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TV brackets guard your TV from external harm

September 30, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

The television set has been the quintessential entertainment medium in the world for over 50 years. Right from the 1950s, the television has steadily climbed the ladder of success and has gone on to become the most used element in households worldwide. No matter what your age is, what colour your skin is or where you live, the television has had a direct or indirect impact on your life.

Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps a TV safe from harm in homes all over the world? The answer to this difficult question has only one simple answer, and that is TV brackets. TV brackets are used for mounting television sets in order to give extra grip on walls and other surfaces. With TV brackets, you can clamp your television set on a wall and keep it away from damage with ease.

TV brackets are perfect for people with kids who might think of the precious television set as a toy. In such circumstances it is best to get TV brackets and clamp your TV on the wall where it cannot be reached. TV brackets are big on space maximisation since they do not use up any floor space and are mounted on the wall.

It is important for you to buy the right TV brackets which will complement your wonderful television set. Make the right choices and buy the perfect TV brackets for your television set.

LCD TV brackets that keep your LCD TV from harm

September 30, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

The need for TV brackets has increased over the past few years. This is because the size of the average TV has reduced considerably – not in width or length, but in thickness. There are LCD and plasma TVs that are slimmer and thinner than ever. In fact they are so slim now that they are beginning to look like flat sheets of metal and glass molded together.

The need for TV brackets today

They also give you a picture clarity that is second to none. The quality of a LCD TV cannot be compared to that of a normal CRT TV. The competition within the TV market has resulted in slimmer and flatter TVs. These LCD TVs may be flat and slim, but that does not mean they are lightweight in any way. These LCD TVs and plasma TVs can be heavier than ever. Since they are so slim they require some sort of support to keep them upright. Here is where a TV bracket comes into use. These TV brackets give such LCD TVs and plasma TVs all the support it needs to keep it upright. A LCD TV bracket keeps the TV attached to the wall.

Protecting your LCD TV by TV brackets
It protects and holds the LCD TV firmly to the wall to prevent any sort of damage befalling it. These LCD TVs and plasma TVs can be very fragile. You definitely do not want any harm befalling upon your expensive LCD TV. Therefore, it is best that you get a LCD TV bracket to keep your LCD TV from harm.

The various types of TV brackets that you can choose for your LCD TV

September 29, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

There are so many types of TV wall brackets available in the market that choosing from among them can be quite a confusing and tedious proposition. Mentioned below are some of the most effective solutions for the mounting requirements of your television.

Flat Wall Mount

For people who would like their television to be as close to the wall as possible, the flat wall mounted TV bracket is an excellent option.

Tilting TV bracket

Tilting TV brackets can be suitably mounted on a flat wall. These TV brackets however give the user an additional option of tilting their television down by about 15 degrees. They can be an excellent proposition for a room where the television needs to be placed at a height slightly above the best viewing position.

Tilt and Swivel TV bracket

These types of TV brackets are purchased quite widely owing to the conveniences offered by them. Tilt and Swivel TV brackets allow the user to view the television from a variety of locations without any problems. These TV brackets will however, create a slight gap between the television and the wall and will not be able to mount the television flat against the wall like the flat mount TV brackets.

Ceiling TV brackets

Ceiling TV brackets have the ability to hold the television on the ceiling. This unique kind of bracket is quite popular among businesses, commercial spaces and houses where walls are occupied by other important display or retail items.

From all these available options, you can easily choose a TV wall bracket which is best suited for your requirements.

The need to purchase the right TV bracket and the steps to follow

September 29, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Perry

TV brackets have become really popular nowadays. This is due to the invention of LCD TVs and plasma TVs that are now slimmer than ever before. Some of these LCD TVs are only half an inch thick and some are even slimmer than that. Every single day there are companies that come out with a brand new model of LCD TV that is slimmer than ever before.

The importance of choosing the right TV bracket

It is important to purchase the right LCD TV bracket for your TV. An LCD TV can be a very expensive piece of technology. If you do not want any harm befalling your LCD TV, then you should definitely take time to choose the perfect TV bracket. An LCD TV needs a lot of support as they are so slim and cannot stay upright without some sort of support. Choosing the wrong LCD TV bracket can not only be a big waste of money, but can also put your expensive LCD TV in danger. There are certain methods of making sure that you are purchasing the right TV bracket.

Make sure you purchase the right LCD TV
The first method is to note information about the TV such as the model number and the VESA spacing on the back of the TV, this will help when you choose. The next way is to contact a TV bracket supplier who can also be of great help, they will know what brackets fit your TV. Hence, in this way you can be sure of purchasing a TV bracket that is just perfect for your LCD TV.

LCD TV brackets: The best way to mount an LCD television

September 28, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

Modern technology has affected our lives in ways more than one. Televisions too have been a part of the progressive attitudes of modern technology. Modern kinds of televisions like LCD TVs and plasma TVs are a lot more advanced than their predecessors. LCD televisions are quite light and slim. This also makes their placement a slightly tricky job.

LCD televisions, when kept on a table, can use a lot of space. Moreover, such a placement also increases the chances of damage as LCD televisions can quite easily topple over in case someone manages to accidentally nudge them. One of the best and the most secure ways of mounting an LCD television is by using LCD TV brackets. LCD TV brackets are designed specifically for the mounting requirements of an LCD television. With their help, you will be able to mount your newly purchased LCD television onto a wall.

LCD televisions are available in a very wide range of types and colours. Some types of LCD TV brackets have more features and also allow more flexibility as far as viewing locations are concerned. Better quality LCD TV brackets also tend to cost a little more than other types, especially the high-end TV brackets. It is however, quite important that you purchase the best quality LCD TV bracket for your television. A good LCD TV bracket will hold your television securely and enhance your viewing experience.

