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Considering whether to install your LCD TV using TV brackets (Part 4)

September 26, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

In this final part of our look at installing LCD TVs using any one of the various options available, we will be looking at one of the most flexible wall mounts around as well as considering the provisions for ceiling mounting.

Articulating wall brackets

These wall mounting devices make use of swivel arms to allow you to pull out the LCD TV from the wall when in use. When you do not need it you can just push the unit back in again, leaving it safely stored away. When pulled out, the mounted device can be turned 120 degrees to either side as well as 10 degrees up or down too.

Ceiling TV brackets

Ceiling mounts let you mount the TV wherever you wish, should a wall not be free or suitable for installation. This LCD TV mounting option is usually coupled with a tilt bracket so you can adjust the display to the required viewing angle. This makes it easy to watch what is displayed on the TV screen. There are various different sizes to choose from, depending on your LCD TV model and its size.

Lifts for your LCD TV

Finally, you can now also get lift options to install your TV. These include such products as console lifts and motorised ceiling lifts, giving you the choice to hide your LCD TV from view when it is not in use. The motorised variety can prove to be a little more expensive due to the fact they are usually operated using a remote control device.

Considering whether to install your LCD TV using TV brackets (Part 3)

September 25, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

In the last article we looked at table stands for housing your LCD television. Although these can be a cheap option, especially as they are normally supplied along with the unit itself, they don’t give you much flexibility when it comes to TV viewing. You may need to place them on a table, which comes with its own issues.

This blog post will be concentrating on TV brackets which can be used to mount your flat panel display on nearly any wall or ceiling of your house, giving you a lot of choice.

Flat wall brackets

Firstly, we will be looking at flat wall mounts which help you in maximising the space you have available, allowing you to make the best use of this LCD technology. This particular way of mounting your display is generally regarded as the least expensive as it is has a limited amount of flexibility options compared with the other mounts. These TV wall brackets add less than two inches to the total depth of the display unit.

Tilting wall brackets

With these mounts you are able to place your television at a height which is greater than eye level, keeping your expensive LCD flat screen TV out of the way, while making it readily accessible from any place within the chosen room. Many people decide to use this option to install their LCD TV in their bedroom or above the fireplace in their living room. The tilting TV wall mount will add 4-6 inches to the depth of the installed unit.

Considering whether to install your LCD TV using TV brackets (Part 2)

September 24, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

In the last article we explained how you can now decide to incorporate your new LCD flat screen television into nearly any kind of décor as long as thought has been put into making this decision. Now we will be considering the many different ways you can install this LCD display in the home.

By considering these options, you will surely be able to find the perfect way to install one of these TVs in your house.

Table stands

Table stands have become one of the most popular ways to display an LCD TV unit, along with the wall-mounting options available. There are the stands you usually get with the TV itself and then there are table stands which have been used to place televisions for many years.

It is important to realise that these smaller units will not fit all appliances so you would need to check the dimensions of your TV set before purchasing one(if it is not included with the device). They can be limiting as there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

If you do decide to go with this option, you will still have to place the television plus table stand on a table unit which provides you with the right viewing height. This can sometimes be troublesome as it is hard to get it exactly perfect. Also, if you do decide to install your LCD TV on a table, you need to watch out for any children or pets you have at home, as they could hurt themselves or damage the set.

Considering whether to install your LCD TV using TV brackets (Part 1)

September 23, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

While having plenty of choice can be a good thing, as it allows you more options, it can also leave you confused as to which would be the best decision for you. When it comes to installing your newly purchased LCD television, you might be wondering where to put it, and how you will be placing it.

In this article and subsequent ones, we will be looking at the various considerations over how you could choose to install your new device. As an LED or LCD flat screen TV is quite an investment these days, you would want to be one hundred percent sure before you go with any particular option.

The great thing about LCD technology is that it does give consumers additional options in relation to the physical placement of this display unit. In the past you basically had no choice but to configure the entire room around this TV set. Now those days are long gone and in fact a TV can be incorporated into almost any environment.

Whether it is in the home, in a shopping centre or at a commercial establishment such as a pub or club, with just a bit of prior thought, you could place this TV in almost any décor. Just think about the following options we will be discussing, which include the latest TV brackets, and you will soon see that there are more than half a dozen means of installing a new LCD TV in any room within the home.

Watch your LCD TV from the best angle with TV wall brackets

September 21, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Tina

There are a number of advantages of using an LCD as your main television within your home. These include things like their brightness and high levels of contrast, plus their bold and smooth picture quality.

As well as these reasons to choose an LCD TV model for your HDTV provision over other flat screens is because you can choose to watch them from anywhere in the room, thanks to their wide viewing angle of 160 degrees.

So from 80 degrees away from the centre of the TV display in both directions, you can still see a good picture.

An LCD set looks great in any living room and the fact that you are no longer restricted as to where you have to sit or lie to really enjoy the experience makes it a truly worthwhile purchase.

However, it is still advisable to buy TV wall brackets for your new LCD TV as they can offer you even more flexibility in terms of tilting and further adjustability while it is held on the wall.

Another advantage of LCD TVs relates to dot pitch and the distance between colour pixels in defining the sharpness of the screen resolution. Having a higher dot pitch also makes the viewing angle easier too.

So although plasma TVs also offer wide viewing angles for users, the latest LCD models have certainly managed to catch up somewhat with their counterparts. But in order to get the ultimate viewing experience, it is not just about the flat-screen TV you opt for; it is also about the choice in TV wall brackets.

