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TV brackets are a common feature in commercial establishments

October 31, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets are one of the most widely used TV accessories. Such brackets enhance the appearance of the home by increasing the available space. TV brackets also offer several other benefits to home owners. This is the major reason for the ever-increasing popularity of TV brackets.

Some of the advantages of contemporary TV brackets are as follows:

• TV brackets are durable and sturdy in nature
• It is an one-time investment devoid of any additional expenses
• They are available in many different models, sizes and styles
• TV brackets are affordable and cost-efficient
• They place the TV set in a firm position.

This is the reason why TV brackets and LCD TV brackets are also used in many commercial establishments. Some of the different institutions in which TV brackets are used are as follows:

Hospitals and Clinics

TV sets are used in hospitals and clinics to provide a much needed respite to patients. However, the space available in a hospital room is usually less. This is the reason why TV brackets are installed in these institutions to mount the TV set at a greater height.
The TV set thus does not create an obstacle to the occupants or patients.

Pubs and Hotels

A pub or hotel is incomplete without a TV set. The position of the TV set also plays a key role in enhancing the set up of this particular place. Consumers can now use contemporary brackets along with a state-of-the-art locking systems to provide optimum security and support to the TV set.

Ensure that you install these brackets with the help of a professional to avoid any untoward incidents.

The key to optimum support for your LCD TV is a smart TV bracket

October 30, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

LCD and plasma TVs are some of the modern devices that have pushed the boundaries of technology. An LCD TV is rather an expensive product and people invest in LCD equipment to obtain a superior picture and audio output. However, consumers are sometimes unaware of the various specifications of an LCD TV set up. An LCD TV is incomplete without an appropriate support. The absence of an appropriate support prevents consumers from deriving maximum benefit from the device.

The use of LCD TV brackets is necessary to fix the LCD TV set in a firm and fixed position. These brackets are extremely sturdy in nature. You can thus protect your TV set from any potential physical damage.

Some of the brackets like wall mounts help users to install the LCD TV set at a greater height. This particular installation method is necessary to keep the LCD TV set away from mischievous children who otherwise might interfere with the buttons of the LCD TV.

Corner brackets or cantilever brackets are compact in size and thus save a lot of space. Such brackets can be also used to maximise the space. LCD TV brackets are indeed a viable option.

Moreover, brackets are available in various sizes. Select a bracket that suits your LCD TV set perfectly. Some brackets like the ‘tilt and turn’ brackets allow the users to change the position of the LCD TV. Ensure that you obtain the help of a professional with the installation procedure. Place your LCD TV set in a fixed position with the help of contemporary brackets.

Samsung reveals 55 inch 3D TV prototype

October 29, 2009
Posted in TV industry news — Written by Nathan

Samsung has recently unveiled its new 55inch 3D TV prototype to join a growing band of major firms who are gambling that the 3D TV technology will happen to be mainstream in the near future. Samsung are sure that they have circumvented one of the main problems with 3D systems: blurring. The alternative framing technology from Samsung offers a slightly altered view through the shutter glasses.

Certainly, the mentioning of requirement for special glasses again raises concerns of how mainstream technology can be with the need for custom made goggles. Many industry critics believe that 3D will only lift-off if and when the need for using additional equipment is eliminated. However, one such additional equipment that is necessary for such televisions is TV brackets that hold your latest TV firmly on the wall, offering a great TV viewing experience.

Samsung and other manufacturers have been working together on autostereoscopic displays that do not require glasses for 3D effects. This technology is doubtful to be in a functional customer form anytime soon and definitely not at the moment as systems that require glasses are still to be introduced.

With the immense popularity of LCD, plasma and LED TV screens, the introduction of the 3D television is possibly the right move from television manufacturers. With a plethora of 3D products and concepts on display at various shows, 3D television is soon to be the next big thing.

3D technology from Panasonic surpasses the competition

October 29, 2009
Posted in TV industry news — Written by Perry

Panasonic’s recent investment in the next generation of 3D technology has created a variety of commercially possible products that are remarkably more proficient than the competition. Some of the fruits of Panasonic’s 3D research recently appeared in Japan at the CEATEC electronics show which included the recent version of the 3D capable Blu-ray player from Panasonic and their first commercial 3D-enabled TV.

Panasonic’s 3D labs, based in Universal City, are working towards introducing a 3D Full HD (3D FHD) Blu-ray format together with the introduction of a variety of 3D products. The 50-inch plasma television from Panasonic is the first fully-compatible TV with the forthcoming 3D Blu-ray standard. Unlike the other 3D implementations, this 50inch plasma TV can deliver a resolution of 1080p. The installation of such televisions on smart TV brackets can enhance the view furthermore giving it a complete theatre experience.

CEATEC 2009 revealed that the 3D technology from Panasonic is comfortably in front of the competition as far as the picture quality is concerned. In fact, all the Panasonic products displayed at CEATEC showed a level of maturity which left its opponents in their wake. The exclusive clips of James Cameron’s upcoming 3D film, Avatar were visibly more stable compared to other 3D engine at the show.

Although there is no pricing confirmation, a CEATEC executive pointed out that the 50-inch 3D plasma TV from Panasonic will be available for under £3,000 at its launch.

Why you should choose swivel TV brackets for your home

October 28, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

There are many types of TV brackets available today to mount all styles of TV sets, such as swivel brackets, tilt brackets and wall mounted brackets. Swivel TV brackets are especially popular, as they allow you to view the TV from all angles.

