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The two most popular TV wall brackets for flat screen TVs

November 22, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

At present, many people are buying LCD and plasma TVs because they offer great video and audio quality. The latest technology used in these TVs makes them lighter and thinner than CRT TVs which allows you to mount your flat TV on any wall of your room. This way, you can enjoy a cinematic experience in your home.

Due to different needs, TV wall brackets are available in different sizes and weight carrying capacities. They also vary on the basis of functionality. Here are the two most popular TV wall brackets which are currently available:

Swivel TV wall brackets

These TV brackets help users to swivel the screen of the TV set to different positions or angles. This means that the users can decide their viewing position according to their requirements. In other words, if you are sitting in one corner the room then you can move the angle of the TV screen so that you can see it more easily. This is possible because of the arm-type attachments which are located at the back of the TV brackets.

Flat TV wall brackets

This is the most basic model which allows consumers to mount their TV sets on the wall like paintings. Compared to other TV brackets, flat TV wall mounts are known for being less expensive. This is one of the main reasons why they are gaining popularity these days.

Once you have got one of the above TV wall mounts for your TV then hire a professional for installation.

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