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TV brackets – Protect your TV and enhance the décor

August 29, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

TV brackets come in all shapes and sizes. TV brackets come as a less exciting practicality, which explains why people look upon buying a TV wall bracket as a reluctant necessity. They not only enhance the décor of your house but also protect your TV from damage by mounting them at a height.

There are many kinds of TV brackets available in the market, choose the right one after considering the décor of your house and also the size of your room. Smaller rooms may not need brackets with long arms.

Mentioned below are some of the TV brackets that you can opt for.

Motorised TV bracket

If it is comfort you are looking for, opt for motorised TV brackets. Apart from offering maximum movement for the TV, these brackets add to the convenience and comfort. They come with a remote with which you can operate and control the movement sitting in the comfort of your sofa.

Tilting TV brackets

These brackets are smaller and cheaper than motorised brackets. They are commonly found in modern homes. These brackets offer 15 degrees downward movement for the viewer.

Flat TV bracket

These brackets are the cheapest of the lot and are popular with people who have smaller rooms. These brackets mount the TV on the wall without offering any movement for the viewer. You may have to un-mount the bracket for access to the wires connecting the TV.

Choose a TV bracket wisely and seek professional help if you have trouble in mounting them.

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