Many brackets have arm type attachments, which enable you to adjust the screen and set the TV to various angles according to your requirements.

Some advantages of swivel TV brackets

Swivel TV brackets can generally hold maximum load of 75 kg and can tilt the TV up to 15 degrees. The swivelling feature enables you to rotate the TV up to 360 degrees.

Swivel brackets are available in a range of different colours, but are most common in black and silver. If you are looking for VESA compatibility for your TV set then swivel brackets are a particularly good idea as they can offer compatibility up to a maximum of 780mm in width and 490mm in height.

However, before making a choice you should look into all the different types of TV brackets available on the market and take a number of factors into consideration.

How TV brackets can enhance your viewing experience

October 28, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

The newer styles of TV brackets have been specially designed to hold sleek and stylish LCD and Plasma TV sets. They are also great for helping to keep the TV in a straight and upright position and can add to the décor of your room.
In the past, TVs were very heavy and large and were generally placed on tables and TV cabinets. However, TV sets are becoming more and more lightweight and sleek, which means they can be safely and easily mounted onto walls.
There are several types of TV brackets available, including swivel TV brackets, tilt TV brackets and wall mounted TV brackets. The brackets are available in a range of standard colours including black and silver.
New types of brackets are appearing on the market regularly, and you are sure to find one that fits your wall or ceiling.
Tilting TV brackets are becoming more and more popular as they allow you to tilt the TV vertically and view your TV in any position. These brackets are ideal if you want to mount your TV at a higher level. Tilting brackets offer maximum flexibility and safety.
However, before resting on a final decision, you should do your research and look into all the different types of TV brackets available. If you are unsure, seek the advice of a professional.

Installation tips for LCD TV brackets

October 27, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

LCD and Plasma TVs are becoming more and more common in households across the UK, as they are modern and stylish.
However, they can be very expensive, so you should do everything in your power to protect them from any damage.

Why install TV Brackets

There are many different types of TV brackets available, each offering different benefits, and some of the newer types come with a security locking system. This feature can help to prevent your TV set from being stolen.

It is relatively easy to install your TV set onto brackets, provided that you follow a few easy steps.
Installation Tips
• Follow the instructions provided in the instruction manual thoroughly
• Ensure that all wires and connections are secure and out of the way
• Do not tamper with the screws after the installation
• Do not add any unnecessary weight to the TV brackets- i.e. by placing items on top of the TV set
If you are unsure of how to install TV brackets then it’s a good idea to seek the help of a professional.

TV brackets are now more widely used in homes than ever

October 27, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV brackets are some of the most widely used accessories in home improvement projects. However, you should consider several factors before purchasing.

Size of the TV Set

If you are buying a new TV set, ensure that you buy one that fits into the existing space in your room. You can also purchase small and compact TV sets in order to maximise existing space.

Purpose of Usage

Decide on the purpose of the TV brackets before making a final decision. For example, if your main concern is ensuring you have a comfortable viewing position, then it is a good idea to install swiveling brackets.


Budget is an important factor while purchasing any product. Ensure that you buy TV brackets that are within your stipulated budget. However, ensure that you invest in good quality brackets, as cheaper options can be less sturdy, which could result in accidents or damage to your TV set.

Measure the Area of Installation

Measuring the area where you intend to mount the brackets is very important. Different amounts of space are required for different styles of brackets.

Corner brackets, swiveling and ceiling monitor brackets are some of the most common styles of TV brackets in the shops today.

How TV wall mounts can benefit you

October 26, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

TV wall mounts are widely used in homes, offices, clinics and railway stations, in mounting televisions and electronic displays.

Types of TV Wall Mounts

The styles of TV wall mounts vary depending on their intended purpose. There are three main types of bracket, and it’s useful to understand their individual benefits, in order to help you with a decision when purchasing.

Standard TV Brackets

These are the most widely used type of TV wall mounts. These brackets enable you to install the TV set in a regular horizontal position and are most commonly used in homes.

Tilt and Turn TV Brackets

Tilt and Turn TV brackets give you a greater degree of flexibility over the angle of your TV set, and are generally installed in public places, where the TV set is at a greater height.

Ceiling Brackets

As their name suggests, ceiling brackets are mounted onto ceilings instead of walls. They are extremely sturdy, easy to install and ideal for providing support to heavier TV sets.

Selecting TV Wall Mounts

You should select TV wall mounts that completely meet your requirements and fit your TV set securely. It is advisable to seek the help of an expert in the selection and installation process.

Cantilever TV brackets- a quick and easy way to improve your TV viewing experience

October 26, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

Installing TV brackets is now a popular aspect of home decoration and renovation. However, it can also be a confusing task, as there are so many different brackets to choose from. Cantilever TV brackets are some of the most popular styles and offer many benefits.

Cantilever brackets are both attractive and functional, and can enable you to move the TV set freely from one position to another, depending your requirement. For this reason, they are also known as tilt and turn brackets.

TV brackets are available in many other different styles and functions, and offer many benefits, including:

• Ease of installation
• Providing optimum protection to the TV set
• Keeping the TV set in a firm position
• Extremely affordable
• Durable and sturdy

Cantilever brackets can also be used to hold bulkier TV sets. For example, some brackets can sustain weights of up to 60 kilograms. Many of the more modern TV brackets are equipped with a locking system to help protect the brackets.
TV brackets are the quick and easy way to protect and enhance the look of your TV set.

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