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New 40-inch 1080p LCD Eco HDTV from Sony BRAVIA unleashed

October 25, 2009
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Nathan

Manufacturers are becoming more and more conscious about our environment. So when any company tries to make a product that provides excellent performance and helps the environment, you have yourself a champion.

Modern HDTVs enter into a standby mode when their power is off. This standby state keeps them ready for when they are to be turned on. However, the standby mode also continues to draw energy. Sony’s latest TV KDL40VE5 features a zero-watt Energy Saving Switch, a recent innovation from Sony.

After pressing the energy saving switch that is present on the side panel, the KDL-40VE5 consumes zero power when it is in standby mode, thus it effectively eliminates the unwanted power consumption. There is also a presence sensor in the VE5 series to complement the zero-watt energy switch. The best way to view these intelligent televisions is by using a TV bracket that will offer a great style and save space in your home.

Using the advanced sensor technology, Sony’s KDL-40VE5 detects when you are out of your room, it automatically turns off the backlight – between 5, 30 or 60 minutes in order to conserve energy. In the meantime, the volume of your HDTV will stay on for the next 30 minutes before it completely powers off so that you can enjoy listening to the audio from another room.

New 46-inch LCD HDTV from Mitsubishi

October 24, 2009
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Nathan

For many years, Mitsubishi’s Unisen HDTV series have been redefining the way people think about TV audio. Presently, with the emergence of the Diamond-series Unisen panels, Mitsubishi is all set to take your audio experience to the next level. The HDTVs available today feature an in-built two-way, dual-channel speaker system so that you can listen to the audio that goes along with your video picture.

On the other hand, the LT-46249 from Mitsubishi provides you with a chance to experience the HDTV audio, all thanks to the 5.1 channel, 18-speaker built-in audio speaker. An integrated soundbar, mounted on the bottom edge of the bezel of the LT-46249 delivers an encompassing 5-channel (enclosed with the 16 2W) sound effect by using 18 individual drivers that can be found on the Unisen panels along with two extra 10W drivers.

The directive patterns and advanced design of this speaker arrangement allows you to experience home theatre surround sound without obstructive cables and speakers. Its low-frequency reproduction easily enhances the built-in changeable sub woofer preout to connect your powered subwoofer. The LT-46249 from Mitsubishi also comprises a calibration microphone that enables you to customise the performance of the soundbar in your viewing and listening area. Mounting these stylish televisions on TV brackets could improve your home décor to a great extent. So you should check the various TV bracket options available and install one that is apt for this particular television.

How to buy cheap TV brackets

October 23, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

When you think about buying cheap TV brackets for your plush LCD and Plasma TV sets, the first thing that comes to your mind is a possible lack in quality. We often feel that cheap TV brackets can damage the TV adversely. It is considered very risky. However, the fact is that cheap TV brackets are also made from basically the same materials as the more expensive ones.

You can always purchase cheap TV brackets; all you have to do is be a little more careful while selecting them. It is crucial to check on the quality of cheap TV brackets when purchasing them. People often associate quality with price.

Buying cheap TV wall brackets means that you have to be very much alert while buying them. You can do this by checking the product online beforehand and also talk about the product to people online to get a quick review. This will ensure that the products are safe to use and this will help you buy cheap TV brackets without any fear.

TV brackets are available in large varieties. All you have to do is find a suitable one matching your TV set. The many types available are wall brackets, ceiling TV brackets, tilt wall brackets, desk brackets, swivel wall brackets and lots more. The fixed TV brackets are more commonly used.

Select the best TV brackets within your budget and experience the new age of TV viewing.

Different types of TV brackets to suit your TV

October 23, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

With the onset of new technology in the world of electronics, people are opting for better technology to get the best they can. The flat screen TVs like LCD and Plasma TVs has changed their outlook towards TV viewing. Along with these new snazzy TV sets, TV brackets have evolved to enhance their look and the TV viewing experience for people.

TV brackets are extremely useful as they offer great benefits for mounting the TV onto any wall in your home. There are different types of TV brackets available offering a variety of benefits for you. Here are just a few:

Flat on Wall: These brackets are cheaper than the others. They are durable and can sustain large sized Plasma and LCD televisions. You can use these brackets in any part of your home. They are fixed to the wall and do not offer adjusting options.

Swing Arm: These TV brackets are flexible as they can swing from the wall and allow adjusting the television screen for a great viewing experience. High-end swing arm TV brackets rest four inches away from the wall when in a closed position. They are chic and durable.

Pull out, tilt and turn: These TV brackets are moderately cheaper and a low cost alternative to swing arm TV brackets. The best part about these TV brackets is that you can turn, tilt and pull them out whenever needed, for viewing the TV at any angle.

These are just some of the types of TV brackets that can suit your TV perfectly. However, before making a purchase take into account the size of the TV.

TV brackets are important for your new LCD TV

October 22, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

With the advancements in technology, the huge and bulky television sets have now become thin and light in weight. The new LCD and Plasma TVs have created the demand of TV brackets in the market.

These TV brackets help you to place your LCD or Plasma TV on the wall. They enhance your TV viewing experience and at the same time they add beauty to the décor of the room.

Here are two popular types of TV brackets:

Wall-mounted TV brackets – These TV brackets are the most commonly used and they are the least expensive ones. These TV brackets allow you to hang your LCD TV on the wall like a picture. These TV brackets are ideal to handle TVs of any size. Some of the TV brackets are quite thick, so that they do not rest completely against the wall. Some of them are made in such a way that they can be mounted flush against the wall but these TV brackets are bit more expensive.

