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TV brackets and their growing popularity

March 25, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets have become immensely popular among television viewers. The versatility of TV brackets makes them a must-buy for customers.

TV brackets are an important tool when it comes to home improvement. The TV can be mounted on any wall or ceiling when a TV bracket is being used.

A TV bracket makes your comfort, its top priority. With the flexibility of TV brackets and their multiple varieties, you can be sure you watching TV from any seat in the room.

This helps reduce bodily aches and pains as the TV can be adjusted to any angle when the TV bracket is being used. Each model of TV bracket has its own capabilities which make TV viewing a pleasurable experience.

The swivel TV bracket can be moved from left to right. The tilt TV bracket has the capability of tilting the screen to any angle. The cantilever TV bracket comes with an extendable arm. All of these TV brackets are essential when it comes to watching TV comfortably. They help move the TV to the exact height or angle which is most comfortable for the viewer.

TV brackets are also helping create extra space in your room. Your room looks larger and the fact you can watch TV from the best angle are some of the important uses of TV brackets.

The different varieties of television brackets you can buy

March 25, 2011
Posted in Cantilever TV Brackets, Ceiling TV Brackets, TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Television brackets have become necessary when mounting an LCD TV. These TVs require careful handling. However, it can get confusing as to which TV bracket you should buy, when you look at the variety available today.

Flush, tilt and swivel are some of the TV brackets available in the market today. They each have certain features which make television viewing a pleasurable experience.

Flush wall mounts
It is the best option when the consumer just wants to mount their TV in a fixed position. Since they come with a solid, immovable base, they can carry TVs of various sizes. They are sturdy and durable.

Tilting wall mounts
These brackets are a better choice for the consumer who is interested in watching the TV from different angles.

Swivel TV mounts
This bracket can move sideways to any position chosen by the viewer. The swivel TV bracket has the flexibility to be moved from left to right.

Cantilever arm TV mounts
This kind of bracket comes with an extendable arm. The lightweight arm ensures that it can carry a TV of any size. The flexibility of the TV bracket makes it a popular choice.

Ceiling TV mounts
These brackets are like the tilt TV mount, but are fixed on the ceiling. They are ideal for homes which contain children and pets. When mounting the TV on the ceiling, you can watch television without any stress.

It is advised to invest in the best quality of bracket as they carry the responsibility for your flat screen TV.

Looking for information on different types of TV brackets?

March 24, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Purchasing an LCD or plasma TV set is something that every homeowner dreams of. These TV sets offer various features which include internet connectivity, Wi-Fi connection, HDMI ports and surround sound. The luxury of watching your favourite movie or sport in high definition cannot be matched.

A major concern for most LCD and plasma TV owners is safety. The presence of children and pets renders these expensive TV sets susceptible to damage. It is for this reason that you need to take various measures to ensure the complete safety of your TV set.

The use of TV brackets

The use of TV bracket is ideal if you are looking to save space and ensure the safety of your LCD TV. There are many different kinds of TV brackets available in the market. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

Flush TV wall mount

One of the most basic types of TV brackets available, flush TV wall mounts simply help in mounting the TV set without offering any movement. These wall mounts are ideal for homes with smaller rooms. Flush TV wall mounts are sturdy and offer more rigidity compared to other wall mounts.

Tilt TV brackets

Tilt TV brackets are quite similar to flush TV wall mounts. These brackets are ideal for smaller rooms. The most notable benefit of these TV brackets is that they offer movement for the user. They can be tilted by about 15 degrees horizontally so as to enhance the viewing experience. However, it should be noted that tilt TV brackets are not designed to be moved sideways.

Full motion TV brackets

If you are looking for a mount that can help you in adjusting the viewing angle, then full motion TV brackets are the perfect choice. These brackets consist of a long arm that allows the user to adjust the viewing angle according to their preference. This includes 15 degrees horizontal and sideways movement.

The aforementioned TV brackets are some of the choices available for you. Opt for one according to your needs and requirements.

TV brackets – How to get the best from your LCD TV

March 24, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Having a home that looks modern and sophisticated is every homeowner’s dream. Purchasing an LCD TV is one way of realising this dream as these TVs add to the interior beauty of your house.

