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October 31, 2009

37LF65 wall mount

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37LF65 wall mount
The LG 37LF6, LG37LF65, LG-37LF65 is a great LCD and is a full 1080p set. The picture quality and colour contrast is immense, we even think they give Bravias a good run for their money. And the price is less than eye watering - you can pick one of these up for around £600. You can take advantage of the full 1080p through Blu Ray too.

At 37 inches, there’s no reason not to flat mount this so it’s picture quality and beauty can do all the talking. Here’s the best flat 37LF65 wall mount, in our humble opinion at least.

BRAVIA    KDL-40E4050    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-32E4030    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-26E4050    LCD    26
BRAVIA    KDL-32E4020    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-40E4000    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-26E4020    LCD    26
BRAVIA    KDL-26E4000    LCD    26
BRAVIA    KDL-40E4030    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-32E4050    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-46W4000    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40W4000    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-52W4000    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-32W4000    LCD    32

32PFL5522D wall mount

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32PFL5522D wall mount
The 32PFL5522D, 32-PFL5522D, 32 PFL5522D isn’t one of Philips’ showpieces but it does have a few special additions including Pixel Plus. It also has two HDMIs and whilst we’re not talking about it having the Perfect Pixel HD Engine processing or sporting an Ambilight backlighting system, it does only cost a few hundred quid.
And for such a small price, Philips has brought us something pretty lovely looking. It’s a 32in LCD adorned with a glossy black coat and silver support columns.
The speakers are tucked away under the screen, and the silver support columns mentioned above has a cable management system to keep wires nicely tidied away . This is a great TV except for a little juddering in terms of the picture but at this price, we can’t complain.
As for a 32PFL5522D wall mount, we’ve gone for a nice and simple flat 32PFL5522D wall mount at a price that means you’re still working the budget tip.

BRAVIA    KDL-52W4500    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-40X4500    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-46W4500    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40W4500    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-37V4000    LCD    37
BRAVIA    KDL-32V4000    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-26V4500    LCD    26
BRAVIA    KDL-46V4000    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40V4000    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-32V4500    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-52V4000    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-32E4000    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-40E4020    LCD    40

32LC56 wall mount

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32LC56 wall mount
We like LG here at tvbrackets4u. They’re budget and design conscious, which we think is great because with LG you know they’ve tried to put as much in as they can for the price. The 32-LC56, 32 LC56, 32LC56 is pretty stylish, that it’s made in Milan is no surprise, and the 32LC56 wall mount you buy should be bought with making the most of the LCD’s ultra thin profile.
It is part of their budget range and so it comes with a screen resolution of 1377 x 768 rather than Full HD. It is equipped with an 8-bit rather than a 10-bit panel and so the Wide Colour Gamut which is featured in LG’s more expensive LY TVs series is not to be found here.
But it has a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, 2 HDMI, 2 Scart, S-video, component video, composite video, PC input.
Picture processing is well looked after by LG’s proprietary XD engine. And it’s overall performance is sound, even impressively sharp.
Colour, except for black, was exceptional and this LCD comes at such a great price. You can pick it up for around £400. Here’s how to wall mount with a recommended 32LC56 wall mount.

BRAVIA    KDL-20B4050    LCD    20
BRAVIA    KDL-19L4000    LCD    19
BRAVIA    KDL-40Z5500     LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-52Z5500    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-46Z5500    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-32E5500    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-32E5510     LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-40E551    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-40E5500     LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-40E5520    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-40E5520    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-40ZX1    LCD    40

30PF9946 wall bracket

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30PF9946 wall bracket

The 30PF9946, 30-PF9946, 30 PF9946 has a very respectable viewing angle of 176 degrees which means it needs to be treated properly with considerate wall mounting with a cantilever 30PF9946 wall bracket. This way you can mount the Tv in such a way to make sure the wide viewing angle is given as much air space as possible. With a high resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. it has decent picture image, which needs to be showed off and has an image contrast ratio of 350:1.

BRAVIA    KDL-40W5500    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-40V5500    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-37W5500    LCD    37
BRAVIA    KDL-40S5500    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-37V5500    LCD    37
BRAVIA    KDL-32W5500    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-37S5500    LCD    37
BRAVIA    KDL-32D3000    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-32V5500    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-32S5500    LCD    32
BRAVIA    KDL-26V4000    LCD    26
BRAVIA    KDL-26P3020    LCD    26
BRAVIA    KDL-22S5500    LCD    22

26WLT66 bracket

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26WLT66 bracket

The 26WLT66, 26-WLT66, 26 WLT66 has an 800:1 dynamic contrast ratio and comes with both a digital and an analogue tuner. Picture performance is boosted by Toshiba’s Active Vision. You can also select preset picture formats for different types of content. A great little feature is the panel lock, which ensures your presets don’t get dislodged by bottoms, children or pets. You get a a 7-day electronic programme guide which provides the opportunity for you to set reminders etc.