Tilt TV brackets – Tilt TV brackets are costlier than the wall mounted ones, as they allow you to adjust the screen horizontally upto 15 degrees and enjoy the ultimate TV viewing experience. They make it easier for you to view the TV, if the TV is installed at a higher level.

Moreover, these TV brackets also act as a space saver and they do not let the kids and pets fiddle with TV cords and panels. There are several types of TV brackets and you can opt for the TV bracket which matches your requirements.

Some guidelines to follow while buying TV brackets

October 22, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

TV brackets hold your expensive LCD TVs and attach them to the wall. They add elegance to the décor of the room, allowing you to view the TV in the best possible way, which ultimately enhances your TV viewing experience. Lastly, they act like space savers.

There are many types of TV wall brackets which help you to mount your LCD TV on the wall such as wall mounted TV brackets, Tilt TV brackets and Swivel TV brackets. While buying TV brackets for your expensive TV, you need to consider three main factors such as:

Weight of the TV – You need to know the weight of your LCD or Plasma TV and then you have to check the weight carrying capacity of your TV brackets. The TV wall brackets are designed in a certain way and they can only carry a specific weight. If you want to keep your LCD TV safe then you have to buy a TV bracket which is appropriate for your LCD TV.

VESA spacing – Different TV brackets have unique VESA spacing. TVs are categorised on the basis of VESA ratings and before buying, you have to check whether the VESA spacing at the back of the television and the bracket are compatible or not.

Measure the screen sizes of your LCD or Plasma TV – TV brackets are produced to fit certain TV screen sizes. So, you have to measure the screen size of your LCD TV and you need to ensure that you are buying an appropriate TV wall bracket for your TV.

Thus, TV brackets are very useful and versatile and they provide a clutter free look to your room.

Give your LCD screen the best with LCD TV brackets

October 21, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Nowadays, TV sets have become the central focus point of our living rooms. The idea of owning an expensive and attractive LCD TV set and inexpertly fitting it in a dingy corner of your living room is simply ridiculous. An LCD TV needs space, so it should have a wall to itself. This rather more contemporary look is becoming increasingly popular in a number of homes throughout the world.

As LCD TV sets are considerable in size, they need to be properly and safely supported using appropriate LCD TV brackets. There are a variety of TV brackets available to best suit your own particular TV and living room. They not only support your LCD screen but also give it a more sophisticated and stylish appearance, whilst making the room look more spacious than it actually is.

Installing your LCD TV bracket can be a difficult task and needs a professional’s expertise and skill in order to complete the job to a good standard. All you need to do is select a good spot on your wall on which to mount it.

Finally, remember to regularly refer to the instruction manual in order to safeguard your TV set from any possible future damage.

How to easily install TV wall brackets

October 21, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

The television is one of the modern generation’s favourite inventions. TV viewers range from children and teenagers to adults and the elderly.

Nowadays, people are buying better, more expensive TV sets such as LCD or plasma TVs. These sets are sophisticated and fit well in most homes, giving you a lavish and stylish looking living room.

However, these LCD TV sets are quite expensive and need to be protected from damage, so should not be placed on a traditional TV stand or table. Instead, you should consider using TV wall brackets, which will make your television the focus of any room whilst also keeping it safe and out of the way. They add splendour to the décor of your home and will leave your guests stunned.

The first thing to decide before installing your TV wall bracket is the place where you want to mount your TV. You should choose a wall in your room which is free of clutter, so that there is enough space to mount your television. The next step is to install the bracket using a few well-placed screws and a hammer drill, making sure to carefully follow the instruction manual. The final and most rewarding part of the process is anchoring your TV set very carefully onto the wall brackets.

If you encounter any difficulties during the installation process, you could always seek professional help.

TV brackets that give you the best view of the TV in the house

October 20, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

The use of TV brackets has increased considerably today. This is because the dimensions of the average TV have changed considerably. The introduction of LCD TVs has changed the way we watch TV. These LCD TVs are flatter and slimmer than ever. They are even beginning to look like flat sheets of metal and glass molded together.

The need for TV brackets
The TV is no longer the huge CRT TVs that we used to watch our favourite TV programs on. These TVs need some sort of support to hold them to the wall. This is the main purpose of a TV bracket. Apart from this, they also add a lot of beauty and elegance to a room. There is a wide variety of TV bracket choices for you to choose from. Each of these TV brackets offers you something that is unique and different from the others. The different types of TV brackets are flush TV wall brackets, tilt TV wall brackets, swivel and tilt TV wall brackets, cantilever TV wall brackets and ceiling TV brackets. The flush TV wall bracket rigidly holds the TV to the wall and is the safest option.

The different types of TV brackets

The tilt TV wall bracket can be tilted to any position. The swivel and tilt TV wall bracket however gives you even more flexibility. Therefore, these TV brackets give you the best possible view of the TV from any position in the house.

Choosing the best TV bracket for your LCD TV

October 20, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets are required in this day and age of LCD and Plasma televisions. These TV brackets give your ultra slim LCD TV all the support it needs. These LCD TVs are quite expensive and may end up burning a large hole in your pocket. This is the reason you need to think a lot before you purchase an LCD TV bracket. If you select the wrong TV bracket you might end up causing a lot of damage to your LCD TV.

Follow these tips to choose the TV bracket

There are a few tips you can follow in order to purchase the right TV bracket for your TV. The first thing you have to do once you have purchased a LCD TV is to contact the manufacturer for all the information about the LCD TV. Take down information such as the size of the TV; how much it weighs, the model number and other information regarding the specifications of the TV. This information will give you some idea about which TV bracket to go for. If you choose to, you can ask as to which TV bracket will be preferred for the LCD TV.

What you need to do is take down the information they give you and purchase the right TV bracket for your LCD TV.

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