When you invest in an LCD TV, you need to ensure that it is fully protected from all kinds of damage. Keeping it in a leakage prone area may damage the TV beyond repair. Using TV stands can also be risky, especially with pets and children in the house.

Consider a TV bracket if you are planning to buy an LCD TV. TV brackets enhance the décor of your home and protect your TV by mounting it at height.

Getting it right

Ill-fitting TV brackets can cause the TV to fall, thereby rendering it useless. Mentioned below are some smart ideas on using TV brackets.

Placing it right

You can enjoy the benefits offered by the LCD TV only if you place it right. Choose an appropriate wall to mount your TV. Ensure that the bracket is placed opposite the sofa or the place where you usually sit to watch TV. With strategic placement, you can get rid of the conventional cabinets that makes the room look cluttered.

Select the right bracket

Opt for the right type of bracket when you invest in one. Bear in mind the size of your room along with the décor so that the bracket you choose gels well. The size of your TV should also be considered so that the bracket holds your TV firmly.

Quick guide on the types and kinds of television brackets

March 23, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Television brackets enable us to place our flat panel television screens innovatively, thus adding to the aesthetics of our space. Needless to say, it is not just the stylishness of your television; selection of the bracket also adds to the opulence. Television brackets have two components in their assembly; the wall brackets and the flat panel mounting. The flat panel mounting gets attached to the back panel of your television and is used for putting it in place, on the wall brackets.

Mentioned below are some of the different styles of television brackets.

Flush fit wall brackets

Flush fitting television wall brackets are designed with pre inserted holes. These holes align perfectly with the drilled mounting holes on the back of your television screen. These brackets are designed specifically for television flush mounting on walls and are accompanied with nut bolts for the set up.

Tilting wall brackets

Tilting television wall brackets are similar to flush fitters except for the fact that they are utilised when the television screen needs to have a tilting functionality. These brackets come with pre inserted mounting holes and nuts and bolts for the attachment.

Swivel and tilt wall brackets

Tilt and swivel television wall brackets are also called tilt and rotate brackets. They allow tilting functions as well angular arrangements for your television flat panels. Tilt and rotate television wall brackets come with pre drilled holes and nuts and bolts for mounting.

Cantilever wall brackets

Cantilever wall brackets are installed for complete movement and tilting or rotation in all possible angles. They offer the maximum adjustment options and come with the regular pre inserted mounting holes and accessories.

The different types and styles of television wall brackets

March 22, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

The beauty of interior décor is enhanced with the careful placing of electronics and other appliances in the space. Perfect placing of appliances adds to the aesthetics of your room. Wall mounting of televisions often makes the biggest difference.

Innovative mounting of your flat panel television is possible with the use of TV wall brackets as they can transform your living space. The stylishness of the bracket will add to the charm of the television and enhance the overall appearance of your room. There are two main parts of every television wall bracket. The first part is for the mounting of the flat panel and the second part is what we know as brackets holding the television in place.

Mentioned below are some of the commonly available TV brackets.

Tilting TV wall bracket

These brackets will have specially drilled insertions for fitting of nut bolts and fasteners. These insertions will always coincide perfectly with the studs at the back of your television flat panel. In case they do not then you will have to look for another model which will be easily available.

Tilting swivel TV brackets

These types of TV wall brackets allow tilting and rotating functionalities. Needless to say they are also equipped with the same pre-aligned standard insertions for nut bolt mounting.

TV Flush mounting wall brackets

Flush fit television wall brackets are designed for direct placing of the flat panel onto the walls. They have standardised attachment insertions like the rest of the brackets. These brackets are relatively inexpensive as they provide lesser viewing options. They are for fixing the flat screen TV in one place.

Cantilever TV wall brackets

They are the most advanced type of TV brackets. They offer all kinds of mobility, rotation and tilting options for televisions. It is possible to tilt and rotate your television in virtually any angle for your viewing pleasure.

Brackets make homes look neat

March 21, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Using TV brackets is considered a better way of watching television by many people in the UK. They require little space and also hide all the wires behind them. They are convenient yet affordable and come in various styles.

By introducing new kinds of televisions to the market, television brackets have quickly gained in popularity.

