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TV wall brackets offer better cable management

June 25, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

If you want to wall mount your flat screen TV set, the best accessory you can use is a TV wall bracket. TV wall brackets offer a lot of benefits over TV stands and some of them are as follows:

Saves floor space:

TV wall brackets eliminate the requirement of TV stands and other pieces of furniture as they wall mount your television set. Thus they save floor space and make your interior clutter-free. Moreover, TV wall brackets can add a modern touch to the interior of your rooms.

Better cable management:

TV wall brackets offer better cable management by hiding all the wires or cables which normally hang untidily. TV wall brackets are specifically designed to offer better cable management.

Available in different types:

TV wall brackets are available in various types including swivel, tilt, stationery and cantilever models. All these brackets differ in their features. Stationery brackets offer basic features. They are ideal to mount televisions on the wall similar to a picture frame. Tilt TV wall brackets change the angle of the television set while swivel TV wall brackets move the screen from left to right. Cantilever TV wall brackets offer all the features of tilt and swivel brackets. In addition, they help to pull the screen away from the wall.

TV wall brackets are also available in range of colours. Therefore, consumers can now opt for a suitable colour of bracket as per their home interior.

TV brackets – What features do they offer?

June 25, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

The TV has become an integral part of everyone’s life today. It is one of those devices that all of us rely on for some entertaining and relaxing time. Be it sports, a movie or your favourite sitcom, your TV should be positioned at a comfortable angle. You need to make sure that you do not strain your eyes or neck while watching it. In order to position your TV correctly, you need to use TV brackets.

TV brackets are supports which look similar to a mechanical arm and which hold your TV on the wall. They are typically made of stainless steel or other strong metals. However, the size of weight of your TV should be considered before making a purchase. Buying a TV bracket recommended for your TV’s size is important. Otherwise, there is the risk of damaging your TV set.

There are many places in a room where you can use a TV bracket. And the availability of various TV brackets will amaze you. You can buy a bracket which can help you to adjust your viewing angle so you can rotate the set, or buy a bracket so you can tilt the TV set to reduce glare.

Why you should consider getting a TV bracket

June 24, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Have you recently purchased a new flat screen TV? Do you want to protect your valuable possessions against potential damages? If yes, TV brackets are the perfect solution for you. Gone are the days when TV sets used to be placed on those large and bulky TV stands. TV brackets are the modern solutions for wall mounting a TV set.

When using TV brackets, you can not only save considerable space in your room, but also make sure that you get the best viewing angle. If your flat screen TV is not placed properly, it may eventually get damaged.

Different Options of TV Brackets:

When looking for TV brackets, you can choose one from swivel mounts, flat mounts, cantilever brackets and tilting mounts. Swivelling TV brackets are specifically meant to provide more flexibility with the viewing angle. They have an extended arm that swivels from one side to the other. The length of this arm will decide how far you can turn your TV.

On the other hand, tilting TV brackets enable you to tilt your TV set at an angle for better viewing. These TV brackets are generally used for mounting your TV set above the furniture. With the help of tilting TV bracket, you can easily tilt your TV set downwards to a certain angle, thus offering you more flexibility.

Choosing a TV bracket to meet your viewing requirements

June 24, 2010
Posted in Cantilever TV Brackets — Written by Perry

With an increasing number of people now opting to get flat screen TVs, TV brackets have become quite popular. They help you in mounting your LCD and plasma TV safely and securely on a wall. Using TV brackets, you can not only get the best viewing angle, but also save a considerable amount of floor space.

When it comes to getting a TV bracket, you must first decide the location where you want to mount it. If you are looking to mount your TV set in front of you at an eye level, then getting a wall mount TV bracket would be ideal. These types of TV brackets keep you to place the TV set close to the wall, giving it a picture frame look.

On the other hand, if your TV set is going to be placed above eye level, tilting or swivelling TV brackets would be ideal. The majority of tilting TV brackets can move about 15 degrees.

Cantilever TV brackets offer greater flexibility:

If you want to enjoy TV viewing from different seating positions, opting for swing and swivelling or cantilever TV brackets are best options. They offer much more flexibility in the viewing angle and enhance your overall TV viewing experience. They are ideal to place in the corners of your room.

As TV brackets come in different sizes, it is important to choose one depending on dimensions of your TV set. Getting the wrong TV bracket may eventually put your TV set at risk of getting damaged. Thus, selecting a TV bracket that is specially made for your TV is very important.

Tilt or swivel TV wall brackets – Which one should you choose?

June 22, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

Compared to CRT TVs, the latest LCD or LED TVs use advanced technology which offers a better TV viewing experience. As LCD and LED TVs are thinner and lighter than CRT TVs, they can be easily mounted on the wall.

By mounting your TV on a TV wall bracket, you can make your home look more organised than ever before. A lot of floor space can also be saved with a TV wall bracket.

If you have decided to buy a new TV wall bracket for your LCD TV, then you should consider these two advanced TV wall brackets.

Tilt LCD TV wall brackets – Unlike flat screen TV brackets, these wall mounts allow you to adjust the TV screen in the vertical plane. Due to the mechanism used in a tilt TV bracket you can reduce glare on the screen.

Swivel LCD TV wall brackets – These are also known as full-motion TV brackets, which means that you can adjust the screen to just about any angle. They are more expensive than tilt and flat TV wall brackets but with swivel TV brackets you can rotate the screen of your LCD TV by up to 360 degrees.