Purchasing the best TV and TV brackets for gaming

September 15, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Brackets — Written by Nathan

When you are looking to buy a brand new LCD or LED TV and you tend to spend the majority of your time playing video games rather than watching movies or TV programmes, this will have a big impact on your choice of TV model.

Some televisions are better for playing these games than others as they are able to keep pace with all that is happening on the screen. You need to ensure that it has a gaming mode or other features which make it ideal for the avid gamer.

If you are hoping to select between an LED and LCD TV for this purpose, then you need to consider the following points.

Surprisingly, it is not all to do with the technology employed by these different TVs, but more to do with the different gaming modes, as explained previously. Check out TV models with features that allow it to reduce the amount of picture processing in the unit.

Otherwise there can be a noticeable lag as the TV cannot process the images quickly enough and the general speed of these games. In this case, you may wish to opt for an LED TV over their LCD equivalent as they generally offer more in the way of features because of their higher price. Most of the models should therefore include this gaming mode.

Be sure to consider the right TV brackets as well so you can mount the TV on the wall. You really need to be able to see the screen from the right viewing angle to be successful at playing these video games.

Spent a fortune on a new LCD TV? Protect it with TV wall brackets

August 20, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

TV technology these days is incredibly exciting, and TV fans have been rushing out in droves to buy the latest LCD, HD and even 3D TVs. Inevitably, however, prices for these super-advanced, top of the range TVs have been rising, and a TV set is often now considered to be as much of an investment as a family car.

If you have recently bought the very latest LCD TV, you should be aware that your investment could be at risk unless you have wall-mounted your new purchase with the help of LCD TV wall brackets. Flat-screens were virtually designed to be mounted on the wall, offering clear, cinema-style viewing at exactly the right height.

If you place your flat screen LCD TV on a TV stand, table or in an old-fashioned TV cabinet, you are not only missing out on getting the best from your state-of-the-art TV; you are also risking it getting damaged. Children and pets can damage the TV without meaning to, as they run around and play games, possibly involving toys with sharp edges.

So, if you don’t want your eye-wateringly expensive new purchase to be scratched, knocked over or otherwise damaged, make sure you mount it using LCD TV brackets.

Finding TV brackets for large LCD screens

August 5, 2011
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Tina

TV sizes have increased dramatically in the last few years, and huge 40+ inch LCD TV screens that were previously only available for commercial purposes are now widely available for home use.

Anyone considering buying a new flat screen that is between 40-52 inches should bear a few things in mind, however. These large TVs are much more difficult to accommodate in the home, so you need to make sure you have:

• Enough flat, even wall space on which to mount your TV
• The right viewing environment in terms of room size, the distance between the furniture and the TV and light levels (i.e. no direct sunlight falling on the screen)
• TV brackets that are strong enough to support the weight of the TV

With regards to this last requirement, TV brackets, you need to shop carefully to make sure you get exactly the right kind of support for your TV. Make sure you choose LCD TV brackets that are suitable for your make and model of TV, as well as for the size of the screen.

There are many LCD TV brackets available for large-sized screens these days, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a suitable wall-mounting solution.

Use LCD TV wall brackets for a professional office reception area

August 4, 2011
Posted in LCD TV — Written by Perry

For most businesses, the appearance of the reception area is crucial. This is your first chance as a company to make a positive impression on business associates and potential clients, so you need to make sure your décor says all the right things about the business.

The reception area needs to be clean, uncluttered, contemporary and above all, professional-looking. Believe it or not, an LCD TV and an ultra slim TV bracket can help you achieve all of these things.

For starters, an LCD TV showing the latest industry news or even your in-house TV channel shows that you have your finger on the pulse, that you are making use of technology to grow your business. It also gives clients and customers something to watch whilst waiting in reception for a meeting.

However, the professional appearance an LCD TV presents will be ruined if it is not properly mounted on the wall. The best choice is an ultra slim TV bracket, which allows you to mount your flat screen close to the wall like a picture frame. As long as wires and cables are tidied away, the finished look is ultra-modern and super professional.

Mounting your LCD television on the ceiling

July 28, 2011
Posted in LCD TV, TV Wall Brackets — Written by Nathan

For mounting LCD TVs on walls and ceilings, one needs TV wall brackets. There is a huge demand for TV wall brackets due to the increase in the usage of LCD televisions. These important accessories are very useful in many ways. They can perfectly fit with your new LCD or plasma TV.

This makes your home more spacious and provides you with different angles for TV viewing. It looks good and modern and provides a chic look to your home. If one wishes to save space on walls for paintings and bookshelves, mounting your television on the ceiling can be a feasible option.

The installation process of a TV bracket on your ceilings is very simple. The hardware needed to mount your TV to your ceiling is rather inexpensive. The tools used to install the TV brackets are usually the same used in your daily routine. Tools such as screw drivers, wire, stud finder, and cable finders are enough to fix your TV brackets. Normally, whenever TV brackets are installed to ceilings, the extendible arms are used to hold your television. One must carefully consider the position of the wall brackets, since there is a possibility of your TV can take a wrong tilt. Measure the dimensions of your ceiling and the room properly and then consider placing your wall brackets in a proper position.

Other equipment to be installed to your television must be kept at an appropriate height, since it becomes easy to connect them to your LCD. Equipment such as gaming consoles and DVD/ Blu-ray players must be placed around and near to the television.

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