The benefits of having TV brackets at home

When your television is placed on a table or a stand, it is very vulnerable. The television can be knocked over by any member of the family or even a pet. The bracket makes sure that it is kept out of harm’s way. The wires are another safety hazard, but if you use wall or ceiling brackets, the unwanted wires can be hidden behind it and also prevent any damages that an exposed outlet can cause.

Television brackets add space to your room as you no longer need a stand. They bring a new outlook to watching television. The brackets allow you to make more room in your home and make sure that the room is designed to your preference.

By placing the television on the wall or the ceiling, the room looks bigger and more luxurious. Brackets rid your room of all the clutter caused by multiple wires and make your room look neater and therefore less messy.

Different kinds of wall brackets

March 20, 2011
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Television brackets are an essential part of today’s television viewing. The different kinds of televisions like flat screen LCD TVs require a different form of support other than standard TV stands. Keeping this requirement of the users in mind, companies have invented different kinds of wall brackets.

Swivel wall mount
These types of brackets can be adjusted to any angle. This bracket ensures swivelling of the bracket to suit your position in the room so you can remain comfortable while enjoying TV.

Flat wall mount
These brackets are cheaper and easier to install than other brackets. They can be installed on the wall where the TV can be displayed like a picture or painting. Even though it can not be adjusted, it is perfect for basic television viewing.

Tilt wall mount

This bracket has an accompanying arm which helps move the screen vertically up or down. This means the screen can be mounted at a higher position in the room away from pets or children.

Two stud mount
This kind of bracket is specifically made for larger screens, as it supports their weight easily. This bracket is primarily designed for flat screen televisions.

Television brackets are usually made of iron or steel. They are easy to install and increase the usable space in the room. This not only makes your room more fashionable but also makes television viewing more pleasurable.

Refer to the following tips when looking for the right TV bracket

March 19, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Purchasing an LCD or plasma TV bracket is every homeowner’s dream. These modern TV sets offer numerous features. The common ones include internet connectivity, surround sound, HDMI ports and in some cases, even a Bluetooth connection. 3D LCD TV sets have also been introduced in recent times. Watching your favourite movie or sport in high definition is an extraordinary experience, so why wait? Order an LCD or plasma TV and bask in the top quality picture and sound.

What are TV brackets?

TV brackets are accessories that help in mounting the TV set to a wall or a ceiling. There are many benefits of using TV brackets. Some of these include added stability and security to your expensive TV set and mounting the television at a height that enhances the viewing experience. TV brackets also help in improving the décor of your home. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you to opt for the right TV bracket.

The positioning of the TV set

Think about where you want to mount the TV set. If it is directly in line to where you usually sit, you would be better off with a flush mount. On the other hand, if you plan to mount the TV at height, tilting TV brackets would be the perfect choice.

Use of swivel and ceiling TV brackets

If the seating area is at an angle to where you plan to mount the TV, swivel TV brackets would be an ideal choice. With the help of these TV brackets, you can adjust the viewing angle by about 15 degrees. On the other hand, if want your TV set to be suspended from the ceiling, ceiling TV brackets are an ideal choice. These brackets allow maximum movement for your TV set.

Appropriate quality and type

It is important to select the best quality of TV bracket. Ensure that you research the market carefully and opt for a deal that is best suited to your needs and requirements.

Choose the right TV bracket for your viewing pleasure

March 18, 2011
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Anybody who buys an LCD TV will be waiting impatiently to turn it on and experience a wonderful viewing experience they have never known before. This is because it is human nature to anxiously await the things that excite us and a brand new LCD TV is sure to cause a buzz in any household. But if you are looking to get the most out of your TV set, mounting them would be the best option. Mentioned below are some of the different types of TV brackets available in the market.

Standard TV brackets

This was the first kind of TV bracket and is a popular choice because it gives a clean overall look by keeping the TV flat against the wall. However, this TV bracket keeps the TV in a standard position unlike other TV brackets.

Tilting TV brackets

This type of TV bracket allows the TV to be tilted at about 15 degrees and is ideal because it increases the position from where the TV can be viewed. This TV bracket is great if you want to mount the TV higher than otherwise.

Swivel TV brackets

If you want to be able to view your TV from different angles in the room, a swivel TV bracket is a good option. This type of TV bracket allows you to turn the TV from one side to the other to view it.

TV brackets have become a great way to watch TV because they actually make a big difference to the experience.

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