When selecting a TV wall bracket, you have to determine the screen size and weight of your TV. If you are planning to install these TV brackets yourself, the whole installation process can be completed within an hour. Otherwise consult a professional installation technician who will be happy to help.

Mount your flat screen TV on an appropriate TV bracket

June 22, 2010
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Are you confused at the variety of TV wall brackets currently available? If your answer is yes, then you should initially make a list of your needs, home décor requirements and budgetary limitations. TV wall brackets are available in different types such as flat screen TV brackets and tilt and swivel TV brackets. To choose an appropriate TV bracket you need to consider the beneficial features offered by these TV wall mounts.

Three types of TV brackets capitalise

If you want to mount the TV on the front wall and at eye level then flat TV brackets are perfect. On the other hand, if there is less space in your room and you want to mount the TV at a higher level then tilt TV wall brackets are a good option. By installing your TV on a tilt TV bracket, you can tilt the screen by up to 15 degrees.

To place your TV in the corner of the room you need to mount it on a swivel TV bracket. Swivel TV brackets allow users to rotate the screen by up to 360 degrees.

One of the best things about TV brackets is that they save a lot of floor space. And, you can use this space for other household items.

A few tips on how to mount your TV wall bracket

June 21, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Perry

If you want to enhance your TV viewing experience then it is recommended to buy a new LCD TV. Large sized LCD TVs are available at reasonable rates these days. These TVs offer high sound and picture quality and the best way to place your LCD TV is on a TV wall bracket.

To choose an appropriate TV wall bracket, consider the weight and screen size of your TV. Before going to buy a TV bracket, check the user’s manual. Once you have bought a TV bracket for your LCD TV then mount it on the wall by following these tips.

Select an ideal location – The place where your TV is mounted plays a very important role in enhancing your TV viewing experience. Make sure that the wall is strong enough to carry the weight of the TV for long time. It would be a good decision to mount your TV in the centre of the wall to minimise distractions.

Find wall studs – Once you have decided the wall where you want to mount your TV then locate the wall studs which offer additional support to the TV. This will reduce the chances of accidents that could take place. Buy a stud finder if need be.

Mount the TV bracket – Mount the TV wall bracket at the right height and level.

Lastly, you are required to place the TV on the TV bracket. To place it appropriately, you can take some help from your friends or family members.

Two main factors to consider before buying a TV wall bracket

June 21, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV wall brackets are accessories which mount flat screen TVs such as LCD or plasma screens on the wall safely. They also add a fashionable look to the room and offer the best viewing experience to users. Unlike TV units and tables, TV brackets do not occupy floor space. Thus, TV brackets are perfect for small sized flats.

If you have bought a new TV for your home then get a TV wall bracket for it. TV wall brackets are available in different styles and models. Swivel TV wall brackets are preferred by many people these days, as they allow you to change the viewing angle. For instance, if you are preparing tea in the kitchen and do want to miss a favourite TV show then adjust the screen according to your viewing requirements.

There are some TV wall brackets which also have shelves for holding DVD or music players. If you want to buy a swivel TV bracket for your LCD TV then consider a few factors such as:

How much weight the TV bracket can carry

TV wall brackets have different weight carrying capacities. Inappropriate TV wall brackets can lead to accidents which cause damage to your TV and other furniture items. Thus, check the weight of your TV and buy the TV bracket which can hold this weight easily.

Check the VESA sizes

VESA spacing plays an important role in mounting your TV on a wall bracket. VESA determines the spacing of the holes which are located on the back of the TV. These holes help in fixing the TV onto the bracket.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind and get a suitable TV wall bracket for your LCD TV.

Mount your TV for a better viewing experience

June 20, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

Wall mounting your TV set on TV brackets is the best way to place it in a way that everyone can enjoy viewing it. Whether you put your TV set in your living room, bedroom or your family room, TV brackets enable you to benefit from a bigger TV set without compromising on the available space.

TV brackets keep your flat screen safely and firmly attached onto the ceiling or wall, thus freeing up the required space in your room. Unlike using a TV cabinet or stand for your television set, TV brackets add a new look to your room without cluttering it.

Different TV bracket designs:
TV brackets are available in a range of designs: wall mount or ceiling TV brackets, tilting, swivelling and cantilever TV brackets. All these TV brackets offer their own advantages to the users. Wall mounting your TV sets offers you the best and most comfortable TV viewing angle. Besides giving you a convenient place to view television, TV brackets also give a modern sophisticated look to your home.

Considerations before getting TV brackets:
Prior to getting a TV bracket for your flat screen TV, you must initially choose a place for mounting it. As you will be mounting your TV set on the wall or ceiling, ensure that you are completely satisfied with the location.

TV wall brackets for a comfortable viewing angle

June 19, 2010
Posted in TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

If you have bought a new flat screen TV, then you may find that the TV stand you already have is not suitable for it. The best way to tackle this problem, is to opt for TV brackets as a way of mounting your TV. A flat screen mounted on a TV wall bracket can really transform a room and make it look stylish and modern.

TV brackets help you achieve the minimal look:

The main purpose of a TV wall bracket is to mount the TV on the ceiling or wall; allowing you to change the angles of it too. TV brackets are really strong and are designed to hold the weight of a television. TV brackets are also space efficient.

The viewing angles that the TV wall brackets offer are excellent, but this will depend on the type of the bracket you buy. For example, if you buy a tilt TV bracket, you will be able to tilt it a little but flat TV wall brackets will just mount the TV. There is plenty of choice when it comes to TV brackets but you must ensure that you get the right ones for your circumstances.

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