This is a great bedroom set and at 26-inches, we’ve recommended a cantilever 26WLT66 bracket to help make sure it is accommodated no matter how unusual or small the bedroom is.

Unfortunately, although the 26WLT66 has 2 HDMIs which is fab, it only has one one scart.  But it does have component video, RGB scart, AV input, and PC input, making it perfect as a bedroom set and great with a 26WLT66 bracket in case you need to reposition it when you want to use it as a computer.

BRAVIA    KDL-55X4500    LCD    55
BRAVIA    KDL-46X4500    LCD    46
BRAVIA    XEL-1    OLED    11
BRAVIA    KDL-52EX1    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-52Z4500    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-46EX1    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40EX1    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-46Z4500    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-52W5500    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-40Z4500    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-52V5500    LCD    52
BRAVIA    KDL-46WE5W    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-46W5500    LCD    46
BRAVIA    KDL-40WE5W    LCD    40
BRAVIA    KDL-46V5500    LCD    46

October 20, 2009

l22dp03u wall mount

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l22dp03u wall mount

This is a 22 inch HD Ready Digital LCD and a combined TV and DVD solution, which we think more manufacturers should look at producing. This is currently available in some outlets at around £250, so for a good idea in a small 22 inch package, it’s worth it as a second TV in a bedroom or bathroom.
It comes with Freeview already integrated, a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels and a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. The viewing angle isn’t bad either at 160°.
It falls down on connectivity with just 1 HDMI socket, but it is already a DVD solution and has 1 SCART socket, a PC input socket and a Component video socket.
Considering that this is likely to be a bedroom or bathroom TV, both of which tend to be more compromised in terms of space, we’ve gone for a ceiling l22dp03u wall mount recommendation as follows. Enjoy.


l26h01U wall mounts

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l26h01U wall mounts

The L26H01U has two HDMI inputs and Freeview, which is fair. This isn’t a TV that blows your mind but that covers the bases and is light on the pocket.
Colour didn’t seem to be evenly distributed and lines appeared slightly blurred; colour in general leant towards technicolour. The TV didn’t cope that well with fast-moving images. But it’s not all doom and gloom, the L26H01U performed well when connected to a PC using the D-sub input. And sound quality was good: good bass and no distortion when the volume was turned up to full pelt.
This is a good starter TV for a teenager or child so a good safe range of l26h01U wall mounts that will fit any awkward kind of bedroom space are cantilever l26h01U wall mounts. Try this one out for size:


LD2650HD brackets

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LD2650HD brackets
The LD2650HD brackets we’re recommending are ceiling LD2650HD brackets so you can view the LD2650HD at the very best angle possible. Our LD2650HD brackets come with a helpful IKea style manual for easy installation as well as all the necessary hardware.
Why should you buy from us? Well, there are lots of reasons including:
* Free Next Day Delivery
* Parcel Tracking
* 14 Day Money Back Guarantee for peace of mind
* Ultra low prices - we love a great sale
* Friendly support team always ready to help
* Secure website

Try this, one of our many great ceiling LD2650HD brackets


[LG 32LC56 wall bracket]

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[LG 32LC56 wall bracket]
The best [LG 32LC56 wall bracket] is a stylish one, after all Milan is where they make their screens now. The 32LC56 has been treated with a sleek touch. It’s ultra thin profile makes it a very desirable flat panel indeed.
It is, however,  part of their budget range and therefore comes with a screen resolution of 1377 x 768, not Full HD, and an 8-bit rather than a 10-bit panel. It has a contrast ratio o a good 5000:1 and a middling array of connections:  2 HDMI, 2 Scart, S-video, component video, composite video, PC inputs.
Its proprietary processing XD engine technology provides a crisp picture and features a noise reduction function and a Digital Comb Filter.  LG’s ‘Intelligent Eye’  adjusts the picture in line with lighting conditions.
Although it comes within the LG budget range, the [LG 32LC56 wall bracket] is still a classy number, which would be enhanced, not upstaged, by a swish [LG 32LC56 wall bracket], so why not push the boat out and buy a [LG 32LC56 wall bracket] like this? (remote controlled) rotates 30 degrees


LG 32LX2R wall brackets

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LG 32LX2R wall brackets
LG have got to be pleased. The reversal in consumer perception of LCD TVs has meant that this Korean company is now doing very well for itself, and why not, it makes cost-conscious LCD beauties. As a nod of thanks to LG, consumers should respect this balance of style and savings by complementing these machines with LG 32LX2R wall brackets ( LG-32LX2R / LG32LX2R) of the same ilk - and luckily, this what we’re good at.

The LG 32LX2R is stylish with its glossy black and silver colours and its illuminated logos and sleek sides. This is a dash of the sublime and so the LG 32LX2R wall brackets you choose need to bring this out in spades. We’d suggest something that accentuates rather than shouts over it like one of of our tilting LG 32LX2R wall brackets, such as this which fits with its 32 inch screen.


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