You need to consider few things when buying TV brackets

September 28, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

In recent times, modern technology has made life simpler and easier. The new LCD television sets are the results of this development. These television sets are much thinner and light in weight in comparison to the old and bulky TVs. However, these TVs require TV brackets to hang them on the wall. This makes the room look better and uncluttered, they also occupy less space.

Tips and guidelines

TV brackets must be capable of carrying the weight of the television. There is huge range of TV brackets available and this makes it necessary for the buyer to check the TV brackets and buy one which is appropriate for their TV.

When buying TV brackets, you can see the weight specification mentioned at the corner of the box. This is very important because, if the TV bracket is not able to hold the weight of the television set then it may lead to an unfortunate accident. This may result in damage being caused to the furniture and somebody may be injured. Moreover, this accident may destroy your new LCD TV.

The VESA spacing at the back of the television should match with the VESA spacing of the TV bracket. The TV brackets should also be big enough for all the cables and connections.

Thus, buying LCD TV brackets is not as easy as buying a table for the television. Moreover, TV brackets require proper installation so you need to get an experienced person to install the TV bracket so the installation is done properly.

Experience a clutter free home with functional TV stands

September 27, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV stands with their superior quality and use make your flat screen TVs stand unique and desirable. However, apart from using TV stands as mere style statements, it is crucial to check on their storage capacities. TV stands are best and vital for mounting the flat screen TVs on the wall, but it will be fruitful to also check on additional benefits. TV stands can be used for storing all your entertainment gear and accessories. They are very beneficial, especially if you have limited space in your room.

Apart from their beauty, let us look at the storage capacities of the different TV stands available.

Basic or compact TV stands: These types of TV stands are small and occupy less space in your room. However, they cannot offer additional space for storing other things. They provide space only for storing the TV with optional two or three drawers below it.

Corner TV stands: The corner TV stand can save ample space in your room as the TV is placed in a particular corner of the room. This will enable a clutter free area. You can view the TV from any part of the room. This will help you make constructive use of the space available.

TV cabinets: These cabinets are best to store items like CDs, DVDs, sound systems, DVD players etc. They occupy more space in the room hence, it is ideal to station them in the centre of the room to allow quick access.

Pedestal TV stands: Pedestal TV stands occupy very little space in the room and also offer little storage capacity. You may have to look for other space options to store your things.

Thus, apart from just looking stylish and trendy, TV stands can also provide great storage capabilities for a clutter free home.

There is a TV bracket for every situation

September 26, 2009
Posted in TV Brackets — Written by Tina

There are a large number of TV brackets available for use today. TV brackets are the number one element used for the mounting of TVs worldwide. TV brackets come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colours which can be just perfect for your television set. If you have purchased a brand new LCD or plasma TV for your home, you will most definitely have some idea about TV brackets. TV brackets should be used in all facilities and homes that hold LCD screen TVs, for a number of reasons. Since LCD screen TVs are delicate and require extra care it is highly important to buy TV brackets that will make your job much easier.

TV brackets come in various denominations which include tilting brackets, rotating brackets, partial tilt and rotate brackets and more. A large number of TV bracket options mean that there will be a TV bracket for every room and every situation. While rotating brackets offer you maximum movement, tilting brackets offer you the maximum flexibility of gradient. If you have kids at home it is advisable to get TV brackets that have only minimum movement and are situated at a higher level.

It is highly important to purchase TV brackets for your home since the idea of a world class TV on the floor or table is open to accidents. Be sure to make the right call when buying TV brackets so that they can last a long time.

The Sony Bravia KDL-40E5 consumes less power

September 25, 2009
Posted in TV industry news — Written by Perry

Sony has launched a new TV called the Sony Bravia KDL-40E5. This TV has been deemed to be one of the best TVs of 2009. This new LCD TV by Sony has amazing HD picture quality and this is because of the latest processing engine. The power consumption of this new TV is equal to an average 22-inch LCD TV.

Sony Bravia KDL-40E5 consumes only 97 watts when in use. The lower consumption of power is possible by using two unique ways. Firstly, the backlight system of the television uses the new Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (HCFLs) and other televisions use Cool Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs).

Secondly, the TV uses the technology of Presence Sensors that help the television to know whether someone is there in the room or not. This is possible with the body heat and motion technology which turns off the TV picture when there is no one in the room, leaving just the sound running. When the sensor detects the presence of someone then the picture comes back on.

Sony has brilliantly managed to lower the consumption of power without affecting the picture quality. This big step taken by Sony may encourage the other manufactures like Panasonic and LG to make TVs that also consume less energy.

3D televisions will be in the market by next year

September 25, 2009
Posted in TV industry news — Written by Nathan

The majority of television manufacturing companies are releasing their new 3D TV sets over the coming months. Sony and Panasonic will be coming out with their TV sets next year and will be followed by companies like LG and Philips.

All the manufacturers are hoping the success of 3D television sets should be similar to the popularity of 3D movies. The ticket price of 3D movies is 40% higher than the price of 2D movies, as the 3D movies are becoming incredibly popular.

This move in the technology means that 3D movies will also be made by using the Blu-ray technology.

According to the Screen Digest Company, the new 3D televisions will help the manufacturers to drive sales of the new television sets and will also lead to the sales and hike in the price of Blu-ray discs.

The company further predicts that by 2010 more than 1.2 million US homes would have 3D television sets and this figure will rise to 9.7 million by 2013.

Howard Stringer, CEO at Sony said that the new 3D Sony Bravia television sets will be in the market for consumers at some point in the near future.

Lastly, the big players will have same standards for the new television sets which would be in the market by the end of next year.

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