive their costs down but it’s fair to assume that OLEDS, no matter what will be 50% more expensive than LCDs in the offing. We’re likely to see costs decrease from there.

It’s likely to be at least a year before the OLED is properly competing against LCDs but if you’re interested in replacing your LCD with an OLED but want to wall mount your LCD now, consider a universal TV bracket. Universal TV brackets fit all makes of LCDd and plasmas and will apply to OLEDS too. A universal TV bracket is made to be able to support TVs within a certain size and weight bracket, for example a universal TV bracket might be able to support a 26inch to 35inch screen size. This means you can buy your TV bracket now to mount your LCD with and as long as you buy an OLED within the same size bracket there will be no need to reinstall a TV bracket or to buy another TV bracket, in other words your TV bracket will be future proof.

January 7, 2011

TVwallbrackets for Virgin TV

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This year big things are afoot for TV and the Internet. Google TV is coming to Europe, and YouView is due to launch in a few months.

To add to the mix, Virgin Media are due to launch the a new kind of entertainment platform for the UK, which comes in the form of a set-top box. The technology behind it is TiVo, a digital television recording system, and the objective is to unite TV, on-demand and the web.

Customers will be able to watch over 4,000 hours of on-demand content and use its web applications and status as a personal video player. Streaming content from networks like Youtube will be easy, because a 10mbps modem will be part of the package.

To be able to best utilise all of the content, Virgin have ensured that its  search capabilities are excellent. From watching a show, you will be easily be able to search for related content on sites such as Youtube because content will be aggregated and linked. Importantly, there is no browser, and what you are provided with has been chosen by Virgin. This is not the world wide web but an extended version of TV.

To appreciate extended TV a la Virgin, you’ll need TVwallbrackets to properly appreciate the next step in TV. With TVwallbrackets you’ll be able to get the best view, enjoy the picture quality you have to its full advantage and adjust the angle of your screen whenever you like. If you’ve invested in an expensive screen, it’s also worth taking care of it properly  by placing in the strong and supportive arms of Tvwallbrackets.


Aquos LC19D1EBK LCD 19

VIERA TX-P50G10 Plasma 50

Series 8 LE40A856S1W LCD 40


LG 60PS8000 Plasma 60


Cinema 56PFL9954H LCD 56



January 6, 2011

TVbrackets make the most of OLED TVs

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(OLED) TVs add the organic to light-emitting diode (LED) TVs.

There is no need for a backlight with OLEDs, which means that black levels are deep and jet. Even in darkly lit interiors, an OLED screen will produce  unparalleled contrast ratio.

OLED TV is the way forward in terms of image quality and if you’re sold on an OLED TV, then surely you’re considering TVbrackets to make the most of your superior technological creature. By using TVbrackets you will be able to fully joy the superior picture quality that OLEDs display. Not only will you make your OLED more of a dramatic feature for people to be inspired by when they walk into your room, you will be able to adjust and ale your screen to make sure the viewing angle is perfect each time you watch. TVbrackets will also keep your OLED in tip top condition because with TVbrackets your OLED will be well out of harm’s way.


Aquos LC32D44EBK LCD 32


LG 50PS7000 Plasma 50


9000 Series 42PFL9803H LCD 42




MultiSync LCD4215 LCD 42



January 5, 2011

HDTV meets Blu ray meets TV brackets

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To best enjoy movies you need a few things these days and these include an HDTV, a Blu-Ray player and TV brackets.

HDTVs are essential for quality viewing because picture quality is superb. If you can afford to consider wireless speakers and a sub woofer system.

You can improve your home theatre experience further with a Blu-ray player. Blu-ray players make an excellent partner to HDTVs because they improve the picture quality of movies in any format immeasurably.

The final piece of the home theatre pie are TV brackets. You’ve got excellent picture quality and a system to maximise the picture quality of your movie files, superb sound, all you need now is the best viewing angle, and of course to show off your expensive and awe inspiring set up. Tv brackets let you mount your set up on the wall and adjust the angle of the screen ongoing. It has aesthetic and practical benefits. Make sure your home theatre is coveted in the neighbourhood.


MultiSync LCD3215 LCD 32



Aquos LC19D1EWH LCD 19

VIERA TX-P46G10 Plasma 46

Series 8 LE46A856S1M LCD 46


LG 50PS8000 Plasma 50


January 4, 2011

Complete Sony LCD TV with built-in PS2 console with Television Brackets

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Sony has just launched the 22in LCD TV KDL-22PX300, which features a built-in PS2 gaming console. It’s true that the PS3 is now on the market but games are also still being developed for the PS2.

Sony believes that the PS2 will continue to be in hot demand PS2 and of course, it’s not just the PS2 that you’re getting if you buy the KDL-22PX300; customers will also get an HD ready TV with 720p resolution,   Freeview tuner, and a generous 4 HDMI ports.

All you now need are television brackets to complete the get up. Television brackets will keep your TV nice and secure, and it feels good to look after quality items because they remain pristine, but television brackets will also help you to enjoy your KDL-22PX300 practically as well as aesthetically because depending on the type you buy, you’ll be able to adjust your set to meet your changing needs.

Aurea 42PFL9903H LCD 42







Aquos LC26D44EBK LCD 26

VIERA TX-P42G10 Plasma 42

Series 8 LE52A856S1 LCD 52


LG 60PS700 Plasma 60


Essence 42PES0001D LCD 42

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